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Chapter 281: Blind-Shooting

Chapter 281: Blind-Shooting
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Zhu Changqing was stunned with the vehicles' blocking their path, but he immediately returned to his senses and said through the walkie-talkie, "Everyone! Stay alert!"

"On which branch do you belong to? Who gave you those orders? Only we can escort the scientists to Star City Base!" Zhu Changqing said.

"The order we received was that the scientists were to be handed to us," said the man coldly.

"These people aren't from Star City!" Ran Xiyu suddenly said.

Everyone was under her domain's range, so she could confirm that they didn't belong to Star City's military. Jiang Liushi transmitted Ran Xiyu's report to Zhu Changqing at once.

Zhu Changqing was totally shocked! How could be possible?

"I need to ask my leader first. Anyway, we aren't planning to leave Star City, so you don't have to block our path. After all, it will affect the scientists' mood," said Zhu Changqing.

"Oh? Do you want to ask your leader? How are you planning on doing that? You don't need to consult him. You're in Star City now, so you'll have to comply with our orders," said a young man dressed in military clothes, with a leather jacket on top, while standing before the window.

As he was under the military's command, the young man knew very well that the present means of communication had been paralyzed. If the two bases wanted to communicate, they'd have to use broadcasting through the radio. The convoy coming from Shenhai Island was isolated and helpless.

After the young man's answer, Zhu Changqing understood that the other party would soon reveal their real faces.

"We'll force our way out!" Zhu Changqing gritted his teeth and ordered.

After the order, Zhu Changqing's SUV suddenly accelerated and made a U-turn. At the same time, a muzzle appeared out of the window aiming at the two military vehicles blocking them from behind.

The other party couldn't have imagined that Zhu Changqing would act in such a decisive manner. Of course, they were aware that they had a paranormal psychic abilities.

'Bang! Bang!'

That military SUV rushed straight toward the two military vehicles.

The man in leather ordered, "Shoot! Shoot their tires!"

Suddenly, dense gunfire broke out. Zhu Changqing was so angry that his veins had popped out from his face. How could those people actually dare to shoot? The scientists were with them!

"Continue as you are!" Jiang Liushi's voice sounded from the walkie-talkie. At the same time, he ordered Ying, "Step on it!"

Originally, Jiang Liushi's minibus was behind the military vehicles. Suddenly, the minibus' engine let out a roaring sound, and it hit the two vehicles and created a path. Although it seemed like an ordinary minibus, it was facing a rain of bullets like it was nothing.

The young man was shocked! He'd never experienced such a strange situation before.

"Shoot the minibus' tires till they explode!" The young man ordered.

'Bang! Bang!'

The minibus was very large, so in such a close distance it was an easy shooting target. Several bullets flew toward the tires! It would be very dangerous if the tires were to be destroyed while driving at high speed.

The young man was already fantasizing about the way Jiang Liushi's minibus would crash against the wall. However, he never expected that all of the minibus' tires had been replaced with bulletproof ones!

When the bullets landed on the tires, it did not affect them at all!

The young man was perplexed by what he just saw. However, he didn't have the time to think much as a long gun barrel appeared out of the strange UFO-shaped room on the minibus' roof. Suddenly, the young man felt like his death was approaching! He was almost instinctively jumped to the side!


The window shattered into pieces, and he could feel a warm liquid running down his face!

The young man noticed a man standing not far behind him was killed. His headless corpse was sent flying to the house's corner before heavily crashing on the wall; his fresh blood splashed all over the place.

"Oh, my God!" The young man was almost scared to death!

The room they were in was reinforced with reflective glass, through which he could see outside, but others couldn't see him. Earlier, when they were having a conversation, he had just cracked the window a bit to prevent the other side from aiming at him with a weapon. How could the minibus' gunner know where to aim at!?

"He dodged," Ran Xiyu said.

"Okay." Jiang Liushi nodded.

The young man was the soldiers' Commander, so as long as they got rid of him, then his underlings would be forced to surrender. However, he was a paranormal with sharp senses.

While the minibus was forcing its way to enemy lines, Jiang Liushi was taking down the young man's subordinates, one by one. Fragmented glass, mixed with blood dyed the room. Everyone was in a panic, as they didn't know how their comrades were falling like flies one after the other.

The young man quickly ordered, "Get away from the window and hide! We're dealing with a crazy bast*rd!"

The young man couldn't help but curse! They had been staying in that place for a long time to get his hands on those scientists. They had estimated that the convoy would have arrived much earlier, but they appeared today. He had thought that this mission would be a piece of cake but never had he expected that a horrifying sniper would appear out of an ordinary-looking minibus.

Fortunately for them, the moment they chose to hide, the sniper's terrifying bullets were no longer a threat, and the young man quickly calmed down.

After calming down, he assessed the situation. They had set roadblocks with many well-trained soldiers guarding them, so he believed that Jiang Liushi's team wasn't their opponent at all!

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