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Chapter 308: “Restaurant“

Chapter 308: "Restaurant"
Translator: Liu_Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave

After those men left, Little White let out a hoarse roar. Hearing the roar, Hong Yue walked toward him immediately, and tried to comfort it, "It's hard on you, I know. I'm sorry."

Without her zombies, Hong Yue couldn't guarantee that those men would be obedient. She relied on fear to make her status stable. However, it was indeed difficult to make those zombies stay in the same room with other people.

At that time, Little White roared again. Hong Yue's face slightly turned white, and then she grabbed her head and frowned.

Little White's scarlet eyes exuded a tyrannically murderous intent.

Hong Yue held her head tighter. Hong Yue's breathing became rapid, and her facial expression turned ugly before Little White finally calmed down.

Huge beads of sweat covered Hong Yue's forehead. She gasped for air and then she said, "I know you're hungry. I'll take you to the 'restaurant'."

Hong Yue believed that it was dangerous to bring 'food' back with her to the villa. As a result, she had a place where she could bring Little White and the other zombies to eat.

Hong Yue brought the zombies to the garage, and then they got in an SUV.

They were heading to the abattoir…

"The food will definitely satisfy you," Hong Yue said happily.

She believed that Jiang Liushi and his members would all be caught. Once her Little White ate them, he would become more powerful, and they wouldn't need to hide anymore. In her mind, that would be wonderful, and so she smiled while engaging in her fantasies.

That abattoir at night was quiet, but the ground and the air were filled with blood. Seeing Hong Yue's SUV driving over, the guards immediately opened the door.

As a matter of fact, Hong Yue often visit at night. Although they wondered what she was doing, they didn't have the chance to know.

Hong Yue stopped her SUV in front of the door, and then she took all her zombies to the arena. The audience could only see the central venues of the arena. As long as they walked further into the arena, the bloody smell would get more intense.

The zombies became excited at once, but Hong Yue frowned because that smell was too terrible for her. However, she was the one who had built that place. As long as her Little White was happy, she'd also be happy.

Rows of rooms had been transformed into jail cells. One room was divided into several cubicles, like small cages. Other zombies, mutant beasts, and some survivors were all kept in such cages. It was too small. As a result, it was tough for them to sleep.

In such an environment, even ordinary people would turn crazy. Survivors in such state would also be in a state of extreme rage, so after they were released, they could increase the crowd's excitement.

At the same time, it was difficult to escape from such a small cage. Some of the zombies in cages immediately let out roars the moment they sensed ordinary people.

But every time Little White visited, those zombies would become quiet immediately.


As Hong Yue approached, a man in a cage rushed toward her.

"I beg you, let me go, Sister Hong, my boss, I…" That man started crying. He had been locked in the cage for a long time, so his mental state had deteriorated.

Hong Yue paused for a moment, and she thought for a long time. Finally, she remembered who he was. He was a guard in the arena. But why he was in the cage now, Hong Yue couldn't remember as he was a small fry,

Hong Yue didn't waste her time with that man. She sneered and turned away

Seeing Hong Yue's back, the crazy man started crying and even tried to grab hold of Hing Yue's foot.

Although it was still a short distance away, Hong Yue immediately showed a disgusted expression. She opened her mouth to curse, but a pensive smile appeared instead. "Okay, I'll set you free."

That man was surprised for a moment, and then he shouted, "Thank you, Sister Hong! Thank you, Sister!"

He was agitated and nervous until Hong Yue opened the cage's door and he trembled before crawling out. "Thank you, Sister Hong! If you don't mind, then I'd like to serve you in the future."

"Not in the future. You can do it now," Hong Yue said.

Only after hearing Hong Yue's cold voice, the man reacted. He struggled to look up, but just at that moment, a hand suddenly grabbed his back and lifted him up.

The poor man's blissful state turned into panic and horror after seeing the terrible face in front of him.

"Ah! Zombie..."


Little White opened its mouth and bit the man's head!

Hong Yue indifferently watched as the struggling poor man' blood mixed with chunks of meat splashed everywhere…

"That's only an appetizer. I promise you'll have a rich meal soon enough," Hong Yue said with a smile.

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