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Chapter 283: Deliver to Home

Chapter 283: Deliver to Home
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The other soldiers either escaped or they were crushed to death. As a result, it became quiet outside.

"Come here," that female voice sounded again in the young man's mind.

The young man became angry. Why did he have to deliver himself to the enemy? He looked at his surroundings and then he thought, [There's a narrow alley, so the vehicle won't be able to pass through.]

"This alley is only tens of meters long. Moreover, we can crash the wall…" that girl said again.

Hearing the voice, that man in leather was shocked to death. [Oh, my God! Can they read my mind!?]

"You have only three seconds to make a decision."

The young man was covered in sweat. Jiang Liushi had parked his mining truck in the middle of the road, and he was staring at the young man's direction.

Three seconds later, the young man walked slowly out of the alley. Seeing the mining truck, the man in leather was totally shocked.

It was a rare chance for any ordinary man to see such a mining truck, which was filling the whole street. Compared to it, even the buildings on the roadside seemed small. As for the cars on the road, they were like toys. Not even a machine gun could damage it; it was like prickling an elephant with a toothpick.

Finally, the man in leather saw the mining truck's sniper. He was only a twenty-year-old young man. At first, the young Commander thought it was too weird for a minibus to turn into a mining truck and didn't know how to explain it. But now, he had a theory.

[Oh, boy! Transformers?] He thought in his heart. He speculated that this should be related to some special abilities. After doomsday, all kinds of special abilities were springing up. But it was the first time for him to witness such a strange special ability.

He voluntarily threw his pistol to the ground and said, "I was just following orders. Are you going to kill me?"

"Who gave you the orders?" Jiang Liushi asked.

"Commander He," The young man replied. At the same time, he saw a few women sitting in that mining truck. Moreover, one of them was special. She had gray pupils, exuding a mysterious feeling. He guessed that the voice belonged to her. As long as the girl was present, lying was meaningless.

"Commander He?" Zhu Changqing frowned. As a matter of fact, there wasn't much contact between Star City Base and Shenhai Island. So he didn't know Star City Base's high-level military figures at all.

"Star City has changed a lot due to disputes over power and conflict of interests. In other words, the military has crumbled. Commander He was one of them…" the young man explained.

Zhu Changqing was totally shocked after hearing the explanation.

Jiang Liushi was also stunned for a moment, but he did not think it was surprising. In Shenhai Island, there were also people fighting for power, but it was not as severe as Star City's. However, Star City Base hadn't mentioned those changes in the radio, so they were in the dark.

"Why did you want to abduct the scientists?" Jiang Liushi asked.

"Commander He is in charge of a rather weak force. Although Star City was divided, Base City's forces are the strongest and richest. We wanted to abduct the scientists to exchange them for resources. There should be more people with their sights on the scientists, so when you enter the base, such people will approach you," The young man said while stepping closer.

"..." Zhu Changqing did not know what to say anymore.

At first, they were under the impression that since they reached their destination, they'd be safe. Unexpectedly, their journey was full of pitfalls.

"Oh, don't try to change the subject," Jiang Liushi suddenly sneered and said. "You wanted to abduct the scientists in exchange for resources, but what about us? We could clearly feel your killing intent. Even at this moment, you don't intend to surrender, right?"

Suddenly, the young man felt annoyed, and then he yelled loudly before sprinting like a cheetah. It was hard to guess his target, but soon, Jiang Liushi found it. It was Zhu Changqing's car, in which Professor Qin and her daughter were currently at. The young man's target was the little girl, Professor Qin's daughter. Once he seized her, he believed that Jiang Liushi would let him go.

At the same time, he took off his clothes, revealing a large number of grenades tied to his body. With those grenades, the young man felt confident, coupled with the activation of his special ability.

Zhu Changqing didn't react at all. At that life and death moment, the young man used everything he had. Unfortunately, Jiang Liushi was far more excellent than he could ever be! He raised the sniper's barrel slightly and shot at once. The young man had never expected that Jiang Liushi would be so talented. He was truly unfathomable!

What was harder to believe was that Jiang Liushi actually dared to shoot at him while so many grenades were tied on his body.


The bullet's force sent the young man's body flying, and then he heavily fell to the ground!

An unbearable pain took over the young man's body!


The young man screamed. His legs were completely gone! It was too horrible to look at his miserable figure.

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