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Chapter 292: Why Don’t You Change the World?

Chapter 292: Why Don’t You Change the World?
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"Do we really need to cooperate with the survivors?" Zhang Hongyue had also come.

The previous day, he had a small conflict with Jiang Liushi, but today they had to cooperate with them? Swallowing it was hard.

However, they had to follow Xia Yongfeng orders. Zhang Hongyue was an ordinary soldier, who Xia Yongfeng had promoted after doomsday. As a result, he had to obey all of his orders.

Even though he had to cooperate with Shi Ying Squad in the future, in his mind, those survivors were all ordinary people. Everything would be resolved if they took them back to the headquarters and scared them a little.

Xia Xun slightly frowned and said, "These survivors are indeed carefree and easygoing. They don't understand the meaning of discipline, not to mention obeying orders. Co-operating with them will be troublesome… We should inform them about the situation first, and once they refuse, it'll be wonderful."

If she didn't give a chance to Jiang Liushi's team to help, her grandpa would be infuriated.

"Good idea." Zhang Hongyue sneered.

He believed that it would be an easy affair. Once they informed them that their mission was to fight against former military members, any squad would give up at once.

They exchanged their opinions in a low voice. However, just that moment, the minibus' window opened, and Jiang Liushi's face appeared.

Xia Xun and Zhang Hongyue were shocked. They didn't expect that at such an early morning Jiang Liushi would be in his minibus. In addition, they were vigilant all the time, but they hadn't sensed anyone in the minibus.

Zhang Hongyue was annoyed. "What are you doing? Why are you hiding there" Jiang Liushi's team must have heard their earlier dialogue…

"Who is hiding? We're in our minibus. If your intentions are pure, why would you be afraid of being heard? If one is disciplined, does it mean that they can gossip behind one's back?" Jiang Zhuying sneered.

Xia Xun's face suddenly changed. She was embarrassed, and she didn't know how to respond. She had never encountered such an embarrassing situation in her life.

Zhang Hongyue tried to explain with a glum expression on his face, "We are…"

"No way!" Jiang Liushi interrupted.

Xia Xun was at a loss for words, and her complexion turned red. She had disregarded their difference in their statuses, but Jiang Liushi was savage and absurd.

Xia Xun was treated like a princess at Star City Base. But from the beginning, Jiang Liushi was very rude to her! Not to mention that she couldn't reveal her unique identity now, as they were already aware of it, but still didn't give a damn.

She hesitated for a long time but then said, "I can give you a reward…"

"Reward?" Jiang Liushi just smiled. "We don't belong to the military, so you don't have to cooperate with us. That also means that we don't have to give you any information…"

"What's your meaning? Weapons, ammunition, mutant meat…What do you want?" Zhang Hongyue asked.

"Not interested." Jiang Liushi said coldly. "I'll only work with you if you possess level-2 mutant nuclei."

Zhang Hongyue was astounded!

There were only a few level-2 mutant nuclei in Star City Base, and most of them were used in the research of evolutionary crystals. They were studying mutant nuclei from every aspect, as fiercely as the tiger does with its prey.

"Anyway, you already owe me resources. I only want level-2 mutant nuclei in exchange. In addition, I need the right to distribute the loot," Jiang Liushi said.

It was Xia Xun's turn to be shocked! She believed that they were insatiably avaricious.

Who were they? Why didn't they go to change the whole world?

"You are just a survivor's squad! Stop daydreaming!" Zhang Hongyue sneered.

"Oh? If you don't want to cooperate with us, please leave at once…" Jiang Liushi said. He was not afraid of anything.

"Since it's like that, my grandfather will not blame me. Captain Zhang, we're leaving!" Xia Xun deliberately said.

Although she didn't want to cooperate with Jiang Liushi, she wanted to show her grandfather's benevolence, so she intentionally or unknowingly revealed her identity.

She believed that Jiang Liushi was a smart guy and that his attitude would become better. Little did she know that not only Jiang Liushi would refuse to cooperate, but even close every window for further negotiations. What angered her most was that Jiang Liushi closed the minibus' window and left them there standing!

Xia Xun looked at the window, but she could only see her reflection. "I've never met such a person!" Xia Xun angrily said.

"I've said before that these survivors are troublemakers. They're only good at finding trouble… Let's go…" Zhang Hongyue said and turned away.

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