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Chapter 306: Killing Intent

Chapter 306: Killing Intent
Translator: Liu_Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave

Impressively, the mysterious man was a zombie! Whoever saw his true appearance would be scared to death.

What were zombies? They were ordinary humans who had been infected by the virus. They looked like humans, but they were an entirely different biological organism. The differences between them and humans were their craving for human flesh, extraordinary strength, fast speed and inability to feel pain. That resulted in their offensive capabilities surpassing that of ordinary humans, and the latter ones had no way to resist them at all.

The zombie standing in front of Hong Yue was nothing like the other zombies as it had no intentions of attacking her. It was a truly peculiar and amazing scene!

At that moment, a few figures appeared from the darkness. All of the looked distorted. One of the newcomers' appearance was disturbing, as his arms were twisted at a weird angle at first, but they came back to normal. When those individuals looked at Hong Yue, their scarlet eyes were exposed! They were all zombies!

The scene of the young lady surrounded by several zombies was horrifying. However, compared to the zombies' presence, Hong Yue's mild expression could make people's hair stand on end.

At this time, Little White let out a hoarse roar. Its teeth were rubbing as if it was biting and chewing on something.

Hong Yue touched its face and said, "Do you want to eat him? Do you think he discovered anything? Don't be rush. I don't want you to get in danger." Nobody knew that she was commanding zombies. Moreover, the villa area's residents were all mighty figures, so fighting there would cause trouble.

"Jiang Liushi's involvement is troublesome!" Hong Yue cursed and felt disgusted with Jiang Liushi.

What Jiang Liushi had guessed was right! Hong Yue didn't believe anything he said. She didn't fight with him because she was afraid that everyone would find out about Little White.

Hong Yue was dead set on killing Jiang Liushi. Whoever threatened her Little White should go to hell!

"What does he want? Fallen City? Give him an inch, and he'll take a yard…"Hong Yue snarled.

As Fallen City's founder, her reputation spread far and wide. Moreover, she was powerful and beautiful. As a result, many survivors and warlords would love to get their dirty hands on her…

Unfortunately for them, Little White was her trump card…

"I won't make a move. He'll certainly be vigilant, and maybe he'll run away. If they run away, I'll kill them outside of the city," Hong Yue murmured.

Then she looked at her Little White, and said kindly, "Hold on for a while, until we become strong enough. We won't have to worry about anything after that."

"I know you don't like staying around so many humans, but how else could you evolve quickly?" Hong Yue said.

"I promise, soon, this day will come. I'll never let anyone hurt you…"

Presently, Jiang Liushi and Ying were returning to their residence…

"They're back." Jiang Zhuying shouted.

They were all waiting in the room. Once her brother needed their help, they'd run to their rescue.

Ran Xiyu and Li Yuxin felt relieved.

During the day, Ran Xiyu had consumed most of her strength. Although by night, her power had returned to normal, she had been using her domain to guard the house. In order to preserve, she consumed a lot of mutant meat and accepted Li Yuxin's treatment.

As soon as Jiang Liushi and Ying returned, Ran Xiyu expanded the range of her domain. Although she didn't know what Jiang Liushi wanted to do, she decided to give it her all to help him.

"Hong Yue is strange." Jiang Liushi said.

"What? Was she still in that arena?" Jiang Zhuying asked in surprise.

Ying explained, "No, we found Hong Yue's residence, which is in that villa residential area."

"Ah!" Li Yuxin suddenly shouted because she thought it was too dangerous.

Although Jiang Liushi was powerful, they didn't know about Hong Yue's abilities. Once she decided to attack them, the outcome would be terrible.

"Don't worry," Jiang Liushi said. "However, there's an alarming matter. The mysterious man accompanying her… I don't think he's a human."

His speculation was spot on!

Initially, Jiang Liushi had never thought that someone could interact with zombies. However, the mysterious man gave off a strange and powerful aura, similar to a zombie. Adding the scarlet light, he saw from the villa's window; everything started making sense.

Jiang Liushi's speculation that the other party was a zombie sounded crazy, but it was the truth!

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