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Chapter 274: Digging His Own Grave

Chapter 274: Digging His Own Grave
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Although they couldn't see Jiang Liushi, they could clearly hear his voice.

"What should we do? Chu Chongshan is in their hands!" The Pickets' Captain didn't know how to deal with the current situation.

Under such circumstances, they couldn't fight against Jiang Liushi directly. But he was one of Chu Chongshan's subordinates. No matter what the result would be, he'd have to take the full blame. The most critical issue at hand was to rescue Chu Chongshan, as he was the one backing him.

"Shi Ying Squad! Jiang Liushi! What's your meaning? Let go of Comrade Chu immediately! Otherwise, we'll kill you all!"
What did you really do? You should take officer Chu out immediately…otherwise, we will kill all of you."

Jiang Liushi sneered, "Let him go? No way!"

"You're just digging your own grave!" The Captain shouted.

He looked at the other two members of the Central Military Commission, and then one of them also said, "Jiang Liushi, you are playing with fire! Release Comrade Chu now!"

To their surprise, Jiang Liushi was completely indifferent. After all, Chu Chongshan was in his hands. Truth be told, Jiang Liushi had never thought of backing down. He was confident in his well-thought-out plan!

"You should stop jesting with me. You should already know that I've accepted one of the most difficult missions the military had to offer. We broke through the dangerous zombie tide in order to escort three scientists safely. Not only that wasn't appreciated, but Chu Chongshan had the audacity to send his subordinates to assassinate me by planting a remote-controlled bomb!" Jiang Liushi said loudly.

"If not for that reason, why would I take such a big risk and return!? Chu Chongshan brought that trouble upon himself!"

After hearing Jiang Liushi's words, Chu Chongshan stared at Jiang Liushi angrily. Jiang Liushi's words meant that he had used his position to get even with another person for a private grudge.

Naturally, after Jiang Liushi uttered those words, everyone stared at Chu Chongshan.

Chu Chongshan could feel that the crowd's gazes were different than the ones before. He opened his mouth, but he looked like a dumbass who had taken a dose of bitter medicine.

Hearing Jiang Liushi mentioning the three scientists, the Central Military Commission's members exchanged a glance with each other. That three scientists weren't only precious assets to the military, but even to the whole country. As a result, they didn't dare to offend Jiang Liushi at all.

Despair took over Chu Chongshan. His vile actions had emboldened Jiang Liushi!

At that moment, an SUV came. Everyone knew who it belonged to! It was the Chairman's, Mr. Fang, car! As soon as Chairman Fang got the news, he immediately rushed over. Along the way, someone was keeping him informed through the walkie-talkie.

Chairman. Fang was aware of Chu Chongshan's character. He had no doubts about Jiang Liushi's claims; they were right. Even so, he was still shocked after witnessing Jiang Liushi's minibus.

How couldn't he be? Jiang Liushi has rushed through the zombie tide, and other dangers, unscathed! He had returned to kill Chu Chongshan! Such a feat and a resilient character were simply amazing!
As a matter of fact, Chairman Fang was the one who had personally selected Jiang Liushi to complete the escort mission. He was fascinated by Jiang Liushi's talents!

As the Military Commission's Chairman, Mr. Fang was extremely disgusted with the power struggles. But people could only control their behavior; it was impossible to influence others' thoughts. Chairman Fang had to deal with such terrible relations. He had turned a blind eye to Chu Chongshan's behavior before, but this time, the latter had to face the consequences of his actions.

"Ying, drive at once!" With Jiang Liushi's order, Ying sped up suddenly.


The minibus' loud engine emitted an ear-splitting sound, and then it rushed toward the residential area's entrance. In that direction, Chairman Fang, the two Commissioners, and other guards were located!

Seeing the minibus moving toward them, with its dazzling lights stinging their eyes, they were totally shocked!

"Quickly! Stop them!" The guards' Captain shouted. But that minibus was rushing at full speed, how could they possibly stop it? Moreover, Chu Chongshan's head was pressed against the gunner room's window, blocking their sight!

"Let them go!" President Fang roared. "He's responsible for the three professors' safety!"

As a result, all of them moved back to side at once.


Jiang Liushi's minibus passed in front of them fast.

Everyone was shocked by the sudden turn of events. Nobody had expected that Jiang Liushi could leave Shenhai Island safely. At the same time, Chairman Fang's expression was very complicated! He had carefully thought about their options…

Maybe, it was better if Chu Chongshan ceased to exist. Sooner or later, his greed would bring a catastrophe upon them!

The present people knew that Jiang Liushi wouldn't spare Chu Chongshan…

Soon, the minibus approached the gate, and Chu Chongshan was shocked to death.

His comrades had abandoned him! He had never expected that he'd lose his life that way. Chairman Fang did nothing to help him, while the other members were silent from the beginning to the end.

Chu Chongshan felt like someone had drained his strength. Everything was meaningless now...

"Hey, stop reminiscing your sorry life. Stand proudly, you're our ticket to leave…" Jiang Liushi smiled.

Chu Chongshan coughed blood again. He hated the fact that he hadn't killed Jiang Liushi earlier, at any cost. Jiang Liushi was the reason for his fall!

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