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Chapter 270: Slipping Into the Enemy Lines

Chapter 270: Slipping Into the Enemy Lines
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Ordinary people were different from paranormals. If they were to eat an evolutionary crystal, it would be like recklessly wasting God's gifts. The evolutionary crystal's potent energy could even cause death.

Chu Chongshan was clear about that, so he just used the evolutionary crystal to brew tea. Generally speaking, an evolutionary crystal would last him for two months until he 'drank' all of it. During those two months, the pure energy contained in the evolutionary crystal would subtly transform his body, making him stronger, and his senescent cells would be revitalized!

Scientific theories had long proven that humankind's longevity could reach the limit of 150 years. Many humans died before the age of 100 years old due to various reasons, such as illnesses and impurities which could cause the organs to fail prematurely.

However, the evolutionary crystals could rejuvenate humanity's potential... And according to scientists' projections, if ordinary people consumed more than 20 evolutionary crystals in their lives, they'd easily reach 100 years old, and even overcome the age of 150 years old.

Currently, Chu Chongshan was less than 60 years old. He was in the prime of his life! He had lost his only son, which was really painful. However, Chu Chongshan had determined to become a fierce and powerful person in this post-apocalyptic world! Nothing could stop him. As long as he could dominate the world, then he could have many more children.

"This world…is not so bad..." Chu Chongshan looked at the glass of amber liquid, and then he smiled. Probably, the most attractive thing to someone who was pursuing power was extending their life. God only knows how many of China's ancient emperors were in search of life-extending elixirs.

"Chief, you should go back to the bedroom. It's too dangerous to stand beside the window," A soldier said to Chu Chongshan.

Chu Chongshan's bedroom was in the basement of the villa. It was indeed a relatively safe place.

"It's okay!" Chu Chongshan carefully drank that cup filled with the amber liquid…


"Who are you? And what is your purpose after entering?" Within the northwestern city walls of the Shenhai Island, the gatekeepers questioned a squad, which intended to enter. However, when they looked at the squad's two females, they suddenly felt their eyelids becoming heavier as if they were to about to fall asleep.

"We just returned after completing the military's tasks. Please let us in…" Jiang Liushi explained, and at the same time, Ran Xiyu and Li Yuxin worked together to hypnotize the soldiers. All the soldiers lost their ability to judge at once. The northwest side of the Shenhai Island was a relatively remote district. But the wall was full of soldiers on guard.

However, although the guard was tight, they were targeted by zombies and mutant beasts, so their brains were strained. Moreover, the military was still encouraging the squad to go hunting. Actually, it was quite normal for any paranormal to return to the area of Shenhai Island. But Jiang Liushi chose this "abnormal" entry method, just to prevent Chu Chongshan's members from recognizing them. After all, Shi Ying squad had become famous because of the nuclear power plant mission.


Several soldiers opened the gate. In fact, the northwest door was just a small gate, which was only available to small cars.

Jiang Liushi's minibus entered the first district of Shenhai Island successfully. Jiang Liushi didn't worry that others would recognize them, because his car was quite normal and ordinary, especially at night. But even so, when Jiang Liushi passed a car repair shop, he completely changed its color. It was even more difficult to recognize it now.

Jiang Liushi originally had a pass card, so they were unimpeded all the way. Chu Chongshan could never have expected that Jiang Liushi could return from such a long distance. No expectation, no prevention.

Jiang Liushi successfully drove to the Shenhai Island, and then moving forward, they would reach the officer's residential area. Even if Jiang Liushi had a pass card, its authority was limited.


"We're a squad affiliated with the military. We just completed a mission, so we returned to get our reward. Please, let us in," Ran Xiyu and Li Yuxin pressed the window and said sweetly. Their voices had demagogic magic, so the gatekeepers suddenly lost their souls, and then opened the door.

"Could you tell me in which direction Officer Chu's villa is?" Ran Xiyu asked again. The gatekeepers immediately gave her an answer.

"Thank you" Ran Xiyu sweetly smiled, and then she closed the window.

After a few minutes, the gatekeepers came back to their senses, but they did not remember what happened. In officer residential areas, the inspections were scrutinizing; however, they were meaningless to Shi Ying Squad!

"Xiyu, activate your domain!" Jiang Liushi issued an order.

"As you wish!"

Ran Xiyu's domain covered a two kilometers radius area, enveloping the entire officers' residential area. Chu Chongshan's villa was located in the residential area's core.

Everything was ready!

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