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Chapter 264: Enlightenment

Chapter 264: Enlightenment
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In Yan Fangfei's last moments everything was spinning around due to the blood loss. As she landed on the cold floor, her heart was filled with resentment and unwillingness. She used all of her remaining strength to look at Jiang Liushi. She couldn't believe how terrible he was… that was also her last thought. Finally, she closed her eyes.

Jiang Liushi was silently wiping the blood off his tri-edge bayonet. After doomsday, he had killed a lot of people, but it was the first time he had killed someone he knew before doomsday.

"Yuxin, are you feeling okay?" Jiang Liushi asked Li Yuxin because he considered her feelings. After all, they were all classmates.

Li Yuxin just nodded. When she decided to join Shi Ying Squad, she was aware of people's good and evil intention. It was a post-apocalyptic world!

"I'm fine, and thank you Jiang Liushi…" Li Yuxin whispered. She also knew that all of them would keep changing with every passing day. In this terrible world, the Shi Ying Squad's survival would be determined by Jiang Liushi and his decisions. She felt grateful that Jiang Liushi considered her feeling.

"Let's go and pay a visit to Sun's nest!" Jiang Liushi had a clear idea of what one should hate or love. Originally, he wanted to let him live, considering that he was responsible for Ye County's safety. However, after meeting with his relatives, and the recent assassination attempt, he naturally changed his mind.

1,800 meters away…

Two men and a woman were observing the cottage's situation with a pair of binoculars. Although they couldn't see clearly, they didn't dare to get closer. After all, they clearly knew about Shi Ying Squad's abilities. Ran Xiyu was a terrible and powerful paranormal.

"We failed!" Chen Biao said suddenly. "Yan Fangfei was killed!"

"What?" The other two were shocked by the news. How could it be true? They remained perplexed despite racking their brains to find an answer.

"The whole plan ended up in failure!" Chen Biao croaked.

"Then we…continue to the mission to kill Jiang Liushi?" The other man asked.

"Continue with the mission? No! It's like a flying moth darting into the fire," Chen Biao answered. He felt sad because he couldn't finish the task…


"Brother! Chu Chongshan, that old geezer must have sent many people, and they should still be hiding in Ye County."

"We will find them soon," Jiang Liushi answered.

Ran Xiyu started searching for them immediately, but she couldn't find them. She had to expand her domain's range and search further.

"Brother Jiang, in the northwest corner of Ye County, I found three paranormals who look formidable. But their location is very remote, almost out of the safe area. It must be them," Ran Xiyu said. And then, she subconsciously rubbed her forehead, because it was very straining to keep using her power.

"Uh? They seem to have noticed my probing!" Ran Xiyu said again. After all, they were paranormals.

"They want to escape!" Ran Xiyu frowned, and a vein popped out on her forehead. Obviously, it was tough sustaining her domain's range.

"Stop using your power. Don't insist!" Jiang Liushi said.

"Your health is most important than them! If they want to flee back to Senhai Island, their only way is going through the northwest route. That's the only route they can use to drive. If they decide to discard their car, it'd be like committing suicide. We should go to Sun's nest first! Quickly!" Jiang Liushi ordered.


The MCV let out a terrible roaring sound, reverberating from the streets to the main road. After the upgrade, the MCV's functions became cooler!

Ye County was a small place, so they rushed to the palace gate quickly.

"Still that guy? Stop! Stop!" All the palace guards shouted, after seeing the minibus. It was too late to close the gate, so some guards started shooting fervently!

'Bang! Bang!'

Those bullets struck the bullet-proof glass, but it was useless.

"What…?" All the guards were shocked by the scene. They were totally struck dumb with astonishment.


Ying stepped on the accelerator again, and then the minibus dashed toward the palace's gate.

Seeing such a scene for the first time, Li Yuxin could not help but cover her mouth.


The gate collapsed, and the minibus rushed into the palace like an enraged bloodthirsty beast!

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