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Chapter 297: Jiang Can’t Avoid His Enemy

Chapter 297: Jiang Can’t Avoid His Enemy
Translator: Liu_Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave

"Ma Hao, what happened?" While Ma Hao was talking to Jiang Liushi, an extraordinary middle-aged man, wearing military clothes and a black fur coat, walked toward them.

"Commander Yuan, it's nothing of importance. I just encountered somebody from the past who owes me some money." Ma Hao smiled immediately when the middle-aged man approached them.

"Debt?" Commander Yuan threw a glance at Jiang Liushi and paid no further attention. He was an influential figure in Star City, in charge of the life and death of thousands of people. How could he pay heed to some ordinary survivors?

Ma Hao exchanged pleasantries with Commander Yuan, and then he said to Jiang Liushi, "Boy, I have eyes everywhere in Fallen City. This time tomorrow, bring me 500 kg of mutant meat and your debt will be settled." Ma Hao finished talking and looked at the beautiful girls beside Jiang Liushi. In his mind, they were going to come into his possession in the future.

"Jiang Liushi, you must have awoken a special ability, right? You'd better keep your head low here because you're like an ant in front of Fallen City's experts. Don't try to pull a stunt," Ma Hao said in contempt and then sat beside Commander Yuan.

They weren't far from where Jiang Liushi was sitting, so he could hear their conversations clearly. He quickly understood Ma Hao's role in Fallen City; he should be one of the 'snakeheads' that the guard had mentioned. Ma Hao specialized in running errands, inquiring about news and so on.

Ma Hao was as sly as a fox and really good at flattering. As a result, he got one promotion after the other quickly.

Jiang Liushi felt disgusted with Ma Hao's mere existence. When they were in middle school, Ma Hao placed his dirty hands on many girls and sullied them. Reasonably speaking, Ma Hao must have committed lots of atrocities in Fallen City. Not to mention that Jiang Liushi heard everything.

"Commander Yuan, what do you think about those four beautiful girls?" Ma Hao asked with a brilliant smile. "That boy is quite afraid of me, and I don't think he has the ability to pay me back. Maybe he intends to sell those girls in exchange for his debt. If that's so, I'd like to give them as a present to you. Do you like the idea?"

"Oh? " Commander Yuan's eyebrows twitched, but his face did not show any happy expression. Ma Hao knew that Commander Yuan commander was very excited.

"After doomsday, there are plenty of female slaves, but it's difficult to find clean and energetic girls such as them."

"Are you sure he's going to listen to your proposition?" Commander Yuan asked.

"Of course he'll think about it. Rest assured!"

Although Ma Hao was wary of Jiang Liushi's special ability, what difference would it make? Fallen City's paranormals were terrifying…

"That fatty is disgusting!" Ran Xiyu felt angry after listening to their conversation. She was a slave before. If she hadn't met Jiang Liushi, she'd already have died. Naturally, she felt extremely annoyed with Ma Hao's words.

At that moment, Ran Xiyu noticed another group of men in military clothes coming. That group's leader was wearing a black coat, and on his face was a bean-sized hole, probably left by a bullet.

When Ma Hao saw that man, he stood up and smiled again. "Commander He, you're here. It seems that today's battles are going to be exciting. Have you placed a bet?"

The man with a gunshot wound to his face was He Tianhu. He was a warlord situated around Star City, and the scale and power of his forces surpassed that of Commander Yuan's!

"Commander He?" Jiang Liushi frowned. When they entered Star City, some people tried to abduct the scientists. Jiang Liushi remembered that their boss was called 'Commander He.' Although the surname 'He' wasn't very known in China, it was known in Star City's surrounding areas. If Jiang Liushi wasn't wrong, then that man should have given the orders to abduct the scientists.

"Brother Jiang, see those two people close to Commander He? They're the ones that have been following us," Ran Xiyu said.

Everything was clear now!

Unfortunately for them, they were unaware of Ran Xiyu's abilities, and they had long been discovered.

"I'm afraid that Star City's military has long decayed to the core." Jiang Liushi felt disappointed with the military's situation. Everything pointed to the fact that Star City's military was useless.

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