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Chapter 294: Fallen City

Chapter 294: Fallen City
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"Why are they heading toward Fallen City?" Xia Yongfeng frowned.

Xia Xun turned her nose up and then said, "As I expected, they're like the other survivors. Power has gotten over their heads, and they want to commit evil atrocities. They must have cheated the poor scientists along the way. They've probably under Stockholm syndrome, the psychological condition in which hostages or victims of kidnapping become sympathetic towards their captors." Xia Xun showed a contemptuous expression.

"They may have heard some news, and think it is a paradise," Xia Yongfeng said disappointedly.

Most of the survivors would go to Fallen City to enjoy themselves and set free their evil side. However, if Fallen City were a great place, it wouldn't have the nickname. Dark Blood…

Jiang Liushi's minibus, followed by a repainted off-road vehicle, was rushing all the way from Star City to Fallen City. Occasionally, zombies would appear, but before they could react, the two vehicles would have long left them behind.

There were almost no vehicles, or any other obstacles, blocking the road. It seemed that the road had been cleared, and the initiator of that act was undoubtedly not Star City. In such a high-speed road, the hundreds of kilometers wouldn't take as much time to cross as in other areas.

"Brother Jiang, why are we going to Fallen City?" Ran Xiyu asked with a puzzled expression.

On that issue, Jiang Liushi didn't know how to answer. He couldn't explain that it was related to Starseed. "Well…it was…" Jiang Liushi explained tried to explain.

Ran Xiyu said again, "I'm just curious. Brother Jiang, we will follow your orders."

"I wonder if we'll find any medicine in that city," Li Yuxin said.

Along the way to Star City, Li Yuxin had expended most of the medicines for emergencies, so they had to resupply. Unfortunately, they stayed in Star City for a short time, and most of the medicines were in the military's hands. And Li Yuxin had to give up on them. Fallen City was a lawless region, so it'd be easier to find medicines.

Jiang Liushi nodded in agreement. He too intended to sell some of their weapons at a high price. As for Sun Kun and Zhang Hai, they also wanted to buy something.

Except for Jiang Liushi's minibus, the other vehicles they met on the road had turned black and white because of repeated crashes and the roads' lousy condition.

After a period of driving, a tall wall appeared.

Behind the black wall, blocks of buildings could be seen. Initially, Fallen City was a little-known town, but it had developed to such an extent, that even walls were surrounding it now. There were also countless zombies surrounding those walls.

Only when the vehicles got closer did Jiang Liushi notice that the wall wasn't black. It looked black because of the blood stains covering it. On the walls, there were two bodies linked together with chains, leaving only half of the body hanging on the wall. It was a terrible scene.

"It should be on of Fallen City's forms of punishment…"

Even the usually carefree Jiang Zhuying frowned after seeing that bloody spectacle.

On the city gate on could see machine guns and their barrels aiming at the bottom. When they got close to the gate, a harsh sound came, and the heavy gate started opening slowly.

"What? They opened it like that?"

As the gate opened and the vehicles approached, many zombies were attracted by the sound. Their bodies were covered with blood, and then they turned around roaring and rushing over.


The two cars suddenly accelerated, rushing through the city gate. The gate quickly closed before the zombies could get in.

"Won't they test us? Are they not afraid of infected people getting in? Zhang Hai and Sun Kun drove to the minibus and said

Survivors who had been bitten or scratched by a zombie were known as infected before turning into a zombie. Once they were found, they would be killed immediately. However, Fallen City's forces didn't seem to worry about that.

"It's uncertain. They may have their methods of detecting," Jiang Liushi said.

As soon as they entered the city gate, Starseed detected that particular source of energy. Jiang Liushi looked at the street and the surrounding buildings, but he had a strange feeling.

Starseed had completely confirmed that the unique source of energy was indeed in Fallen City.

"Is it your first time here? Do you need a map with detailed information?" A guard walked over and asked. He was carrying a machine gun, and his stout body, coupled with his energy fluctuations, indicated that he was a paranormal.

"Why do you think we're newcomers?" Zhang Hai asked.

The guard grinned, but his look was terrible. "Whoever enters the city, is heading toward the Playground. Who'd stop here? There only two types of people coming here; newcomers or wicked individuals. Which one of the two are you?"

"What is the Playground?" Jiang Liushi asked. The guard didn't respond and just stared at him.

And then Jiang Liushi said, "Give me one map."

"Five pounds of mutant meat," the guard said. Usually, just one pound of mutant meat could buy a map for any other city, but that small town's map cost five?

The guard said slowly after noticing Jiang Liushi's frown, "You'll see that the map's price is reasonable."

"Ying," Jiang Liushi ordered her to pay, and then they got that map.

At first, Jiang Liushi thought that the map would be a single page with vague information, but to his surprise, it was a vivid booklet.

"Playground ..." Jiang Liushi soon turned to the page with the Playground's introduction.

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