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Chapter 303: Hong Yue

Chapter 303: Hong Yue
Translator: Liu_Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave

In a matter of few minutes, a handful of people lost their lives. Although it was normal for people to die in the arena, it was quite different this time as the one who died was He Tianhu.

At that time, more and more people were gathering in the arena. They all had come to watch what the commotion was about, and they were all shocked.

Suddenly, the crowd opened a path for a 20-year-old woman, who was wearing a black dress with a white-collar shirt. She was fair-skinned, with refined facial features and superior temperament. She was probably a white-collar beauty before doomsday. The moment that woman appeared, everyone retreated. It seemed that they respected her very much.

[This woman…] Jiang Liushi felt shocked seeing that scene, and at the same time, he had an indescribable feeling when looking at her. Unexpectedly, he couldn't detect strong energy fluctuations from that woman.

The young woman was walking straight at Jiang Liushi. Yuan Chenggang, who was next to Jiang Liushi, said in a low voice, "She's Fallen City's founder."

"What?" Jiang Liushi was shocked with that piece of information, as he had never expected Fallen City's founder would be a woman.

"Hello, my name is Hong Yue. Nice to meet you. Commander Yuan knows how to exaggerate. I only helped to build a part of the infrastructure. After the city grew stronger, a lot of people joined and helped to expand it," The girl said while shaking hands with Jiang Liushi.

"Hello." Jiang Liushi shook hands with Hong Yue. He felt that the girl's white and lean was very powerful.

"If I'm not mistaken, you're called Jiang Liushi, right?"

"Yes," Jiang Liushi answered.

"Indeed, a good name. In the Three Kingdoms…that was a good story." Hong Yue muttered.

"With his exploits, history is crowned;

For his Stone Fortress, he's renowned.

The river flows but stones still stand;

Though he'd not taken back lost land…"

Hong Yue recited that poem directly, in which Jiang Liushi's name was called 1 .

Jiang Liushi was astonished! Not many people knew of that poem, 'Eight-Battle Arrays,' created by Du Fu. Unexpectedly, that 20-year-old girl could recite it directly.

"Mr. Jiang, I wonder if you're interested in living here. I have a villa in the Xicheng District, and if you like it, I could give it to you," Hong Yue said.

Many of the spectators threw envious gazes at Jiang Liushi. The houses' prices in that district were extremely high, but Hong Yue was willing to gift one Jiang Liushi just like that.

"No, I don't plan on becoming a resident of Fallen City," Jiang Liushi answered. He had come to Fallen City only to investigate the strange source's whereabouts. Moreover, he didn't believe that Hong Yue was such a graceful person.

Since Hong Yue wanted to gift him the villa, Jiang Liushi guessed that there was a secret in it. But he didn't intend to get involved.

"It's a shame. If Mr. Jiang wants to have fun, I can arrange for someone to guide you," Hong Yue said again, and she didn't seem dissatisfied.

"Thank you, but I have to leave." Jiang Liushi turned away immediately.

The spectators were all shocked by his answer!

"Brother Jiang, didn't we come to investigate the energy source? Why don't we try to search for it a little longer?" Ying asked in a low voice.

" Hong Yue is not simple." Jiang Liushi said succinctly, and then he looked at Ran Xiyu.

Ran Xiyu pressed her temple and said, "Hong Yue's special ability is similar to mine."

"Oh? Can she read minds?" Liushi was shocked.

Ran Xiyu shook her head. "I do not know. I just think she is special…maybe it's because I had consumed too much power…"  

Jiang Liushi believed that they should do everything carefully in that post-apocalyptic world. No matter what the situation, Jiang Liushi decided to wait and observe for some time. After all, Hong Yue wasn't a kind-hearted person.

"What should we do now?" Li Yuxin asked.

"Find a place to stay. I also have something to sell," Jiang Liushi answered.

Fallen City was also a huge black market. Under warlords, the flow of weapons was undoubtedly larger the any other survivors' areas. Although Star City's military possessed mutant nuclei, its control over them was too low…

"Good." Jiang Zhuying and the others nodded.

Jiang Liushi glanced back at that gladiatorial battlefield, and he did not find anything amiss. As for Hong Yue, Jiang Liushi guessed that she might know something about that special energy's source…  

When Jiang Liushi left, Hong Yue's smile slowly vanished, and her temperament changed.

"Come," said Hong Yue.

Suddenly, a shadow appeared behind her from which a figure emerged. "Sister Yue."

"Follow them," said Hong Yue.

The man looked at her, as he didn't know why she gave him such an order but didn't ask; he knew that to survive in his line of work, he shouldn't make unnecessary questions. He concealed himself in the crowd and then left the arena.

Translator's Thoughts
Liu_Kaixuan Liu_Kaixuan
Valvrave's corner; In case you've forgotten, Jiang Liushi's name has a meaning similar to a stone in the heart of the river. In chapter 238 it's better phrased ;p


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