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Chapter 318: Tank

Chapter 318: Tank
Translator: Liu_Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave

The number of vehicles appearing on the streets increased rapidly, and some quick flashing shadows appeared around the villas. In a matter of few seconds, the villa would be surrounded.

Ling didn't want to board back on the minibus, as she thought it was weak, but she had no other choice.

At that moment, Ying sat in driver's seat. Ran Xiyu and Li Yuxin were also quietly sitting on the couch and fastened their seat belts. When everybody got on, Ying launched the minibus.


The engine sounds indicated that the hostile vehicles were gradually approaching.

Ling looked out of the window and said, "The Guard has rushed over." To her surprise, she noticed that Jiang Liushi's face didn't have any change at all.

The minibus' engine let out a roaring sound, and then the minibus rushed to the district's gate, which was closed shut.

As a matter of fact, that district's gate had been reinforced to withstand and prevent zombies' attacks. On the ground, around the iron gate, the armed guards had also installed tire shredders.

The guards were hidden in the doorway and on top of the wall. A guard-captain was holding a walkie-talkie, listening to his subordinate's report. "Captain, I'm at the 3rd gate. All guards here are dead!"

"What? A bunch of fools! Who dared to create trouble in the villa area!?" The captain said.

Suddenly, the Captain heard a vehicle approaching, so he put down the walkie-talkie and boarded on a modified tank behind the gate. It was impossible for ordinary people to get their hands on such a tank, but Hong Yue had acquired two after Star City Base's military split apart.

As Hong Yue's important subordinates, the Guard was assigned one tank. As a result, the Guard was always triumphant. In Fallen City, except Hong Yue and several warlords, nobody dared to bother the Guard's Captain.

Seeing a minibus appearing, the Captain sneered. "Stop them immediately!" And then he added, "Sister Yue likes to catch people alive…"

"Everyone on the minibus! Listen carefully! Stop for an inspection right away!" A guard on the tank shouted.

Meeting such a situation, Ling frowned. Although Hong Yue had told her many things, she didn't know that Hong Yue had a tank at all. Moreover, she didn't expect that the Guard had such a fast reaction speed.

"What an idiot! The driver drove directly to the gate." That captain sneered again.

Ling became anxious, and she wondered what should they do. However, Jiang Liushi was still in calm. "Ying, step on the gas!" Jiang Liushi said.

[What? Did Jiang Liushi think about the outcome?] Ling felt strange and she thought that she was the only sane person on the minibus. Hearing such a decision, nobody rejected it!

Suddenly, a weird sound came from the rooftop. Then, Jiang Liushi left and went into the gunner room.

[What's this?] Ling was flabbergasted. There's still space on the roof?!

At that time, Ying had suddenly depressed the accelerator!

Ling suddenly recovered and grabbed the hand railings near the door. The minibus' speed instantly increased to 200km/h or more!

That Captain was shocked by the minibus' speed. It was exceeding his expectations.

However, it was indeed beyond belief. Although they didn't have any time to react, the Captain did not panic. On the contrary, he was confident that he'd squash them like flies.

They had a reinforced iron gate, roadblocks as well as tire breakers. The Captain believed that the minibus would be forced to stop. And then he calmly gave an order: "Shoot them! Get the machine gun ready!"

"Since you dared to offend Sister Yue, you'll have to die!" The captain shouted.

At that moment, the minibus rushed over the tire-breakers! Ling was scared to death. In such a high speed, she knew what would happen. However, she didn't want to die in such a way. She braced herself for the impact, but to her surprise, the minibus slightly shook, and then it kept moving at high speed!

Ling was astounded! She didn't have the time react at all, as the minibus crushed the roadblocks too!

The guards' complexions became deathly pale from shock.


The minibus kept rushing toward the main gate.

"Shoot! Quickly shoot! Tear them apart!" The Captain shouted.

'Bang! Bang!'

Jiang Liushi's AMR2 sniper rifle was exuding long tongues of fire, as he was reaping the guards' lives!

At the same time, an electrical net enveloped the wall!

For a time, screams and gunshots could only be heard, along with the smell charred flesh.

One of the headless bodies even plunged on the tank's front!

Jiang Liushi's minibus was like a vehicle which had come straight out of Hell!

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