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Chapter 268: Wormhole

Chapter 268: Wormhole
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An electrical attack landed on the other man, and it flowed through his body, stunning him at once.

'Bang! Bang!'

Two gunshots followed, and blood bloomed like wild wildflowers from their chests. They didn't even know what struck them.


The minibus crashed on the military SUV which then collided with a rock. The SUV's front deformed and black smoke came from its engine.

"They're dead!"

Jiang Liushi sitting in the co-pilot seat looked at the three dead people. Jiang Liushi had the vague impression that one of them seemed familiar.

"Ying, continue driving. We have to reach Senhai Island tonight!"

At Senhai Island...

Presently, Shenhai Central Military Commission's eight military higher-ups were sitting around a round table, on which was an elaborate maquette and underneath a big map. In the map's center was the maquette, an area enclosed by city walls, the same as Shenhai Island.

Around the walls, on the map, there were gray areas, symbolizing the zombies' tide! In the depths of the tide, a location was impressively marked with a red skull, which looked shocking.

A silver-haired man pointed that red mark and said, "Gentlemen, the earthworms, the most dangerous creatures for Shenhai Island, are coming from a mother beast. We believe that its nest is there! An entire scouting company sacrificed their lives to bring this accurate information back!

The silver-haired old man, dressed in a straight uniform with his silver hair combed meticulous, felt sad when he said those words.

'Earthworm beast,' the beast's name gave them a headache.

Before Jiang Liushi left Shenhai Island, the earthworm beasts had created a disaster. They drilled their way up from underground, destroying Shenhai Island and the first district of Shenhai Island, and ruining many houses. They caused tremendous damage and panic.

The military kept killing them, but they were countless. The most horrible thing was that the earthworms attacks seemed endless. Every ten days, there would be another wave of attacks! As a matter of fact, their attacks would land a deadly blow.

It was impossible to use heavy weapons such as rocket launchers and artillery to open fire to the city. They could only urgently pour concrete on the ground near the military buildings. Unfortunately, the military didn't have enough human resources to tend to other areas.

The earthworms beast could drill their way to the surface, and they preferred night attacks. Even if the military prepared for 24 hours a day, they would also kill a large number of soldiers and residents at the beginning of each attack! Several times in a row, Shenhai Island's residents had already experienced large-scale panic-attacks. Many people were afraid to sleep at night and were in a state of exhaustion all day long. Inadequate sleep, poor immunity, coupled with hunger, lead many people to death during these days.

The most horrible thing was that because of the earthworms' repeated attacks, many holes had been created below Shenhai Island. As a result, many lands caved in which lead to accidents during those days, and many of the main roads were broken!

If that continued, the earthworms would crash Shenhai Island! The military had sent a large number of scouts those day until they finally found out the earthworms' source. They found the mother beast and marked the area with a red skull. Actually, it was a huge cave, but there were no traces which indicated that earthworms had created it.

At that time, the scouts had thrown grenades into the cave; however, the internal structure of the cave was very complicated and tortuous. The grenade explosion did not hurt the mother beast at all. At the same night, the earthworms attacked once again, and it seemed that that was the mother beast's retaliation.

That matter gave the military a headache. Wiping out this nest was imperative. However, in the tide of zombies, attacking the nest was bound to making a huge sacrifice!

"From my point of view, this mission should be given to Commissioner Zhang's Third Corps to handle. They're all soldiers coming from a field army. There are lots of paranormals in that group…If they complete the mission, it will be a huge accomplishment…" Chu Chongshan said slowly. He put his hands on the desk with confidence.

"Uh?" Zhang frowned. "Chu Chongshan, what do you mean? You want my army to complete the whole mission, but how about your sixth army? Do you want them to stay at home and babysit the children?" General Zhang said sarcastically.

It was apparent that they had to pay a painful price to complete that mission inevitably. In such a post-apocalyptic world, nobody wanted to lose their soldiers. For example, all the officers in Shenhai Central Military Commission were supported by their soldiers. Therefore, the mission of exterminating the earthworms was just a hot potato. Nobody wanted to take it.

Chu Chongshan didn't get along well with General Zhang, so in this military meeting, Chu Chongshan naturally wanted to force General Zhang's troops to handle it. As a result, General Zhang would be kicked out of the military Committee after losing his supporters!

"Comrade Zhang, please stop joking around. Although I have a lot of people, most of them belong to the armed police, whose main job is to maintain law and order and to protect the Shenhai Island's security. How could they be superior and more experienced than your field army?" Chu Chongshan said with a cold smile.

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