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Chapter 296: Pay Back the Money

Chapter 296: Pay Back the Money
Translator: Liu_Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave

"Okay, let's go and take a look." Jiang Liushi wanted to know what special source of energy was hidden in the abattoir.

Jiang Liushi took Jiang Zhuying, Li Yuin, Ran Xiyu and Ying to the abattoir. Such a combination suddenly attracted many people's eyes.

When Jiang Liushi entered the arena, Ran Xiyu suddenly stopped and transmitted in Jiang Liushi's mind, "Brother Jiang, someone is probing us secretly!"

"Oh?" Jiang Liushi was caught off guard.

"The other party is following us, but I do not know who they are..."

"I got it." Jiang Liushi thought it was normal that they'd attract others' attention. "Be vigilant. We'll deal with them if they try to act."

Fallen City's size was small. Jiang Liushi's minibus was parked next to the gate, so as along as Jiang Liushi gave an order, his minibus could rush over immediately. As a result, he didn't worry at all.

Outside the abattoir's gate, there was a large number of gathered people, most of whom were male slaves and female slaves. In general, Fallen City's survivors were still able to live. The female slaves would be given enough food to ensure that they could stand the torment. As for the male slaves, they were usually miserable.

When Jiang Liushi entered Fallen City, he saw two male slaves dragging a fragmented body out of the abattoir. The land had turned bloody because of the many fights.

As they walked further, they could faintly smell blood. At some point, the guard stopped because he didn't want to enter. Hiang Liushi gave him some food for his hard work.

"Thanks, boss!" After getting some food, the guard became happy. "If you want any more information, you can look at the booklet and find some snakeheads to ask…"

The abattoir's corner had an oval-shaped layout. In the center, there was an arena surrounded by a circle of iron bars, which made it look like a huge cage.

At that moment, from one of the cage's two entrances, a Gladiators was getting ready to fight. With one glance, Jiang Liushi noticed that the Gladiator was a paranormal, but his energy fluctuations were very weak. However, his opponents were…zombies! A total of ten zombies were released, exuding a bloody stench. As soon as they appeared, they rushed toward that Gladiator!

Just then, Jiang Liushi saw a group of people walking toward them. Their leader was a guy with extraordinary manners, and beside him was an insignificant fatty.

Seeing that fatty, Jiang Liushi showed a complicated expression. That fatty was an ordinary person, but strangely enough, he seemed to lead a better life than other ordinary people.

Jiang Liushi felt surprised because he knew the fatty. He was Ma Hao. When Jiang Liushi was still in Jiangbei University, that fatty had 'helped' him. As Jiang Liushi was in dire need of money to refit his minibus but didn't have the capital, he borrowed money from Ma Hao. However, in Jiang Liushi's mind, Ma Hao was not a good person.

After the virus' outbreak, Jiang Liushi didn't need to worry about giving back the money he owed. But never could he have expected to meet the fatty in such a place. While Jiang Liushi was reminiscing, Ma Hao also saw Jiang Liushi. He didn't pay much attention to him, but he fixed his gaze on the girls beside him. And then, he looked again at Jiang Liushi.

"You?" The fatty was a crafty individual. "Are you Jiang Liushi?"

"Brother, who is this person with the dead fat all over his body?" Jiang Zhuying asked as she felt disgusted. That fatty's eyes made her feel very uncomfortable.


"He's a loan-shark that I used to know," Jiang Liushi answered directly

"It's really you! Of all places, you actually came here? Really clever!" The fatty looked at the beautiful ladies again. "Good boy, you have so many girls with you. I borrowed some money back then, but you've still to pay me back."

What the fatty enjoyed most were transactions. The fatty's brain was like a book. No matter who borrowed his money, he wouldn't forget."You borrowed 20,000 Yuan. The amount has quadrupled." Ma Hao smiled rubbing his hands as if Jiang Liushi was a fat sheep. It was exaggerated to say that Ma Hao's eyes were shining from greed.

"You want your money back?" Jiang Liushi smiled. "Okay, then I have to return to you 80,000 Yuan, right? No problem. First thing tomorrow, I'll go to the bank to give you the money."

After doomsday, the banks were in ruins, and one could find lots of cash scattered around the bank counters. Money was as valuable as paper now.

"Jiang Liushi, you think you're funny, don't you?" Ma Hao didn't expect that Jiang Liushi would dare to talk to him that way.

"After doomsday, I, God Ma am not simple…" Ma Hao worked in the abattoir, and his nickname was God Ma. He often said that "I'll let you know how many eyes I have."

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