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Chapter 277: On The Way

Chapter 277: On The Way
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"These survivors should be the ones that attracted the zombies," Jiang Zhuying said. "It seems they know that Ye County is a relatively secure place, that's why they're running toward it."

"I figured that much," Jiang Liushi answered simply. Actually, he didn't have energy and time to focus on them.


A black shadow suddenly jumped from the zombie wave, rushing toward the MCV. Jiang Liushi immediately activated his brain domain, and everything within his field of vision slowed down.


The sniper rifle spewed long flames, and a destructive bullet shot the zombie.

Witnessing the whole scene, Li Jun was shocked. At the same time, he was jealous of all their strength.

"Look at those f*ckers. They even have a sniper rifle!" Li Jun shouted in his mind. A Type-95 machine gun was in his hand, but he didn't have enough bullets. Initially, they had a machine gun, but it was in the car that the zombies had crashed.

Li Jun was a college student, so he learned how to shoot after doomsday. He was a complete greenhorn, and oblivious to the extensive training one had to go through before using a sniper rifle.

Did you notice that they have a sniper rifle? It's amazing! If I had one, I would kill that monster…" Li Jun said to the others, while his imagination was running wild- about how his ability could improve. As a matter of fact, the strength of sniper rifles was quite powerful.

The minibus dove deeper into the zombies' group. It seemed like the minibus was immersed in a black torrent, which was created by hundreds of zombies. However, it marched forward courageously.


Suddenly, a loud sound burst apart a group of zombies and scared everyone.

Jiang Liushi was also shocked by that loud noise and its power to rip apart those zombies. Right after, a fierce mutant beast appeared as it was rushing toward them!

That mutant beast's size was like an average car's. Its eyes were bloodshot, and they were exuding a cruel and angry aura. Fur covered all of its body, and the hair's ends were as sharp as needles.

It was a mutant bear!

There were no bears around Jiangbei area, so it was likely that it had run out of the zoo. It was, at least, five times larger than an ordinary bear. As one could imagine, its strength was simply horrifying!

The moment they noticed the bear, it rushed to attack them! With its every step the ground would cave in, leaving behind crackling sounds.

"That monster appeared again," Li Jun and other members shouted.

It appeared once before, and the moment it did, they lost a car! The bear just slapped the vehicle, and it became scraps! Remembering that scene, Li Jun felt terrible.

Usually, they'd want to kill a mutant beast when they detected one. However, that one was terrible. It was obvious that the mutant bear wasn't to be trifled with.

The minibus had annoyed it, so it rushed toward it.

Li Jun and his teammates believed that the minibus would be ruined in a matter of seconds!


The mutant bear burst forward at a terrible speed.

Jiang Liushi aimed at it and then pulled the trigger.


At the last moment, the mutant bear evaded the bullet's path, but it was still shot in the shoulder. A large chunk of flesh suddenly disappeared from the bear's shoulder, and a large amount of blood gushed out, due to the sniper rifle bullet's destructive force.

The mutant bear roared angrily!

Jiang Liushi frowned. He didn't expect that the mutant bear could sense danger. Truth be told, nature favored many creatures, so some of them had such an ability. Moreover, after doomsday, such an ability was enhanced.

To make things worse, the resilient mutant bear fiercely rushed forward. Only a few meters were keeping them apart before it suddenly stopped and stood on its two legs.

Suddenly, Li Yuxin and the others' field of vision was blocked!

"Oh, my God! How could…." Li Yuxin stared at the bear. It was the first time for Li Yuxin to witness a mutant beast at such a close distance. It was quite terrible.

Jiang Liushi was also shocked. After all, when it stood up, it was higher than his minibus.

That fierce mutant bear was staring at Jiang Liushi, who was in his gunner room. That scene would be hard to forget!

The mutant bear waved its huge bear paws and aimed them at the gunner room. Its exposed nails were as thick and sharp as a blade.


Its paw fiercely descended on the gunner room.

Li Jun suddenly felt the pain coming from his back, and he believed that the gunman was squashed to death.

But just at that moment, he saw a very dazzling current, like a silver snake, dancing around the mutant bear's body. It suddenly became stiff, and then a smell of churned fur lingered in the air.

After the electrical attack, an ear-splitting explosion followed, and the mutant bear's thick back burst open like a balloon! And then flesh and blood splashed everywhere!

Finally, its huge body was forced a few meters away, squashing a group of zombies in the process!

"What was that? Bombs?!" Li Jun was totally shocked.

At that moment, he was even more surprised to find that on the top of that minibus, the UFO-shaped room was intact!

However, that mutant bear was still roaring. It was actually still alive…

Jiang Liushi aimed at it at once and suddenly pulled the trigger.

'Bang! '

Accompanied by a gunshot, that struggling mutant bear fell heavily on the ground.

The moment it crashed on the ground, all of them could feel the land shaking.

Jiang Liushi ordered to drive next to that mutant bear. By the time they got closer, the surrounding zombies had already submerged them.

"Send it directly to the storage space," Jiang Liushi commanded, and the corpse was absorbed automatically.

It was indeed a good thing for Shi Ying Squad. The members had increased, so they were short on mutant meat. Fortunately, they chanced upon this mutant bear and hunted it down.

At that moment, Jiang Liushi turned to look the other two vehicles in front of them.

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