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Chapter 276: Trouble

Chapter 276: Trouble
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What kind of chain reaction would Chu Chongshan's death cause? Jiang Liushi didn't care about it at all.

Presently, Jiang Liushi was sitting in his minibus, while it was heading back to Ye County.

After carefully discussing, they decided to give the evolutionary crystal, which they had found in Chu Chongshan's basement, to Jiang Zhuying. It was difficult for her electrical ability to evolve without the appropriate resources; it was the same for any other energy-related ability. That was the reason why Jiang Zhuying's ability hadn't evolved after several battles. In the past, Jiang Liushi had thought that the mutant meat's energy would be enough to help her. However, with the evolutionary crystal's assistance, she could advance faster. Unfortunately, they had found only one evolutionary crystal in Chu Chongshan's basement.

In the future, evolutionary crystals would become the world's hard currency, so Jiang Liushi was in desperate need of completing the Energy Extraction lab. However, he didn't have enough level-2 mutant nuclei.

At that moment, Jiang Zhuying consumed the evolutionary crystal.

"Do you feel anything special happening?" Jiang Liushi asked.

Hearing his question, Li Yuxin revealed a smile. "Don't be so anxious. She needs time to absorb the evolutionary crystal's energy."

Jiang Liushi touched his nose and then said, "Okay. I'm in urgent need of mutant nuclei, so I'll keep them. However, I'll give you their equivalent price in mutant meat."

Everyone in his team, except Ying, needed to eat mutant meat to evolve. The more, the better. As a result, they didn't disagree with the resources' distribution.

"Ying, speed up," Jiang Liushi said.

Ying nodded, and the minibus suddenly released a beast-like roar.

They were getting closer to Ye County...

"Wait a moment! There's something wrong," Ran Xiyu suddenly said. She activated her domain, stretching to the limit of two kilometers. Suddenly, her face became pale.

"What's wrong?" Jiang Liushi asked.

"A zombie wave is moving toward Ye County's direction!" Ran Xiyu answered.

Jiang Liushi suddenly stood up. "How about its scale?"

Although Ye County's wall was sturdy, they didn't have weapons and ammunition. Moreover, most of Ye County's residents were ordinary people. They could block ordinary zombies, but a tide of zombies…

The three scientists, and relatives were all there!

"Not very big," Ran Xiyu answered.

Hearing the answer, Jiang Liushi felt relieved.

"But amongst them, was a powerful light. I couldn't tell what it was. Maybe a mutant zombie, or a mutant beast. It was at the center of the zombie wave," Ran Xiyu explained.

Suddenly, Jiang Liushi's expression changed again. If it was a mutant zombie, that zombie wave was equal to a primitive, brutal army! Shi Ying Squad had already witnessed how powerful a zombie tide was.

Jiang Liushi knew that even though they had left the convoy back to Ye County, they couldn't last for long and many people would lose their lives.

"Quickly catch up!" Jiang Liushi said.

His minibus suddenly released a more powerful roar, and it accelerated.

A dark mass of zombies entered their visions quickly!

"There are several people in front!" Ran Xiyu suddenly said. She sensed that there were a few more bright spots in front of these zombies. Those bright spots represented human beings.

"What?" Jiang Liushi quickly looked where she told him to. And then he found that in front of those zombies, two cars trying to escape at full speed. The two cars were all modified off-road vehicles.

On one of the car's skylight, a figure was standing with a gun while looking at the zombies behind them. Then he made two shots, but those two shots were useless against those zombies. He saw a zombie falling, but it was like a drop of water in the torrent, which was instantly submerged.

At that time, a man's roar came from the car, "Li Jun, do not waste bullets! We only have a few left!"

"I know! But…" Li Jun also shouted. The survivors' team was hopeless.

They just wanted to look for some food, but unfortunately, they met those zombies. As a matter of fact, they had lost a car. Except running all the way, they didn't have any other option at all.

"Ye County is in front of us!"

They only hoped that they could throw off those zombies before they reached Ye County. As a local, Li Jun knew about the Ye County's situation. He thought Ye County's wall might be able to block those zombies.

At that moment, he suddenly sobbed.

However, as he was sobbing, he saw a car! A minibus!? That minibus was chasing those zombies!

Li Jun blinked, and he almost thought his eyes were playing tricks on him.

"What they are doing!? Are they fools?" The minibus' chase had shocked Li Jun.

At that moment, he noticed that minibus rushing into the zombie wave!

"Oh, my God. Stupid people!" Li Jun stared at the minibus and shouted.

However, that minibus was just like a bowling ball and sent many zombies flying.


The minibus obliterated many zombies!

Li Jun could not believe what he was seeing!

He had thought that the zombies would tear that minibus apart, but he had never expected it to be so fierce!

Jiang Liushi noticed the two cars from the gunner room, but he paid no attention to them. His primary focus was the strong light Ran Xiyu had seen!

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