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Chapter 282: Stand Still

Chapter 282: Stand Still
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The young man couldn't help but laugh after seeing Jiang Liushi's minibus crashing against a shop. "Haha, you won't get away this time."

The young man ordered some of his subordinates to go and block the vehicles carrying the scientists. And then he tied several grenades in a bundle.

"Surrender. Otherwise, I will throw the grenades into the shop. Even if the explosion doesn't kill you, you'll be buried alive," the young man said coldly.

They were very close, so Jiang Liushi was able to hear everything the young man said.

"If you surrender, I'll let you keep your lives!" If the people in the minibus didn't surrender, he'd have to give up on the extraordinary minibus and attack them.

"Brother Jiang, some people have surrounded Captain Zhu," Ran Xiyu said

"How many people are left?" Jiang Liushi asked

"Six," Ran Xiyu replied.

"He wants to bring the building down? That's actually a good idea. Ying!" Jiang Liushi immediately activated the MCV second form!


While the MCV's height kept increasing, the minibus transform to the mining truck! The shop was only 4 meters high, so one could imagine what happened when Jiang Liushi's 6,5 meters high, 7,7-meters wide and 12 meters long mining truck appeared! The shop could fit the giant monster at all!


Suddenly, a cracking sound reverberated through the whole area.

The young man felt that the ground and walls were shaking, while the paintings on the walls as well as the overhead chandeliers were about to fall.

"What happened?" The young man was in the dark.

Another sound followed! It was like the road was splitting apart. The beleaguered soldiers had an ominous feeling!

At that moment, the young man shouted in panic, "Get out of here! Now!"

Unfortunately, they were too late! The approaching sound became denser and-


The wall in front of the young man instantly collapsed!.

While the broken cement blocks and bricks were falling apart, a bright yellow light appeared.

"What's that?" The young man looked up, but he couldn't believe what he was seeing. Was it a car? Where did such a monstrosity come from? In front of that car, he was like an ant. Obviously, that car had brought the room's wall down; it was simply unfathomable.

A few seconds earlier, outside…


A deafening sound reverberated through the area, and everyone outside was almost shocked to death. Especially, the soldiers that wanted to surround Captain Zhu were all attracted by that noise. Not long after, they saw the shop inflating like a balloon before bursting open!

At that moment, a mining truck appeared out of the demolished shop!


The mining truck's roaring engine released another loud noise! Jiang Liushi activated the 'Collision' function and receded from the building, and moved toward the two vehicles. Needless to say, the two vehicles were like toys, and they were squeezed into a discus at once!


The huge mining truck squeezed out from a house abruptly. Seeing that scene, the other enemies were shocked to death. They were too small to face that huge monster.

However, Jiang Liushi didn't give them any time to react at all. When he informed Captain Zhu and Zhang Hai through the walkie-talkie to drive aside, he activated the 'Acceleration' function.


A few people were obliterated to death, and at the same time, dazzling electric light hit some others!

In front of Ran Xiyu's domain, there was no place to hide!

"It's horrible!" Even Zhu Changqing was stunned by the scene.

At that time, a figure appeared from the building's back door. He was the young man in leather, whose head was full of blood. The young man was the only one who survived, thanks to his strong physique and enhanced senses.

However, just as he was about to run away, a cold and indifferent female voice suddenly sounded in his mind.

"Stand still! Otherwise, unless you can run a few kilometers in several seconds, you will die!" The voice of the girl was sweet, but the content was quite terrible.

It was like Death had locked on him. Undoubtedly, the sniper would pull the trigger at any time!

Although he was a battle-hardened soldier, it was the first time he had felt like that! He was like a turtle in a jar.

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