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Chapter 291: A Stranger

Chapter 291: A Stranger
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Captain Zhang was surprised for a moment after seeing Zhu Changqing's response.

[This Captain is actually following a survivor's orders?] Captain Zhang was somewhat disappointed.

Jiang Liushi looked at him, but did not directly answer his question, and just asked, "Which regiment do you belong to?"

"I am the Armor Regiment's Captain, Zhang Hongyue!"

"What? I'm sorry. In my mind, you were a mere stranger since I didn't know anything about you."

Jiang Liushi pondered for a while. He didn't say that he was the Armor Regiment's leader. But on the other hand, Jiang Liushi didn't even know Star City Base's leaders. However, how could a Captain speak to him in such a tone?

"I'm responsible for the scientists' safety. Are you the one handling the scientists' matter?" Jiang Liushi asked.

"Uh?" Zhang Hongyue became silent. Captain Song had just informed him of the situation, so he just wanted to ask about it. But never could he have imagined Jiang Liushi's responses.

Currently, Captain Song, standing beside Captian Zhang, was at a loss for words. He was aware that Captain Zhang was a powder keg, and nobody dared to mess with him. However, this Jiang Liushi…

"I don't care about your mission of escorting the scientists. What I care about is any news related to the rebels. If you know something, you are obliged to tell me! It's my duty to get rid of the rebels!" Zhang Hongyue barked.

"Oh! What a great job you're doing. The rebels are right under your noses, and they almost abducted the scientists. If we weren't there, the scientists would already have been abducted," Sun Kun answered bluntly.

"Why didn't we see you when we were in danger?" Zhang Hai asked again

Zhang Hai and Sun Kun would only listen to Jiang Liushi's words. Who cared about Captain Zhang?

Zhang Hongyue was annoyed. "You didn't arrive per the schedule, not to mention that escorting was your responsibility before entering Star City Base…"

Captain Song whispered something to Zhang Hongyue, but the latter glared at him. Zhang Hongyue deeply looked at Jiang Liushi and said, "I'm also responsible for Star City Base's law and order. The next time you decide to fight, pray that I'm not the one that'll catch you!"

At the examination site…

Several women in charge of the physical examination were afraid of Jiang Liushi; they had witnessed his fight with Peng Fei. They believed that this seemingly harmless youth was a murderous individual.

Jiang Liushi found it kind of funny as he sensed that the female officer checking him was slightly trembling.

"My dear brother, I did not expect that you'd become such a wicked guy," Jiang Zhuying shamelessly said. When Ran Xiyu heard that, she couldn't help but smile.

"Star City Base's situation is so complicated..." Li Yuxin said with some worry.

"We didn't know that Star City Base's military had split apart before agreeing with them to transfer the scientists," said Zhu Changqing dissatisfied.

"Nothing to worry about. We should be more careful about it," Jiang Liushi said.

"Although Star City Base's situation is chaotic, the basic form of order is also necessary; otherwise you can imagine what could happen… There's no government, and the military is relatively independent. It's reasonable that some people would have the idea to split apart the military's power and make it their own. Let's take Chu Chongshan as an example. If he were still alive, he'd have similar ideas."

"You're right. We don't have many options. We'll have to deal with everything that comes our way accordingly." Zhu Changqing nodded.

They couldn't return to Shenhai Island, so they should stay at here. Fortunately, they were satisfied with the houses Star City Base assigned to them. It was an independent building.

Jiang Liushi was more satisfied because they could drive inside the city. They would be much safer when strolling around the city with the minibus' presence.

Upon arrival, Ying went to check the rooms. When she found that there wasn't any danger, the other girls began to tidy up the rooms and pack up. They had been on the road for so many days, so they needed a good rest.

Jiang Liushi thought that it would take a few days before someone would come to find him, but he did not expect that the very next morning someone came.

Ran Xiyu, who was eating breakfast, looked up suddenly and said, "Someone came. There are a total of seven people, and they all release strong energy fluctuations."

When those people arrived, Jiang Liushi had returned to his minibus.

Two military vehicles approached one after another. Seeing the two Type 95 tanks, Jiang Liushi frowned. Did the Armor Regiment aim to retaliate against him so fast?

However, Jiang Liushi wasn't afraid. In such a close distance, be it the Air Cannon, or sniper rifle, they were enough to destroy those vehicles. As for the light chariot slowly approaching, Jiang Liushi had ways to deal with it.

The door opened, and then a woman in military uniform jumped from it. That woman had a powerful aura, enhancing her wild beauty, which was quite eye-catching. She was Xia Xun.

Xia Xun was somewhat depressed. Originally, she didn't care about Jiang Liushi at all. However, when she returned to the headquarters, her grandfather Xia Yongfeng was extremely furious when he heard that the scientists were nearly abducted.

After Xia Yongfeng learned all the details, he assigned his granddaughter Xia Xun, to cooperate with Jiang Liushi's team. Naturally, she didn't have the slightest good impression about the survivors. She was confident that she could finish any task without cooperating with those survivors.

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