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Chapter 311: Hand Tearing Living People

Chapter 311: Hand Tearing Living People
Translator: Liu_Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave


The crackle of electricity could be felt in the air.

Light flashed in the dark room, as Jiang Liushi pulled the trigger. Blood spurted out! Little White's shoulder was injured!

Little White retreated and took the opportunity to hide in the dead end. Jiang Liushi's speed was too fast. Unfortunately, Little White was still alive.

Hong Yue felt that Little White was injured and she screamed, "Little White!"

Usually, before Little White's opponents realized that it was a zombie, they were already dead. Coupled with its continuous evolution, Hong Yue was very confident about Little White's combat effectiveness. However, Shi Ying Squad was also very powerful. They cooperated well with each other.

Moreover, the current battlefield was disadvantageous to her zombies. If survivors were to fight in a narrow space against zombies, they'd have no way to escape.

Hong Yue took pleasure when Little White chased after survivors. However, in that large space, Little White's performance was poor.

When Hong Yue was distracted, Ran Xiyu took advantage of her weakened state!

"Spirit Puncture!" Ran Xiyu shouted.

A change occurred in Ran Xiyu's domain. All of her spiritual power contracted and then formed a needle!

Hong Yue felt the sudden change and recovered, but it was too late!

"Ah!" Hong Yue let out a sharp scream and held her head which was experiencing severe pain! It felt as if an axe had split in half!

Unfortunately for Hong Yue, she was horrified to find that her control over the zombies loosened! It was a normal outcome. As those zombies kept evolving, Hong Yue's control would get affected. Usually, she'd only need to strengthen the power of her control, but Ran Xiyu didn't give her such a chance.

Little White roared! As soon as Hong Yue was attacked, Little White tyrannical aura immediately rose, and at the same time, it started struggling.

"No!" Hong Yue shouted in a panic!

However, when she was about to increase her control over Little White, Ran Xiyu attacked her again!

Then Ran Xiyu's face became pale, and a layer of sweat appeared on her smooth forehead. Fortunately, she had swept the floor with Hong Yue.

The trembling Hong Yue was in a hysterical state. She was screaming and holding her head in pain. At that moment, she wished someone could cut her head to relieve her from the torturous pain!

That headache was simply unbearable torture. However, Hong Yue didn't have any other method to solve her problem. Finally, her Little White got out of her control!

"Ah, ah, ah!" Hong Yue collapsed! She struggled to stand up and resist the pain to look at Little White. During her control, she could always feel the male zombie, even without looking with her eyes. But at that moment, she felt it was quite strange! That feeling was the same as when her Little White changed from a human being to a zombie!

"Little…White ... ..." Hong Yue could not help crying loudly.

The male zombie was intelligent, so it knew clearly that "Little White" was its name. However, after getting out of Hong Yue's control, it didn't know what to do and just turned its head.

In the darkness, its scarlet eyes shone with a faint cold light, which gave Hong Yue a chilly feeling and made her heart jump.

At that point, scenes of her past came to her mind. Hong Yue wasn't her real name. She was an ordinary girl, and Little White was her boyfriend. When the virus outbreak happened, she was in the living room, and her boyfriend was in the bedroom. Hong Yue fell unconscious but woke up pretty soon. Her boyfriend was not as lucky and turned into a zombie.

Once she went to check on him, she heard a hoarse growling sound from the bedroom. She looked through a hole her zombified boyfriend had created and was struck dumb. Her boyfriend's eyes were bloodshot, and he was craving for flesh and blood…

In extreme pain, Hong Yue moved the furniture and blocked the door. As she was in a lot of pain and dark place of her life, she gradually realized that she had a special ability. She could control zombies! After that, she found the meaning of life again. As a result, she decided to stay with her Little White forever. And then, she began to develop slowly in this small town. She was in the light, but her Little White was in the dark. Later, they became powerful…

Even amongst the earliest survivors, she had gathered, they had disappeared altogether overnight... all in order to rise as quickly as possible. Hong Yue believed all her efforts were justified.

Everything she had done flashed in her mind quickly, and then she wanted to say something, but…

Her Little White roared suddenly and dashed toward her…

Little White crushed her against the wall! She didn't have the time to utter a single word. Hong Yue's bloody eyes were looking at Little White.

Little White's hand clutched her neck, and it slammed Hong Yue against the wall once again. A lot of blood was dripping from Hong Yu'e body…

Hong Yue wanted to say something, but she could only spill blood from her mouth…

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Liu_Kaixuan Liu_Kaixuan
Valvrave's corner; Sigh... Another tragic story with a twisted turn :/ {there's a similar incident in Apocalypse Meltdown}


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