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Chapter 265: Encounter

Chapter 265: Encounter
Translator: Liu_Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave

In Ye County' palace, Boss Sun had created a harem which made his every day more enjoyable. There was a place called San Feng Hall, where Boss Sun's favorite three concubines lived.

At that time, Boss Sun was about to have fun with the three of them. He was in a perfect mood as he had learned that Jiang Liushi had offended a high-ranked military official. After drinking a little and singing happily, he was ready to indulge in his carnal desires without restraint.

But just at that moment-


An explosion sounded!

Boss Sun was so shocked that his 'little brother' shrank back.

"Emperor, what happened?" The three concubines were shocked. Actually, Boss Sun had ordered them to call him 'Emperor.'

"Nothing important. It was probably a remote-controlled bomb getting rid of a nasty bug."

The royal palace's main hall had some distance from San Feng Hall, so when the MCV broke through the main hall door, it just sounded like a bomb explosion.

"Small bugs? Hee… hee, are you referring to the minibus' owner? He was a bad guy, annoying my Emperor. He was doomed to die…" One concubine said.

Although the middle-aged Sun looked a bit like an offender under labor reform, his strength was exceptional. After doomsday, strength was a determining factor. Although his concubines were trapped in the palace, they didn't need to worry about food or clothing. As a result, they quickly adapted to their new lifestyle and began to please the middle-aged Sun.

"Yes, I'm the number one in Ye County." Boss Sun laughed. He believed that the military had killed Jiang Liushi, so he could get many guns and ammunition as well as mutant meat and other supplies. With these things, his life could be more fulfilling.

Boss Sun thought that Chen Biao and his accomplices made a mountain out of a molehill. He believed it was an easy thing for them to kill Jiang Liushi. But they still decided to crash a fly with more than it deserved.

Boss Sun revealed a triumphant grin, and he intended to celebrate, but-

A second loud noise came, which was louder than the one before.

Boss Sun was shocked to death!

"What happened?" Boss Sun calmly looked toward the explosion's direction. After all, the beautiful girls were still there. He had to put up a facade.

"It should be a second explosion. What the hell are those soldiers thinking?" Boss Sun shouted, but-


A third explosion followed.

It was louder than the other two!

After the third deafening sound, the door shattered in pieces and debris from the wall scattered all around.

Boss Sun felt intense pain coming from his back, and then he jumped off the bed embarrassingly!

The concubines lying on the bed were shocked to death. They quickly grabbed a blanket and covered their breathtaking bodies, looking toward the door….

"This- Impossible!" Boss Sun stuttered while looking at San Feng Hall door. He seemed like he had seen a ghost!

A monster made of metal had demolished San Feng Hall's door. It was impossible!

Boss Sun saw Jiang Liushi in the co-pilot seat. And then he felt quite confused. How could it be possible? They had prepared bombs, and they even had four paranormals. However, Jiang Liushi was safe and sound! He even wreaked havoc in the palace. Apparently, they had failed.

Boss Sun had never expected such a scenario. But under his current predicament, Boss Sun reacted fast, and the rubbles on the ground started gathering around him. The next moment, an armor made of rocks covered his body.

Behind him, the concubines felt relieved, because they thought Boss Sun was quite powerful. He could use the rocks for both attack and defense. His rock armor could even withstand bullets! It was quite amazing! In their opinion, Boss Sun's strength was unfathomable.

Jiang Liushi, sitting in the co-pilot seat, was looking at Boss Sun coldly. Sun's special ability was indeed rare, but just at that time…

"Bang! Bang! Bang!" Gunshots came from the distance, and several guards appeared.
"Who's so bold to trespass the palace!? You have a death wish!"

"Protect the boss!"

The guards rushed toward the room, but they didn't know the situation at all.

Boss Sun's confidence skyrocketed after seeing his subordinates rushing. He said coldly, "I know you are powerful! But you made a grave mistake! You are less than 5 meters away from me!" Suddenly, he waved his hands.

Three sharp rocks levitated in the air and they were sent flying toward Jiang Liushi's direction! As long as it was less than five meters, those stones would be more powerful than bullets!

Boss Sun wanted to break the minibus' windshield and smash Jiang Liushi to death with those stones.

Unfortunately, when they when they crashed against the windshield, they broke to pieces.

Jiang Liushi was looking at him with a mocking expression.

"What? The glass is bullet-proof!?

Boss Sun was dumbfounded. He didn't expect that the minibus' glass would be bullet-proof.

At that moment, Boss Sun had an extremely strong sense of danger, so he immediately reinforced the armor on his body. Not even a sniper rifle's bullet could penetrate it!

Only Boss Sun's eyes could be seen. He was looking at Jiang Liushi, but he noticed that a black tube suddenly appeared in front of Jiang Liushi's minibus.

What's this?


A deafening sound came, and terrifying waves erupted from the tube! Supersonic airflow momentarily formed a sonic boom. And then all gravel were blown away at a horrible speed. The Air Cannon's horrible pressure destroyed boss Sun's eardrums, and blood started flowing out.


Boss Sun was sent flying like a baseball. Although he was wrapped in rocks, it was not enough to protect him from such an attack.

"I…" Boss Sun was facing the sky, but couldn't see anything as his eyes had been crashed too. Blood bubbles constantly kept emerging from his mouth, like dead fish leaving the water. He could no longer hear anything, and all blood had been drained from his face. He looked deathly pale.

The concubines couldn't stop their bodies from trembling after witnessing the whole scene. The palace started collapsing, and Boss Sun was dead...

He had a brief encounter with Jiang Liushi, but why did he have to underestimate him? If he had known about Jiang Liushi's strength, he'd have never agreed to cooperate with Chen Biao...

That was Boss Sun's last thought before dying and getting buried under the rocks he had used to create the palace...

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