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Chapter 313: People in Cages

Chapter 313: People in Cages
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Little White fell lifelessly on the ground before Jiang Liushi. A bloody hole had appeared between its brows. Right after, Jiang Zhuying's electrical attacks landed on its body and churned its skin.

Little White's explosive speed was terrifying; it had almost reached Jiang Liushi. But in the end, Jiang Liushi was faster than it and killed it.

Jiang Liushi lowered his gun, and it was then that he noticed his palms, forehead, and chest drenched in cold sweat.

Their life and death battle was settled in less than a minute. If Jiang Liushi were a tad slower, the result would be different. As an old Chines saying goes, "Touch one's tender spot!"

Jiang Liushi had to find Little White's weak spot.

Generally speaking, the best target on the human body was above the nose. As long as the bullet penetrated that spot, it would destroy a large amount of brain tissue as it passed through the head, causing the target to die on the spot. Another choice was to hit the neck; that way the connection between the brain and the body would be cut, and the target would lose all ability to move.

At the critical moment, without calmness and rapid responses, nobody could consider those aspects.

Staring at the special zombie, Jiang Liushi thought about something. He believed that Fallen City was built precisely because of humans' incomparable vulnerability- nothing more than paralyzing themselves in fear.

Many people had seen Little White, but nobody had found its identity. Besides, Hong Yue had been protecting it, and it was also deliberately concealing itself in the shadows; that made people fear it and prevented them from making unnecessary questions. Fortunately, Jiang Liushi appeared and gave an end to it, or else nobody knew how it'd evolve in the future.

The sound form Jiang Zhuying's electrical attacks had yet to stop. Without Little White, the remaining few zombies highly aggressive zombies couldn't pass through the electrical net. As a result, Jiang Liushi and the others got rid of them one by one.

After the battle settled, the spy, who was almost scared to death, had yet to regain his wits. He couldn't explain what happened even if someone asked him. He only snapped out of his stupor when he heard the sound of chains coming from the cages. The enslaved people were trying to see what was happening, but to no avail, as there was not much room in the cages for them to move. They couldn't see what was happening outside and could only guess relying on the sounds coming from outside. Even so, many of them couldn't believe that the cruel 'Sister Hong' was dead.

Although these people were extremely excited, their deep-rooted fear prevented them from even calling for help. In case they guessed wrong, there would be a more miserable future waiting for them.

Ran Xiyu felt those people's emotions. In their desperation, a glimmer of hope had ignited. She was familiar with that feeling.

"Is Hong Yue dead?" A woman's voice broke the silence. It was asked directly without any euphemism. The others were shocked, but they all wanted to know the answer!

Jiang Liushi looked in the direction of the cages, but there were so many that he didn't know from where the voice originated.

"No matter who you are, if you killed Hong Yue, then I'm in your debt, and I'm willing to help with anything you need…" the unknown woman said in a cold tone.

Jiang Liushi located the cage in which she was held and walked over to it.

Both of the cages' sides were made of cement, their railings were solid, and most of them were covered in blood. Jiang Liushi noticed that many of the cement cages had some old scratch marks on the ground. It seemed that the slaves wanted to dig below and then destroy the railings.

Jiang Liushi gradually approached and stood in front of the unknown woman's cage, and then he faintly asked, "You are locked up, how can you help me?"

Hearing Jiang Liushi's voice, the slaves in the other cages became excited and shouted.

"I beg you, let me out!"

"Let me out! Let me out!" "

"I am willing to cow like a horse, let me out!"

The prisoners' voices were getting louder, so Jiang Liushi frowned and shouted, "Be quiet. Your voices will attract the guards!"

Dealing with the guards was a piece of cake to Jiang Liushi, but he wanted to avoid unnecessary trouble.

"You are not obliged to let me out, and in this cruel world, I've long stopped expecting sympathy from others…People can do everything for the sake of their lives."

Jiang Liushi did not expect the woman's remark! It was quite difficult for a woman to be so calm and rational in such an environment.

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