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Chapter 288: Deliberate Provocation

Chapter 288: Deliberate Provocation
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That bald man's team was also at the quarantine station. Initially, they were afraid of Shi Ying Squad's status. But they didn't expect that they'd meet each other so fast.

The bald man felt glad about Shi Ying Squad's predicament. Remembering Jiang Zhuying's expression when she looked at him before, the bald man was boiling with rage. Moreover, the bald man felt that he had been deceived by the false impression of Shi Ying Squad.

"F*ckers! You even dared to swagger before me? Boy, do you dare to fight against me alone?" The bald man sneered and asked. The rest of the survivors, who had originally seen a group of soldiers present, only looked around and did not speak. Suddenly, more people started provoking as they wanted to see a fight.

"Is this not Peng Fei's team?" Someone asked.

Peng Fei was the bald man's boss. If any ordinary survivors met Peng Fei, they should call him Brother Peng. Hearing such a question, the bald man turned around and stared at that guy immediately.

Originally, he would like to hit that man, but when he noticed the young guy, he felt a chill running through his spine. That young man was a powerful paranormal.

"Peng Fei, I didn't expect that someone dared to bother you…Good luck!" the young man said again.

At that moment, an ordinary middle-aged man standing in the group frowned at once after hearing his voice. And then he said, "My brothers would like to play with that team. It was just a small matter. Qiao Seven, don't speak in a voice dripping with sarcasm."  

Qiao Seven was just a member of a new team that had just risen up. Survivors were all competing with each other. Speaking so, he clearly satirized Peng Fei's group. Hearing those words, how couldn't Peng Fei feel his was mocking them?

"But after all, we live in the same city, do not play too much," Peng Fei said to that bald man.

The bald man smiled. "Rest assured boss, at most, I will waste his one of his hands or feet. As for which foot, it may not be necessarily one of the two. It may be his third leg." Seeing there were so many beauties in Shi Ying Squad, the bald man was jealous. As a result, he had such a vicious idea.

However, just at that moment, Jiang Liushi said, "Stop your nonsense!"

In Jiang Liushi's mind, those people were unaware of their limitation.

"Do you dare to face me? In Star City Base, personal grudges should be dealt with face to face. But no life risk." The bald man said. Although his ability was not strong, he had killed many people. He felt that Jiang Liushi energy fluctuations were weak, so he was confident.

The bald man was already imaging his victory. The so-called no life risk was just set for ruling these survivors. However, at most times, the result was a fate worse than death.

The bald man rubbed his fists and wiped his palms—he was eager for a fight. However, Jiang Liushi just looked at him coldly, without hiding his contempt.

"Do you think you're enough? You're overestimating yourself!" Jiang Liushi said while looking at Peng Fei.

"You can join in too."

Peng Fei was enraged. He didn't expect that the young guy would step on his own head. Qiao Seven laughed at Peng Fei's trouble. It was the first time for Peng Fei that someone dared to provoke him deliberately. He had to win the fight, or else, he'd lose all face,

"Ha, ha, ha." Peng Fei smiled, but his heart was filled with fury. "Boy, you are crazy, so you will not live long," Peng Fei said word by word.

"F*ck your mother, you're looking for death!" That bald man was annoyed with Jiang Liushi, and then he punched over. On his fist, which was covered with a thick layer of scales, were many pointy and sharp spikes! If the fist landed on Jiang Liushi's face, his nose and skull would probably break. Ordinary people would be killed on the spot!

In the meantime, a dagger, hidden in his cuff, appeared on the bald man's free hand!

Zhu Changqing suddenly shouted, "Be careful!"

However, Jiang Liushi was quite calm. He turned sideways easily. And then the cold muzzle aimed at the bald man's right hand.


"Ah!" The bald man's screams suddenly sounded.

The blood fog dissipated and the bald man's right hand had disappeared!

In Jiang Liushi's field of vision, the bald man's movement had slowed down. As a result, he could see clearly.

"Should a leg be next?" Jiang Liushi asked.

The bald man was trembling in pain, and he did not see Jiang Liushi moving the gun at all. Jiang Liushi once again raised his muzzle before that bald man knew it.


The bald man's pupil contracted violently.


Jiang Liushi had pulled the trigger!


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