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Chapter 304: Disappearing Special Energy

Chapter 304: Disappearing Special Energy
Translator: Liu_Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave

Night fell…

Despite Fallen City's wicked nature, it was similar to other ordinary small cities at night.

Shi Ying Squad was staying in a high-level residential area, in which the city's bloody air was nonexistent. Nobody of the newcomer survivors could have imagined that the city was dyed in blood and shrouded by people's darkness. Originally, Jiang Liushi intended to go to a black market, but Ran Xiyu vaguely felt someone spying on them. As a result, Jiang Liushi gave up on his plan.

"We've created quite a commotion killing that warlord, so many people are wary of us," Jiang Liushi explained, but he couldn't guess who was observing their every move. However, it would be more troublesome for them if they didn't kill He Tianhu. Killing He Tianhu acted as a warning to others.

"Fallen City's situation is too complex. I've decided to change my plans. As for that guy, we'll disregard him for now," Jiang Liushi said. He intended to find the special energy's source.

In the middle of the night, Jiang Liushi with Ying sneaked out from their residence.

"Brother Jiang, that guy didn't notice you sneaking out," Ran Xiyu's voice sounded in Jiang Liushi's mind.

"Good, you should be careful," Jiang Liushi responded.

And then Jiang he and Ying left the residential area like shadows.

"Where are we going?" Ying asked.

"That abattoir," Jiang Liushi answered.

During the day, that abattoir was the most active place in Fallen City, but at night, it became quiet. In the empty grandstands, all the brick crevices were filled with blood. As long as they arrived at the abattoir, Jiang Liushi could feel that special energy. He was familiar with that energy.

Mutant beasts and zombies were in their cages at night, and then they would be released during the next day. Jiang Liushi had felt that the special energy's source was near the battlefield.

"Be careful, guards are coming," Ying whispered, and then a patrol team appeared. Above Ying's head was a twinkling red dot.

Jiang Liushi's hearing ability and perception had been greatly improved after eating a large number of mutant meats.

However, he couldn't accept Starseed's response. "Not here?" Jiang Liushi was totally shocked by this result. Initially, he believed that special energy was coming from a caught mutant beast, but he was wrong.

"Or was it moved? But where could it be?"

Jiang Liushi felt perplexed, but when he around and faced a certain direction, Starseed suddenly reacted!

"I found it! Follow me." Jiang Liushi walked toward the energy source's direction immediately. They soon accelerated, but their footsteps couldn't be heard. Following Starseed's instructions, they arrived at a villa.

It was a European-style villa, which was heavily guarded by armed soldiers.

"It's in the residential area?" Jiang Liushi was surprised.

On the map, this residential area was marked as the most expensive place in the entire city. Hong Yue had invited Jiang Liushi in that villa! Never could he have expected that the special energy's source was located there. He started to wonder what that source was.

"Let's go." After bypassing the guards, Jiang Liushi and Ying climbed over the villa's wall.

Starseed offered vague information, so they had to check for themselves. Although there were also guards in the villa, Jiang Liushi and Ying were able to break in without anyone noticing them.

The luxurious-looking villa was quiet. It was surrounded by lawn and a flower bed with a small lake next to it.

Jiang Liushi felt the special energy coming from the villa! In other words, of Jiang Liushi's target was there!

At that moment, Jiang Liushi felt a cold and tyrannical energy radiating from the villa, which gave him a very familiar feeling. At the same time, Jiang Liushi saw a red light from a window in the top of the villa. Although he was shocked, he immediately activated his brain domain.

Everything in his field of vision slowed down, and he locked on the red light.

He saw clearly! Behind that window was a pair of bloody and indifferent eyes. As for those eyes, Jiang Liushi had seen them plenty of times! They were a zombie's eyes!

Suddenly, the eyes disappeared! Jiang Liushi saw the zombie by accident. But why would a mutant zombie be in the villa!?

At that moment, Ying suddenly said, "Someone is coming out."

Jiang Liushi also heard the hurried footsteps, "Let's go!"

In the meantime, he had already summoned the MCV to come to his aid.

As the MCV was on its way, a patrol team encountered it.

"Hey, where are you going? Stop!" A patrolman roared at the empty minibus.

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