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Chapter 275: Suffer Severely From Jiang Liushi

Chapter 275: Suffer Severely From Jiang Liushi
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Jiang Liushi's minibus was rushing all the way to leave Shenhai Island.

Jiang Liushi didn't spend much time forming a plan after they were exposed. He took decisive measures, and give the military time to think and try negotiate with him.

When they left the district, Ran Xiyu immediately activated her domain to its maximum capacity. "Ten o'clock direction and three o'clock direction. A large number of Chu Chongshan's troops are heading over…" Ran Xiyu's voice came continually.

If the pincer strategy were successful, they'd be completely surrounded. Once that happened, the other troops would come to reinforce them.

Fortunately, Jiang Liushi had given out orders in a decisive manner. He had taken advantage of the gap between the event and the time it took the military to spread the news. Before they could encircle them, they had already escaped.

Shi Ying Squad was ultimately victorious, and they escaped unscathed. Jiang Liushi's brash action shocked many people in Shenhai Island. Not long after, Shenhai Island's power structure would face changes.

After leaving the security zone behind, the minibus stopped on the street. Where they stopped was an abandoned town. The empty street was filled with broken glass and debris, while the shops on both sides were dyed with dried blood. Skeletons and severed bones could be seen all around. However, currently, no zombies could be seen on the street.

When the minibus came to a stop, Chu Chongshan could feel the Grim Reaper's scythe hovering over his head.

"Get out!"

The door opened, and then Jiang Liushi kicked Chu Chongshan out of the minibus.

"F*cker! Don't torment me. Hurry up…" Chu Chongshan yelled in exasperation. Although he was afraid of death, he didn't want to beg for his life.

"Oh? Don't worry. Do you think that I'd give you a quick death after you tried to kill us with a remote-controlled bomb?" Jiang Liushi asked.

Chu Chongshan's hands were still tied, and he was struggling to break free of his restraints. Jiang Liushi just looked at him coldly, and then he turned back to his minibus.

"What are you doing?" Chu Chongshan froze for a moment. The moment the door close, he got a horrible feeling.

Suddenly, the minibus' roaring horn reverberated through the empty town!

After the roaring sound, the empty town's silence lasted only for a second or two, before Chu Chongshan heard an angry growl.


To Chu Chongshan, that growl was like it was coming from hell, and he felt a chill running through his spine.

He slowly turned around, and he saw a few zombies appearing at the corner of the street! They were dirty, with bloodshot eyes and distorted expression, but they were also extraordinarily agile and crazy.

Chu Chongshan's hair stood on end! Seeing the zombies dashing crazily toward him, Chu Chongshan's fear finally exploded. He furiously rushed to the minibus! He pressed his face against the door's window and stared at the indifferent Jiang Liushi. He then shouted, "Kill me! I want you to kill me! NO!-"

Suddenly, a zombie grabbed him and pulled him away from the door. Right after, anguished screams followed before Chu Chongshan's blood splashed all over the door.

"Let's go," Jiang Liushi stopped looking and said.

In Ye County...

Zhu Changqing was filled with uneasiness. He knew that Jiang Liushi wanted to return to Shenhai Island to kill Chu Chongshan. However, he was worried that it was the same as throwing an egg against a rock. But Zhu Changqing had no choice other than waiting patiently.

They still had a long way to go before arriving at Star City Base. Moreover, without Jiang Liushi, they didn't dare to move forward. Some veterans had already started complaining, as they could neither continue with their mission nor know about Jiang Liushi's situation. They all felt that Jiang Liushi was too impulsive and totally disregarding to the bigger picture.

Zhu Changqing was using the radio every day and paid close attention to any news related to Shenhai Island. He was afraid about Shi Ying Squad's future. What if he heard that they got arrested, or even that they were shot to death?

He had also heard about the wormhole and that his boss, General Zhang, had gathered his army and personally led it to eradicate it. Zhu Changqing was pretty sure that it was one of Chu Chongshan's schemes, so he also hoped that Jiang Lishi would be successful. After all, he was under General Zhang from the moment he joined the army. However, it was too hard!

"In today's news; Chu Chongshan, a member of Shenhai Island's Military Commission, heroically sacrificed his life in the battle against the zombie time! He..."

Zhu Changqing was unable to hear the rest as he was utterly shocked! When he snapped out of it, he jumped from his chair.


Several veterans, who were checking the vehicles' repairs, were startled by Zhu Changqing's sudden shout.

"Captain, what happened?" They looked at the radio in front of him and quickly asked.


Zhu Changqing just looked at the radio and shouted, "It's news about Jiang Liushi!"

"How's it going?" An anxious soldier asked.

Zhu Changqing hit his thigh and shouted, "He killed Chu Chongshan!"

The veterans were flabbergasted! Their mouths even twitched from shock.

Jiang Liushi had killed Chu Chongshan? How could Jiang Liushi do it?

"Amazing! I..." Zhu Changqing simply did not know what to say. He had envisaged the worst results, but he'd never thought that Jiang Liushi could actually pull it off.

"I heard it from the report on the radio. I'm pretty sure they won't punish Jiang Liushi, so he should be back soon. After he returns, I'll ask him. As for Chu Chongshan, he got what he deserved!" Zhu Changqing said.

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