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Chapter 272: Meeting Again

Chapter 272: Meeting Again
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[A truck? How could a massive truck infiltrate into the military committee residential area? Moreover, it's impossible for a truck to demolish half of the villa!] Chu Chongshan was filled with fury. He pushed the soldier to the side immediately, and then he rushed to the basement's entrance. However, when he opened its door, he was totally shocked by the terrible scene.

Through the hazy moonlight, he finally saw what that "huge truck" was!

"What? …it's as high as the villa…a huge monster!" It was no wonder that when it crashed into the villa, half of it crumbled directly! At the same time, he also saw a glimmer of lightning in the truck's cab and then he noticed that all of his guards were paralyzed by the electricity and fell to the ground on the spot!

[Jiang Liushi!!] That name was suddenly flashed in Chu Chongshan's mind. He remembered that his sister's special ability was related to electricity. As for the mining truck, his subordinates had given him a report in the past.

[Jiang Liushi returned to Shenhai Island?] Chu Chongshan was dumbfounded, but it was likely to be true. Chu Chongshan didn't expect it at all. He returned to the basement at once. However, just in the next moment-


Somewhere on the villa's first floor, sounds of shattered glass came. Jiang Liushi and Jiang Zhuying jumped into the room! Ying stayed in that mining truck for precautionary reasons. Ran Xiyu was detecting any sudden changes and inform Jiang Liushi at once.

"Outside the room's corridor, two people are approaching!" Ran Xiyu's voice sounded in Jiang Liushi's mind. Jiang Liushi raised his AMR sniper rifle at once. He was actually using it as a pistol! Moreover, his mastery over it had reached other levels.


The door was opened suddenly. At the same time, the AMR sniper rifle in Jiang Liushi's hands jetted a dazzling fire snake. A man holding a steel shield had just rushed in, but to his misfortune, the bullet pierced through the shield as if it was made of paper. As a result, the man fell to the ground.

Immediately after, another man appeared like a ghost. He was dressed in dark clothes, and he looked like as if he had mixed with the darkness. The sharp sword in his hand was chopping toward Jiang Liushi's neck!

That man was Chu Chongshan's personal guard. He followed Chu Chongshan closely wherever they were in order to protect him. Not to mention that he was the strongest amongst all the guards!

The sword didn't leave any sound behind as it was approaching Jiang Liushi! However, as the attack was about to land, a blue-white electrical current few his way! It was like a lightning bolt! The man immediately jumped back, and his figure mixed with the shadows. After that, he re-emerged from the shadows, and his figure was more transparent. His dark clothes made him seem like a shadow, only by looking at his exposed pale skin could one say it was a human.

The moment he re-emerged, the man's eyes flashed, and he disappeared into the darkness again. He was a assassin, and he had completed many terrible missions for Chu Chongshan.

"You want to hide?!" Jiang Zhuying sneered, and then she suddenly inserted her longsword into the ground.

"Power grid!"

Next, terrifying currents surrounded her brother and her. And then the current quickly moved toward their surroundings. With her improved ability, Jiang Zhuying's current could extend to more than ten meters. In this narrow room inside the villa, this distance was equivalent to all-around coverage!

At the same time, Jiang Liushi also used his brain domain, and everything slowed down.

"Found him!" That man was moving fast in the darkness. However, any action would be stiff due to the current. He had not been directly electrocuted! Jiang Liushi estimated that he was indeed powerful. Unfortunately, Jiang Liushi had already locked on him.


There's no way the assassin could avoid the sniper rifle's attack! The bullet penetrated his body, almost snapping it in half, and then he fell on the ground.

Jiang Liushi and Jiang Zhuying's cooperation was perfect.

"There are a few people in front!" Ran Xiyu continued. Thanks to Ran Xiyu's ability, Jiang Liushi had the upper hand in knowing their positions. Obviously, they couldn't hinder Jiang Liushi's advancement at all!

"Chu Chongshan, you are like a turtle. Do you only know about hiding and waiting to die?" Jiang Liushi had quickly approached to the basement.

Although the basement's security door was very thick, Chu Chongshan was almost shocked to death. He was a dignified military commissioner, living in the core area of Shenhai Island, with various layers of protection. But he had never expected that a survivor squad would have the audacity to attack him! Moreover, all the paranormals around him were all killed by that two people! How could it be true?

This survivor team's strength was horrifying!

"Stop him!" Chu Chongshan shouted. His face's muscles could not help but twitch! If he were under the military's protection, then he'd be safe. But Jiang Liushi attacked him at his territory.

Several seconds later, all of Chu Chongshan's subordinates had been killed.

Jiang Liushi and Jiang Zhuying cooperated with each other perfectly.

'Bang! Bang!'

After a few intermittent gunshots, the entire villa became quiet. Chu Chongshan listened to the sound outside, but only his walkie-talkie's static could be heard.

In the quiet, dark villa, crisp footsteps were gradually approaching the basement. Listening to that sound, Chu Chongshan, the mighty high-ranking military figure, felt his heart tightening, while his hands were covered in sweat. It was the first time he had ever felt so nervous. He felt like the Grim Reaper was slowly approaching him!

Chu Chongshan, sitting on his chair, looked at the door's lock which was destroyed with a single shot. And then, the door was kicked open.

They got in the room and stood in front of him...

"Chu Chongshan, we meet again!"

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