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Chapter 273: How Will You Leave?

Chapter 273: How Will You Leave?
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Chu Chongshan, sitting in a chair, stared at Jiang Liushi. His face was deathly pale. He had never expected that he, a member of Senhai Island's Central Military Commission, would be assassinated by an ordinary survivor. Even his hard-trained guards couldn't stop two people! Jiang Liushi's skills were excellent, be it sharpshooting or close-combat-quarters.

In Chu Chongshan's mind, Jiang Liushi was audacious to the extreme. However, Chu Chongshan wasn't someone to be trifled with either. He was a shrewd man with an extensive scheming ability, coupled with his high military rank. Even at such a moment, he could suppress his anger and fear.

After calming down, he said, "Jiang Liushi, I underestimated you! You even dared to attack my home! I'm sincerely convinced. However, if you assassinate me, how will you get out of Shenhai Island? You'll die for sure!"

Chu Chongshan speculated that Jiang Liushi had sneaked in with another survivors' team. It was to get in, but how about getting out?

[I am afraid that the gunshots have attracted all guards' attention,] Ran Xiyu's voice sounded in Jiang Liushi's mind. [Brother Jiang, several people are coming our way.]

Jiang Liushi was staring at Chu Chongshan, and he noticed that the latter was quite calm.

"If you kill me, you and your squad will be buried with me. It'd be better for both of use to find an alternative. What do you think?" Chu Chongshan asked.

Seeing Chu Chongshan trying to negotiate with him, Jiang Liushi smiled and then pulled a chair. He sat on it while staring at Chu Chongshan and then he asked, "Oh? You intend to buy your life?"

"Yes, as long as-"


Before Chu Chongshan completed his proposition, Jiang Liushi jumped and kicked fiercely at him. Chu Chongshan's anguished scream followed while he heavily scratched on the ground with the chair he was sitting on.

Chu Chongshan felt dizzy; it was as if a truck had hit him. If not for Chu Chongshan's greed and abuse of power, he'd already be dead. He was an ordinary 60-year-old man, how else could he have survived from Jiang Liushi's tyrannical kick, if not because of the diluted evolutionary crystal's power?

However, even so, he still felt very uncomfortable. He struggled to stand up, coughing blood in the process.

"You and your son have attempted to assassinate me plenty of times. This time, you even planted a remote-controlled-bomb! If this can be tolerated, what cannot? I must kill you!" Jiang Liushi said coldly.

Jiang Liushi's feet were before Chu Chuanshan, and when the latter looked up, he saw Jiang Liushi's hand grabbing at his collar, and then pulling him up.

Jiang Liushi said coldly again, "Chu Chongshan, you're a disgrace."

Chu Chongshan starred at Jiang Liushi with eyes full of hate. "B*stard…ah!"

His mouth was heavily punched, and blood splashed everywhere! He had no choice but to withstand Jiang Liushi's abuse.

"You could give it a try…" Jiang Liushi said provocatively.

The moment Chu Chongshan looked at Jiang Liushi's eyes a deep sense of fear took over his body! His status meant nothing to Jiang Liushi.

While Jiang Liushi was taking care of Chu Chongshan, Jiang Zhuying had already opened every cabinet in the basement and turned them upside-down. Unfortunately, she only found an evolutionary crystal, five level-1 mutant nuclei, and some mutant meat. Nevertheless, Jiang Zhuying collected everything in a bag.

Seeing that scene, it was as if knives were stabbing at Chu Chongshan's heart. Although his wealth didn't amount to much, he had collected everything with hard work. They were everything he had!

"Why are you so poor?" Jiang Zhuying asked Chu Chongshan. Hearing her question, Chu Chongshan almost coughed out blood from anger.

[Brother Jiang, they're here,] Ran Xiyu transmitted in Jiang Liushi's mind again.

In the dark roads, more than a dozen military vehicles, as well as many soldiers, were quickly approaching the villa.

They quickly surrounded the Chu Chongshan's villa. Two members of Central Military Commission, living nearby, hurriedly came.

"Stop!" One of the two members shouted, and the soldiers stopped 100 meters away from Chu Chongshan's villa

"How is the situation in Comrade Chu's villa?" They asked.

"The trespassers are still inside, but we don't have a clear picture of the situation," A Captain replied.

Another member of the Central Military Commission frowned and looked at the Captain, before angrily saying, "How could you let something like this to happen? Don't you know how to conduct your duties?"

The Captain was at a loss for words. As soon as they got to know about the current events, they had immediately called the soldiers responsible for guarding the residential area's entrance. However, nobody was able to explain how it happened. They only knew that a vehicle had entered, but it was nowhere to be found.


A loud noise came, which caught everyone's attention again.


A huge shadow stopped before them, and everyone stared at it.

That was…a minibus?

"This car is very familiar."

"It's Jiang Liushi's minibus."

Many people had heard of Jiang Liushi's name. It was not an ordinary minibus, but it was a refitted minibus with a gunner room.

"It turns out to be him!" The officer's expression changed at once. He knew that Jiang Liushi had killed Chu Chongshan's son and that Chu Chongshan had sent a squad to assassinate Jiang Liushi.

What perplexed him was that Jiang Liushi was supposed to be on an escort mission, so how could he be there? Moreover, there was an eye-catching hole in the villa! What methods did he use to accomplish such a feat?

Suddenly, they were all dumbfounded!

Chu Chongshan was in the gunner room, with his hands tied, and his face pressed against the window!

Chu Chongshan wanted to shred Jiang Liushi to pieces! He'd never experienced such an embarrassment, especially in front of so many people. His eyes fell on an officer with whom he was on bad terms due to power struggles. He was sneering at him.

At that moment, Jiang Liushi's voice sounded, "My only enemy is Chu Chongshan! He sent a team to kill me! Let us go!"

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