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Chapter 310: Mental Confrontation

Chapter 310: Mental Confrontation
Translator: Liu_Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave

Hong Yue took that opportunity and hid behind a pillar as bullets couldn't penetrate it at all.

Little White picked a bar from the shattered cage and threw it at Jiang Zhuying. Once someone was hit by the iron bar, undoubtedly they'd lose their lives.

Jiang Zhuying released another electrical attack, but the iron bar's momentum was so strong that it didn't even make it slow down! Jiang Zhuying immediately threw her longsword's chain 1 at the iron bar, which wrapped around it like a snake. Then, she slightly jolted the chain and made the iron bar to deviate from its original path. As a result, the iron bar crushed against the wall, leaving sparks behind.

At the same time, many pieces of cement and bricks scattered everywhere, but fortunately, Ying had pulled Jiang Zhuying to the side. Jiang Zhuying slightly frowned. That iron bar had cut into the wall and created a big hole. The zombie's power was astonishing!

"A mutant zombie with special energy fluctuation!" Jiang Liushi's eyes flashed. Everything showed that Little White's intelligence was superior to other mutant zombies!

After Jiang Zhuying countered Little White's attack, it showed an unexpected expression, and it cast its eyes on Jiang Zhuying's weapon. It was probably the first time it saw such a special longsword.

Little White turned to look at the others except for Jiang Zhuying; it was choosing its prey!

In the meantime, several other zombies rushed toward them. They had interrupted their meal halfway, so their mouths were full of fresh bloodstains. Seeing that scene, the poor spy instinctively took a step back, and he intended to run away.

At that moment, Jiang Liushi suddenly said, "Xiyu, can you do it?"

"Yes." Ran Xiyu nodded.

Suddenly, Ran Xiyu's gray eyes exuded a strange luster. Her sight extended, ignoring the zombies until she detected Hong Yue!

Hong Yue's expression suddenly changed! She felt Ran Xiyu's gaze, and it was as if they had come face-to-face! She knew that Ran Xiyu was a paranormal with psychic abilities.

"You want to attack me?" Hong Yue sneered. "You're right. I can control the zombies with my mental abilities. But what makes you think that you can win against me in a mental confrontation?"

"Moreover, the stronger my zombies are, the stronger my power gets!"

Hong Yue built Fallen City not only to collect 'food' for her zombies but to also find resources for herself.

Ran Xiyu had a firm look on her face, and then her voice sounded beside Hong Yue's ears, "Less talking." Ran Xiyu had judged Hong Yue; she was very strong!

Hong Yue was a level-2 paranormal, which was even stronger than Ran Xiyu, but…

"How are you living with yourself?" Ran Xiyu eyes gave off killing intent! Seeing the cages, Ran Xiyu remembered of her past, when she was imprisoned in a cage too.

"Stop blabbering. You may think that I should be condemned to hell, but you'll have to beat me first to happen!" Hong Yue responded in Ran Xiyu's mind.

Hong Yue's special ability was strong in controlling others. As long as she could control Ran Xiyu, she'd be the ultimate winner.

Ran Xiyu had another ability, other than detecting and mentally suppressing! She could form a mental needle and use it to attack other people's minds! Both of them were powerful and well-matched in strength.

While they were mentally confronting each other, Little White and the other zombies attacked.

Jiang Liushi, Jiang Zhuying, and Ying were cooperating to fend off their attacks.

"Do not move," Li Yuxin suddenly shouted. The spy had tried to escape, but he didn't expect that Li Yuxin would discover him at once. Truth be told, she had injected something into his body with which she knew his every move and restrained his power.


At that moment, an electrical attack created an explosion.

Jiang Liushi and Ying were unfazed by the explosion, and they kept moving freely. Jiang Zhuying precise control made so that they'd be safe. Jiang Liushi admired his sister's special ability and control over it. It was amazing! She could create electrical nets which could be used to protect Jiang Liushi and Ying, but at the same time, they could create powerful attacks. Jiang Zhuying attacks were like electric snakes, constantly attacking the zombies.


Little White threw an iron bar again! Its target this time was impressively Jiang Liushi!

Jiang Liushi's pupil shrunk, and then his brain domain was activated! The fast-approaching iron bar slowed down in his field of vision at once.

[Grab it!] Jiang Liushi thought, and then he made a side step and caught it from its center.

What!? Jiang Liushi indeed caught that iron bar!

"Die!" Jiang Liushi pulled his gun, which was equipped with a silencer, with the other hand and aimed at Little White. It was a series of coherent moves at an amazing speed!

Even though they were at one of Fallen City's central areas, no guard would be attracted because of the silencer.

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