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Chapter 316: Unexpected News

Chapter 316: Unexpected News
Translator: Liu_Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave

When the minibus stopped, they all got on.

Ling was astonished by its interior! Although the minibus looked shabby on the outside, its interior was quite luxurious. Moreover, there was plenty of food and drinks on the table. They were all precious resources after resources, but they didn't mean anything to Jiang Liushi.

Hong Yue didn't give much food to the arena's slaves. Sometimes she'd just provide them with water to sustain themselves. Naturally, Ling was very attracted to the plethora of food.

Jiang Liushi noticed the subtle change in her eyes. At first, he thought she was indifferent to everything, but unexpectedly she was attracted to the food.

"Zhuying, get her something to eat," Jiang Liushi said.

At that moment, Ling recovered, and then she said, "The car parked here is too conspicuous. We should choose another route…"

"Don't worry about anything. Enjoy your meal." Jiang Zhuying took a plate of stewed meat and passed it to her.

"Thank you." Ling was excited and then she ate urgently. It was quite delicious! Shi Ying Squad was indeed very powerful. They not only had mutant meat but also had vegetables and fruits.

"Thank you. Thank you…" Ling said happily. She ate the meat slowly while Jiang Liushi was observing her secretly. He believed that Ling was also very powerful.

"I cannot eat your meal for free," Ling said. She pondered for a minute and then she asked, "Could you tell me what your purpose of killing Hong Yue is? Is it for Fallen City? If you want to become the city's overlord, I can help you."

"Every time Hong Yue visited to torment me, she'd reveal a lot of things. She wanted to prove that she was superior. As a result, she told me a lot of her secrets. Maybe she liked that I couldn't do anything," Ling explained and smiled.

"What? Fallen City's overlord? I'm interested in it," Jiang Liushi said.

Fallen City was a mess, and almost everyone residing in it was wicked and villainous.

"I've obtained what I wanted. The resources she has gathered are just a surprise and a bonus to our efforts," Jiang Liushi explained.

Hearing Jiang Liushi's words, Ling frowned. Originally, she had thought she could be of help, at least to offset the meal, but now it seemed that she couldn't help them at all.

"I'm so sorry. I will tell you everything I know. I hope I can be helpful," Ling said. Hong Yue had given her a lot of information about the overall situation.

"The circumstances in some places are special… Beast nests have appeared which can be considered as dangerous regions now. Some other places are equivalent dangerous, some survivors tried to settle, but most of them died…" Ling continued and told them everything she knew.

"The information you provided is indeed useful. Do you know anything about Jiangnan area?" Jiang Liushi asked.

Li Yuxin was curious why Jiang Liushi was interested in any news related to Jiangnan area. Ran Xiyu's expression slightly changed when he made that question. General Zhang had promised them that the military would pay attention to Jiangnan area's situation, but they hadn't gotten any news. When they left, Shenhai Island was in a mess. Logically, the military didn't have the manpower to help Ran Xiyu.

"Yes, you…" Ling had provided them a lot of information, but she didn't expect that Jiang Liushi would be interested in Jiangnan's news. She guessed that Jiangnan area was their hometown.

"Actually, I don't know a lot about it. The survivor from that place was sent to the arena and died before he could say much. He told me that Jiangbei area's situation was worse than here. Many survivors couldn't get there, so they moved here. As a matter of fact, they had no fixed direction of migration…" Ling explained.

There was no city with a base in Jiangnan area, so its situation should be similar with Jiangbei. Without the military to maintain order, the mighty survivors would be overwhelmed, where ordinary survivors lived a tough life.

Ran Xiyu felt sad after hearing that, and she pinched her clothes with her slender fingers.

"Ling didn't tell us what she really knows about Jiangnan area." At that time, Ran Xiyu's voice sounded in Jiang Liushi's mind.

"What?" Ran Xiyu had affirmed everything Ling said before. Why would she conceal information about Jiangnan area?

"Don't worry. We'll ask her again later," Jiang Liushi answered.

Ran Xiyu nodded. Although she was worried about her sister, she knew they didn't have many options.

"The warehouse is in the villa area, right?" Jiang Liushi asked.

"Yes, but not in her villa, because Hong Yue didn't want others to steal anything from her," Ling said.

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