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Chapter 295: In The Dark World

Chapter 295: In The Dark World
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At first glance, they thought that word was referring to an amusement park built before doomsday. However, the booklet's information had nothing to do with an amusement park. Instead, it was a place where the ugliest face of humanity was released. As long as someone had strong abilities, as well as mutant meat and nuclei, he or she could satisfy any desire without any constraint.

Before doomsday, Jiang Liushi once heard some terrible things about places such as this. However, Fallen City's Playground was far worse; everything was on the table.

One needed 50 pounds of mutant meat to purchase a single ticket to enter the Playground. Any ordinary survivors would hesitate to buy those tickets. Jiang Liushi realized that this Fallen City was richer that Star City Base. He wanted to get inside and find the special source of energy.

"If you buy this ticket, you can go anywhere. But there are some places where you'll need to pay money again. Of course, it depends if you're fond of such things," the guard who was responsible for the tickets said.

Jiang Liushi was in no mood to talk with the guards, so he took his members and strolled around Fallen City. After seeing some disturbing scenes, Jiang Liushi understood the real meaning of degeneration and evil.

He saw dozens of people around a wooden platform, on which was a high stature with a row of solid wooden shelves. On each shelf, there were tied women, who were wearing nothing more than a few pitiful pieces of cloth. From time to time onlookers to torture them, after paying the guard first, with whips, bamboos, iron clips and so on. As a result, those girls were full of scars.

"This is the place where paranormals can vent some pressure…" The guard said with a smile.

"Fighting all the year round, with their heads on the waistband… Naturally, the pressure on them keeps piling up… as long as you pay for…you can also do anything..."

Seeing the scene and hearing those words, Jiang Liushi's team felt very uncomfortable.

That guard coughed and then said, "Not everyone likes the…many guys like a clean and beautiful slave. There are many slave markets where you can even buy virgins…"

The guard said and blinked, but Jiang Liushi didn't say anything. After doomsday, the whole world sank back to the dark ages. Nobody can imagine the terrible side of human nature.

Walking all the way to the Playground, Jiang Liushi saw more bloody scenes. He saw a slave, dealing with the bodies on the street. Next to him, was an iron cage with living zombies! Moreover, the cage's iron bars were dyed with brownish blood. Undoubtedly, that's how they were getting rid of the bodies on the street…

Jiang Liushi also noticed a burly man holding a rein in his hand. However, on the other end of the rein, there was no cat or dog but a woman. The woman's skin was white. She didn't wear any clothes other than the collar around her neck.

Those scenes made Jiang Liushi feel very uncomfortable. Perhaps, Fallen City wasn't full of wicked people, but people were gregarious animals, and they would be affected by the surrounding environment. If a virtuous person were thrown in such an environment, his dark side would gradually take over their heart.

Once one embraced their dark side, they couldn't stop at all. As a result, they'd get addicted to their pleasures and slowly become cruel. It was same as in a peaceful era, even children knew that drugs were dangerous, but in the end, many adults succumbed and destroyed their lives.

"This city is really disgusting," Jiang Zhuying could not help but say.

"I've read in an article, written by a soldier during World War II, that killing during the war became addictive." Li Yuxin sighed. She had been raised in an environment full of kindness, so she wasn't used to such scenes.

Just then, Jiang Liushi suddenly stopped and then he turned toward the side of the road, where a green stone wall was, surrounding a building. That stone wall was very magnificently built; more than ten meters high. That building completely attracted Jiang Liushi. He faintly felt that the source of that special energy came from the stone wall.

"Oh, are you interested in the abattoir 1 ?" The guard noticed Jiang Liushi's attracted expression.


"Well, this is the most important building, the Playground! It's where you can either get wealthier or poorer. Have you heard of Roman Colosseum? You see the Playground is just like the ancient Roman Colosseum!" The guard tried to show off his poor historical knowledge.

"In the ancient Roman arena, the Gladiators, slaves, fought with each other. It's about the same, but the battles here are more intense and bloodier! You can find people battling against beasts! Zombies, caught from outside, which haven't eaten for ten days! And many more attractions that you can't even imagine! They all take place in the arena!"

"Of course, if you win, you can get handsome rewards! Do you want to take a look?"

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