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Chapter 285: Riding on Someone’s Coattails

Chapter 285: Riding on Someone’s Coattails
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Those survivors were originally Star City Base's residents, so they clearly knew that Jiang Liushi's team was a new one. Although there were several military vehicles, they were familiar with all the teams in Star City Base. Was it a team composed of the military and some exiled soldiers?

"Hey, they should have just arrived here, right?" A hint of interest appeared on a survivor's, and he stepped on his SUV, with welded iron bars on its windows, quickly approaching Jiang Liushi's minibus.

"Hey!" This minibus's window glass was made of coated glass so that nobody could see the interior. After several consecutive knocks, the window was finally opened.

"Where did you come from? What happened along the way-?" A bald-headed survivor immediately asked loudly, but he couldn't finish after seeing inside.

Impressively a very glamorous face, with a very small but delicate nose, with dark hair, turned her head and glanced at the SUV next to them.

"Oh, my God!" The bald survivor was shocked by the beauty. She was quite beautiful. He didn't expect that the driver was a woman. Jiang Liushi had set Ying's appearance, and all her data was from Starseed, so it was perfect. Such a beautiful woman was popular in man's eyes. However, as far as Ying was concerned, only Jiang Liushi deserved her attention, others could go and die.

At that moment, another window opened, and Jiang Zhuying appeared. "What do you want?"

Those survivors suddenly looked over, and then they saw a youthful beauty!

Was the minibus filled with beauties?

"Do not misunderstand! We would like to ask about the situation outside…" That bald survivor said happily.

"Beauty, you have just arrived at Star City. Don't hesitate to ask us if you need any help," another survivor said while playing with a knife in his hand.

"We're the top team in Star City. You can call me Brother, and I will help you…"

They all were muscular, with guns attached to their waists. Two of their cars were carrying two freshly-killed mutant beasts, as blood was still dripping from their carcasses. The two mutant beasts were huge, almost six or seven tons in weight. An ordinary team would find it difficult even to kill one, but they had two with them.

"What?" Jiang Zhuying laughed. The survivors were stunned, they then looked at each other, and could not help but laugh.

"Oh, beauty don't you fancy us?" The bald survivor yelled and asked.

As a matter of fact, Jiang Zhuying didn't want to pay them any attention at all.

All the teams had crossed the bridge…

There was a high wall surrounding Star City Base's waterfront. There was a 10 meters wide deep trench inside it. Beside that deep trench, there was a taller city wall, which was separated by a bunker. Dealing with zombies, they only needed to hold the bridge, and the walls should be used to prevent any monsters in the river. However, if they met a monster like Jinling's, the wall wouldn't be any useful…

Jiang Liushi had many similar thoughts…

Different from Shenhai Island, Star City Base only had one gate which was guarded. There was also a barricade made of steel before the gate.

In front of the city gate, some ordinary survivors were under quarantine inspection. When they arrived, they were immediately stopped by some armed soldiers.

"Why? Won't you let us in?" The bald survivor, who had arrived earlier, felt ashamed in front of his companions because of the incident with Jiang Zhuying.

"Oh, Brother Zhang. Nice to see you." He began to say hello to a soldier. Actually, they were familiar with each other.

At that time, an officer came out from the city gate. This bald man suddenly became excited, quickly taking out a cigarette. "Captain Li." Captain Li was a low-ranked officer guarding the city gate.

However, Captain Li didn't even spare him a glance, and he walked directly toward one of the military SUV in front of him. Then, a man came down. They talked with each other, and then Captain Li saluted.

"Raise the barricade! Please let Captain Zhu and all his members in!" Captain Li said.

The bald man was frozen for a moment after seeing the scene. "No wonder the beauty looked down on us. It turns out that they hold the officer's thigh."

At that time the minibus' door also opened, and a very young man got off.

Captain Zhu, standing straight, said respectfully, " Brother Jiang."

Then, two beautiful girls also got off.

"This is Brother Jiang. The other two are his squad's members. This young lady is his sister." Hearing Zhu's introduction, Captain Li was surprised. He had heard that Shi Ying Squad was strong, but he didn't expect that there were so many girls in this team.

Moreover, Jiang Liushi didn't look like a paranormal. He was just like a college student.

"Nice to meet you," Captain Li said immediately.

All the members of the bald man's team were shocked. The members of that minibus were all excellent! It was amazing. The bald man felt he had brought contempt upon himself. That beauty didn't hold the officer's thigh, on the contrary, that officer had to please her!

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