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Chapter 301: Great Jiang Liushi

Chapter 301: Great Jiang Liushi
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Jiang Liushi's tri-edge bayonet struck He Tianhu's stomach, but it sprang back once again. It was like He Tianhu had trained in Shaolin Kung Fu's legendary technique, ' Iron Shirt 1 .'

[Does he have the ability to make his muscles extra tough?"] Jiang Liushi thought.

After that though, Jiang Liushi got a better hang of He Tianhu's abilities, and why he was able to survive after many assassination attempts.

"Since you forced me to reveal my real special ability, you'll have to pay the price for your life!" He Tianhu shouted. Only Jiang Liushi's death could calm him down.

"What? Exposed your special ability!?" Jiang Liushi smiled. "No worries, you'll take it with you in your grave."

Jiang Liushi jumped and aimed at He Tianhu's eyes. He Tianhu understood what Jiang Liushi wanted to do and snorted. "You want to strike my eyes? Keep dreaming!"

He Tianhu's muscular physique exploded with power, and his black coat was torn in pieces. Following that, He Tianhu revealed a machete, which was hidden under the coat! Concealed weapons were one of his tactics to catch his opponents off guard.

He Tianhu's power and cautious nature scared the spectators. If that were not enough, be it a sword or spear, neither of them could penetrate his muscles. Moreover, he had many concealed weapons on him. Although his eyes were his weakness, it was quite tricky to hit them; plus his speed wasn't to be underestimated.

Everyone had the same thought, "He Tianhu's opponent is going to die!"

However, they were all wrong!

Unexpectedly, He Tianhu's body stiffened, and it seemed that his machete had lost all of its energy.

In the blink of an eye-


Jiang Liushi clashed with He Tianhu and blood splashed everywhere! Jiang Liushi's tri-edge bayonet had pierced into He Tianhu's right eye; right in the middle of the pupil!

"W- why…" He Tianhu was trembling on the floor with an expression of unwillingness. How could it be possible?

The spectators were astounded too!

They all knew that eyes hadn't any support from the muscles, and they were directly connected to the brain. As a result, the eyes were one of most organisms weaknesses. But how did Jiang Liushi pulled it off with such precision?

Naturally, Jiang Liushi used his full strength on that attack, and the tri-edge bayonet pierced He Tianhu's head directly!

Although He Tianhu was a powerful paranormal, and his vitality was off the charts, he couldn't withstand such a blow. When He Tianhu fell to the floor, he could only struggle like a fish out of water before his left eye lost its light. Even at the last moment of his life, he felt unwillingness… His final thought was how Jiang Liushi did it, as he was fully prepared…

And with that thought, He Tianhu died!

Everyone forgot how to breathe from shock!

Who was He Tianhu?

He was someone who terrorized Star City, with unpredictable strength and a secret special ability. Unexpectedly, a 20-year-old young man appeared and killed him in a matter of seconds!

Everyone tried to guess Jiang Liushi's special ability but to no avail. They only knew one thing, Jiang Liushi was terrifying.

Jiang Liushi was not only powerful, but he also had a secret trump card. There were a lot of Fallen City's important figures gathered around the arena, including Commander Yuan. After witnessing the intense battle, even Commander Yuan felt deeply afraid of Jiang Liushi.

In Commander Yuan's eyes, Jiang Liushi was an unfathomable individual who scared the sh*t out of him.

At that moment, Jiang Liushi recovered the tri-edge bayonet, and then he stared at Ran Xiyu. "Xiyu, are you okay?" Jiang Liushi asked carefully.

At the most critical time, Ran Xiyu used her ability, 'Mind Suppression,' to catch He Tianhu off guard, and give a chance to Jiang Liushi to land a fatal strike.

Jiang Liushi knew that Fallen City was a treacherous place, so he couldn't afford to spend all of his energy and reveal his trump card in that fight. Leaving everyone aside, just the mysterious source's energy was enough to make Jiang Liushi vigilant all the time.

"Brother Jiang, I'm fine. My head hurts a little. Fortunately, He Tianhu was a muscular guy, and wasn't specialized in spirit attacks." Ran Xiyu answered.

"Okay. Just make sure to protect yourself before using your ability. You're more important than your ability," Jiang Liushi said sincerely.

The brain was a sophisticated organ, so Jiang Liushi's words were reasonable

"I know, Brother Jiang."

At this moment, a middle-aged man smiled and approached Jiang Liushi, "Little brother, may I know your name?"

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