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Chapter 290: Go Beyond Their Depth

Chapter 290: Go Beyond Their Depth
Translator: Liu_Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave

Peng Fei was covered in blood, constantly twitching in pain!

Jiang Liushi avoided all of his vulnerable organs and specifically aimed at his limbs. Peng Fei's limbs were basically crippled; it wasn't any different than death!

A few moments ago they wanted to 'teach' Jiang Liushi a lesson and sweep the floor with him in front of so many spectators. How could he let them off easily?

Jiang Liushi had noticed that Star City Base's survivors were crueler than those in Shenhai Island. After all, Star City Base's situation was complex. In order to compete for resources, ruthless actions were necessary. If one were weak, others would step on their head. Today, the bald man and other dared to provoke Jiang Liushi because they were newcomers. Jiang Liushi punished them as a warning to others.

If he didn't act like that, then Peng Fei wouldn't let them at ease!

Most of the spectators started reevaluating Jiang Liushi. At first, they thought that he was an unimpressive ordinary college student but never had they imagined he'd be so cruel. In their mind, if Jiang Liushi wanted to kill someone, it'd be as easy as killing a bug.

Although Peng Fei was a powerful paranormal, Jiang Liushi had easily destroyed him.

Zhu Changqing witnessed the whole process, but just at that moment, he became relieved. He was flabbergasted by Jiang Liushi's battle prowess.

However, at that moment, Jiang Liushi moved his muzzle and pointed it at that young man! "You are the next," Jiang Liushi said.

Originally, that young man was delighted with Peng Fei's misfortune. He didn't expect that Jiang Liushi intended to fight against himself. He stared at Jiang Liushi in surprise and said, "Are you talking to me?"

"Of course it's you, who else could it be!?" Jiang Liushi asked coldly.

Earlier, the young man had been using Jiang Liushi as means to provoke Peng Fei. How could Jiang Liushi forget about him?

The spectators were shocked with Jiang Liushi's behavior!

At that moment, a young girl next to that young man grunted and said, "You're ignorant of your limits!" The girl was at an early age, and she stood close to that young man. When she heard Jiang Liushi provoking her lover, she immediately sneered. Peng Fei, after all, was just a survivors team's captain. But this young man was a violent guy.

"You have the balls to fight against me? Hahaha, do you feel that you're unbeatable?" The young man laughed exaggeratedly.

"You used a gun, but the other two were empty-handed! Did you really think that you're awesome or something?"

The spectators it was none of their business, and they were not likely to get involved in this matter. They just felt it would be a fun event to watch, so they think much about the advantage of having a gun.

However, that bald man and Peng Fei didn't even have the time and chance to use their weapons. Jiang Liushi's speed was too fast.

"It's too late to ask for forgiveness!" The young man said happily. Then his neck twisted, and a layer of metal luster immediately appeared on his face.

Skin variation?

"What's that?"

"You f*ckers! What are you doing here?" One shout suddenly came from the door.

Suddenly, the young man turned to look at the door, and fear was apparent on his face.

Jiang Liushi also looked over, and he saw a 20-year-old young man coming their way. He was wearing a military uniform with a leather jacket on top.

"My dear brother, this guy's energy fluctuations are quite strong!" Jiang Zhuying said suddenly!

Not only Jiang Zhuying, but many others also felt this. It seemed that many guys in this quarantine station knew him. As a matter of fact, the survivors were like wolves, staring at others all the time and ready to seize their food. However, after that young soldier appeared, those people suddenly changed.

The young soldier looked at the bald man lying on the ground and Peng Fei, and then looked at Jiang Liushi, "What did you want to do? If you like fighting, get out immediately!" He shouted.

Hearing those words, Jiang Liushi frowned. How could this guy shout to him?

"What are you standing here for? Do you like so much watching them fighting against each other?" The young soldier turned and shouted at the quarantine station's employees.

At that time, Captain Song hurriedly came and said, "Captain Zhang, why did you come back so early today?"

After seeing Captain Song, Captain Zhang's expression changed a little. "We met a few rebels outside today, so there was a little…!" Captain Zhang said. "Resources have become rare, but the zombies and mutant beasts keep increasing…"

Seeing that Captain Zhang had ignored them, that young man sneered and said to Jiang Liushi, "We can always fight another day."

Jiang Liushi didn't respond to him. However, at that moment Captain Zhang came again and asked, "Did you meet He Biqing's members?"

At first, Jiang Liushi felt his question was strange, but later he understood. He referred to those guys who wanted to abduct the three scientists.

"Come here and inform me about the situation," Captain Zhang said to Zhu Changqing.

However, Zhu Changqing just frowned after hearing those words. After all, he wasn't Captain Zhang's subordinate, so he couldn't accept this tone.

He didn't answer but just turned around and looked at Jiang Liushi.

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