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Chapter 286: You Can Try

Chapter 286: You Can Try
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Captain Li, who was responsible for guarding the city, had confirmed the identity of this team, so he went to report to the top leaders.

Soon, a white SUV came out from the city. A woman in a military uniform came down. She was wearing a pair of leather boots, and her hair was tied randomly. Her wheat-colored skin made her look like a very wild beauty. The woman in military uniform woman walked as gently as wind. Behind her, there was another officer.

"Colonel Xia came? Why?" Captain Li said in astonishment.

Hearing the question, Zhu Changqing asked, "She is?"

Captain Li whispered, "Star City Base is under the control of the three most powerful Generals. Colonel Xia is one of the Generals' granddaughter."

"General Xia Yongfeng?" Zhu Changqing was shocked. He knew that Xia Yongfeng was an excellent officer. When he was young, he had also participated in the campaign to the south and enjoyed great prestige and power in Star City.

In fact, Zhu Changqing didn't know more detailed things. However, he understood that Xia Yongfeng was too powerful to annoy him. As a result, Xia Yongfeng's granddaughter naturally was not an ordinary person.

"Nice to meet you, I'm Xia Xun," the Colonel walked over making a military salute and said coldly.

Zhu Changqing did not have the chance to say anything, as she looked at the crowd.

"Where are the scientists you escorted?" Xia Xun asked.

Professor Qin et al., quickly said, "We are here."

"Nice to meet you. I will send you to a place, and from there they'll arrange you…"

[Is the Colonel responsible for meeting with the scientists?] Zhu Changqing thought.

"Captain Li!" Xia Xun turned to Captain Li and said, "Take those people for a quarantine check. I'm leaving first.

"Come with me, ladies and gentlemen," Captain Li said.

Jiang Liushi frowned at once and said, "What does this mean?"

Seeing Jiang Liushi with a gloomy face, Captain Li was confused,

"Colonel Xia said…"

"I heard what she said, but what's with that attitude? We're responsible for escorting the scientists, how can we leave them for a quarantine check, when we practically don't need it?" Jiang Liushi said.

"No manners." Jiang Zhuying was also annoyed.

However, Zhu Changqing thought it was a normal thing for them. After all Xia Xun had a unique identity.

But Jiang Liushi was angry! Xia Xun's footsteps immediately paused, and then she turned around and asked with a cold face, "Are you responsible for the escort mission?"

"That's right," Zhang Hai, with a toothpick in his mouth, carelessly said. "Isn't it obvious? Did you think we came here for sightseeing or something?"

However, Xia Xun said bluntly, "Escorting is your duty and my duty is to receive these scientists instead of being polite to you."

"Received? Did I ever say that I'd hand them to you?" Jiang Liushi answered immediately.

They were not affiliated with the military, where was the responsibility?

"What do you mean? Consider your words carefully," the officer behind Xia Xun immediately said.

"Oh? If I have to take them back with me, what will you do?" Xia Xun said lightly.

"You can try if you want," Jiang Liushi answered. Although there were hundreds of soldiers in front of the city with countless heavy artillery, Jiang Liushi wasn't afraid of them at all.

"Shut up!" Jiang Liushi's arrogant behavior angered the officer, so he immediately reached out to his waist. However, as soon as he reached out, his face changed.

"Are you looking for this?" Jiang Liushi held a pistol in his hand and said happily.

That officer's face became pale. Jiang Liushi took his gun! Xia Xun also felt strange, but she was still calm.

"Do you know the consequences of doing this?" Said that officer angrily.

His reputation took a big blow, in front of so many people!

Zhu Changqing was shocked to death, once both sides fought against each other…

He gritted his teeth, and quietly gestured to the soldiers. Suddenly, Xia Xun saw the soldiers forming a small encirclement.

The soldiers actually chose to work with the survivor team?

At that moment, Professor Qin's daughter, Qin Nannan suddenly ran beside Jiang Zhuying. Her small head stuck out, and she firmly said, "I don't want to go with you!"

Xia Xun suddenly froze. The girl suddenly disrupted all her thoughts. "I apologize for what I just said, please let the scientists come with me," said Xia Xun.

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