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Chapter 280: Star City

Chapter 280: Star City
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The 'palace' had already changed.

Zhang Hai and Sun Kun, with two other soldiers, had gathered the survivors in the square to train them on how to use weapons and fight.

After Boss Sun's death, and the eradication of his faction, Ye County's garrison forces had been affected, but the city wall was still there. As a result, the survivors had to become more active and help each other to survive in Ye County. Fortunately, Ye County was a rural area with plenty of fields, and its resources could sustain them for a long time.

"Little Liushi, we heard that you need diesel. There're some barrels in Sun's warehouse, which you can take." The moment Su Han heard of Jiang Lishi's return, she rushed to meet him.

"Diesel?" Jiang Liushi was in great need of it. His mining truck had consumed a lot of diesel. However, Ye County's survivors also needed diesel to generate electricity, so Jiang Liushi only took a few barrels, just to fill its tank.

"We'll be leaving for Star City Base soon. Sister, will you and aunt come with us?" Jiang Liushi said.

Star City Base was a place similar to Shenhai Island. It was even larger and safer.

Su Han hesitated and explained, "Little Liushi, I've already discussed with my mom. We'd like to stay here and work together with the survivors. After all, Ye County is our hometown… Moreover, if we can make a difference, it'll be incredible," Su Han said.

Although Su Han and her mother knew that Jiang Liushi was strong enough to take them with him, since they were ordinary people, they couldn't be of help.   

"Sister Han…"

"Little Liushi, don't worry. We can take care of ourselves. You can always come back to see us…" Su Han interrupted Jiang Liushi.

Jiang Liushi decided to respect their decision.

The gathered survivors looked spirited and more active than before. They had recovered after the military distributed some of Boss Sun's resources.

"The three professors also taught us how to grow rice and produce more per mu. It'll be enough to sustain us for life," Su Han said.

Jiang Liushi knew that only professor Qin was a botanist. He did not expect that the other two professors were all engaged in agriculture…

"When we reach Star City Base, they should be able to achieve great things," Jiang Liushi said.

In that terrible post-apocalyptic world, food and resources were the most important aspects. It was no wonder that military would try its best to send them safely.

Jiang Liushi stayed in Ye County for several days, before leaving for Star City Base.

Star City Base was an important central city, located between the Yangtze River and one of the largest industrial and commercial cities in Central South parts.

Jiang Liushi had never visited it in the past. Originally, he was interested in Star City's several historic sites, but unfortunately, most of them no longer existed.

The moment they entered Star City, Jiang Liushi noticed the abandoned buildings on both sides, and many devastated vehicles in the streets. What's worse, a nasty smell lingered in the air.

"Sigh… It's indeed terrible. Every city is like that now," Li Yuxin said.

"It's a global disaster," Jiang Liushi said.

He had seen a movie in the past, where a zombie appeared in a city, and then it affected the whole world. At that time, he felt it was impossible, but doomsday proved otherwise. He realized that the virus' outbreak was like a tsunami, no force could stop it.

"Star City Base is in the northern part of Star City. We'll need a day to reach it. We have to find a place to camp for the night," Zhu Changqing's voice came from the walkie-talkie.

Traveling through the urban area was the fastest way.

"No problem," Jiang Liushi agreed.

However, Zhu Changqing's voice sounded again, "Captain Jiang, there's a platoon in front of us!"

"Platoon?" Jiang Liushi entered the gunner room to observe the situation. After consuming mutant meat for so long, Jiang Liushi's eyesight had become better than other ordinary people. Soon, he saw a few obstacles blocking the road. However, Jiang Liushi couldn't see any person.

"About 30 people are hiding in the buildings next to the obstacles," Ran Xiyu immediately said.

Hiding in the building was a common strategy to avoid zombies.

At that time, someone stretched a banner out from one of the windows, shaking a few times.

"Captain Jiang, that's a way to communicate. They're asking who we are," said Zhu Changqing.

"Okay. Respond to them," said Jiang Liushi.

He also noticed a flag appearing on the roof of a military vehicle, but he couldn't understand the reason behind it. Anyway, he didn't care, as it was the military's way to exchange information.

"They let us pass," said Zhu Changqing.

As the team gradually approached the blockade, Jiang Liushi felt strange. They were still hidden.

"We have to hurry, please quickly remove the roadblock!" Zhu Changqing shouted.

At that moment, a voice came from a window, "Are you coming from Shenhai Island to escort three scientists?"

"Yes, please hurry up," said Zhu Changqing.

Before the relocation of those scientists, both sides had reached a consensus through the radio. When they communicated, they had given their identities, so it was quite normal that they guessed their tasks.

"We've been waiting for you for a long time. We'll take it from here. Please follow our orders," the other side said.

Hearing those words, Jiang Liushi felt it was strange.

At that time-


Two military trucks rushed out from the side of the alley, blocking them from behind.

There was indeed something wrong!

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