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Chapter 289: Seckill

Chapter 289: Seckill
Translator: Liu_Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave

Jiang Liushi's actions were too fast!

The spectators didn't have the time to react at all. At first, they wanted to watch a funny show, but now, they were all at a loss. The two gunshots came were too sudden, so the spectators became nervous, and they subconsciously pulled out their weapons.

Peng Fei burst forward with a loud shout and grabbed the bald man immediately. After the gunshot, the bald man let out a mournful scream and fell directly to the ground. Jiang Liushi had shot the bald man's thigh with his Type 54 gun. One of the bald man's hand and leg had been disabled respectively. Although he was still alive, he'd be a cripple- a fate worse than death!

"Ah! My leg!" The bald man was screaming endlessly.

Peng Fei was too slow, so he couldn't help the bald man avoid the bullet completely. He coldly looked at Jiang Liushi and said, "Boy, you are cruel."

Initially, Jiang Liushi was aiming at the bald man's third leg…

The male spectators had seen this and subconsciously swallowed their saliva as they could imagine the immense pain that'd follow if that shot hit bullseye.

"So fast!" Zhu Changqing was shocked. Although he had witnessed Jiang Liushi's exceptional sharpshooting skills, he didn't know about Jiang Liushi's other special abilities.

Before doomsday, the world's fastest gunman, only needed 0.02 seconds to pull the trigger, while his eyes required 0,1 seconds to adapt to their target. In other words, a foe would die before they could see their enemy's movements. It was a real seckill 1 !

There were also skilled masters in the military that could pull their guns at a much faster rate than the average gunman. But Zhu Changqing didn't expect this, because he thought Jiang Liushi's special ability was related to mechanical transformation…

"I changed my mind. Today, I'll make you regret being born into this world…" At first, Peng Fei didn't put Jiang Liushi in his eyes, but he didn't expect that the latter would tarnish his team's reputation in less than a minute.

Jiang Liushi just stared at Peng Fei indifferently and said, "Less nonsense. You're next. Make your move." Jiang Liushi stood still, and it was as if he was talking to a dog. He even asked Peng Fei to move first.

It was a deliberate provocation to Peng Fei. "I'll tear you to pieces!"

Peng Fei suddenly roared, and then his clothes taut while the buttons flew to every direction, exposing his bronze muscles filled with scars. He had activated his ability. His pupils turned yellow-green and exuded a cold beast-like brilliance. At the same time, long spikes extended out from his body.

Everyone was amazed by the long spikes coming out from the man's body. Li Yuxin frowned because she had never seen such a scene before.

Peng Fei suddenly jumped in the air and stretched his hands to catch Jiang Liushi's head. If an ordinary person were to be caught in Peng Fei's grabbing attack, their head would immediately turn into swiss cheese from the spikes in his palm,

The spikes were Peng Fei's powerful weapons. His speed was breakneck. He first wanted to disturb Jiang Liushi's shooting pace and then torture him slowly!

On the other hand, Jiang Liushi wasn't afraid of Peng Fei's assault in the least. He had already activated his ability, and all of Peng Fei's actions were in slow motion before Jiang Liushi's eyes.

Thanks to the evolution of Jiang Liushi's speed, his body's reaction speed was powerful, so he could easily avoid Peng Fei's violent attacks.

Peng Fei's speed was terrifying. He was just like a crazy rolling iron ball. If one touched him, they'd be hurt. And if one were to be hit by his attacks, they'd die. No matter what he hit, it'd be pierced.

Some spectators jumped back at once to avoid the madman's frenzy attacks. Unexpectedly, Jiang Liushi was still unscathed! How was it possible?

They could accept the fact that his reaction speed was exceptional because of his training with guns, but how could he be so flexible!?

Although Peng Fei had been chasing Jiang Liushi around for a long time, he hadn't even touched his clothes! He always ended up on hitting empty air. It was quite uncomfortable to fight that way!

"Let's see how much longer you can keep avoiding my attacks!" Peng Fei roared, and then the sharp spikes in his hand impressively extended! This spike's length was about half a meter! At the same time, he released a weird smell.

Zhu Changqing, who smelled it, became dizzy immediately, so he quickly covered his mouth and nose.

Many animals and insects, had scent glands in their body, which could create an unpleasant odor, such as skunks'. The smell's function wasn't only to make the air stinky, but it also had the effect of paralysis.

Peng Fei also had such ability! The odor coming from the sweat glands in his body, not only gave off an unpleasant smell, but it also could paralyze people! The spectators felt that their heads had swollen, not to mention Jiang Liushi.

However, when Peng Fei punched at Jiang Liushi, the latter was still quite calm, as if nothing had happened. At the same time, Jiang Liushi's hand suddenly grabbed the spikes from the side, while aiming his muzzle at Peng Fei. And then Jiang Liushi pulled the trigger!


A gunshot sound came, and blood followed, splashing everywhere!

Jiang Liushi was still calm while clinging to that spike. He then pulled the trigger continuously!

'Bang! Bang! Bang!'

Jiang Liushi's eyes didn't even blink!

Everyone was shocked by the series of torrential thunder-gunshots.

Finally, Jiang Liushi kicked at Peng Fei and sent him flying before harshly landing on the ground.

Peng Fei's spike was still in Jiang Liushi's hand!

He glanced at the spike and threw it to the ground and said, "You are too weak."


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