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Chapter 319: Her Soul Was Damned

Chapter 319: Her Soul Was Damned
Translator: Liu_Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave

The Captain, along with the guards in the tank, stood aghast; they couldn't understand what was taking place. In front of the minibus, the roadblocks were too weak. They couldn't even stand a chance against it, not to mention slowing it down in the least. To their surprise, the minibus didn't seem to slow down on its own, even though there were a reinforced iron gate and a tank in its path!


The Captain shouted, "Drive! Drive!" At the same time, he pushed the gunner to the side, and he personally unleashed a rain of bullets to the minibus.

The tank was equipped with a 30-mm cannon as its primary weapon and a 7.7mm machine gun as a secondary weapon. However, while on duty in the villa area, in order to ensure the tenants' safety, the Captain never considered the need to use the cannon. Meaning, they had not loaded it! But he believed that he would win the battle.

"Ah!" That captain hid in the back and then pulled the trigger. Suddenly, the machine gun spat long flames, while bullets were poured out crazily.

"Be careful!" Ling shouted and then she hid to the side immediately. However, she saw that Ran Xiyu was still calm. Although Li Yuxin was nervous, she just held the sofa firmly.

Seeing this scene, Ling couldn't believe in her eyes. "Get down! Grabbing the armrest is useless!" Ling shouted. However, it was too late!

'Da, da, da!' The machine gun's sound was enough to burst one's scalp. Ling was scared to death, and she worried about Li Yuxin and Ran Xiyu…

However, Ling found something was wrong. Although it was noisy, nothing happened to the minibus form the countless bullets pouring on it. She turned her head and took the courage to look. The minibus's windshield was riddled with 'web' patterns, and in their centers were bullets! Moreover, those bullets were all blocked, none of them had penetrated the windshield!

Although Ling was shocked by the scene, the Captain had it worse as he was staring at the minibus like a fool. The minibus was equipped with bullet-proof glass?! However, even if it was equipped with bullet-proof glass, it was almost impossible to withstand the machine gun's destructive bullets at such close range!

Jiang Liushi was aware that after he sacrificed a few mutant nuclei, the minibus' current defenses had improved a lot more than before.

"Continue to fight, another round of fire!" That Captain shouted. However, he had lost the opportunity!

Jiang Liushi was aiming at him!


The 12.7mm bullet easily ripped the tank's weak armor! The terrifying 12.7mm sniper bullet penetrated the optical periscope, and when it reached the tank's interior it immediately became a meat grinder!

Soon, the tank emitted black smoke!

From the distorted vehicle, black-red blood flowed out. The Captain was covered in blood. Half of his body was struggling to climb out. The other half of his body was firmly stuck in the tank.

"You dared to offend Sister Yue... Do you know what'll happen to you!?" The Captain shouted.

At that moment, the Captain noticed a youth on the tank's roof. It was a young man about 20 years old whose eyes were sparkling in the middle of the night.

After listening to his words, the young man smiled. "What'll happen? You can go and ask her."

What did he mean!?

At that time, the city's alarm was activated, echoing everywhere, and one building after the other lit up.

Ling was totally shocked by the scene. It was the first time to see such a terrible thing for her.

"What should we do?" Ling heard the alarm and asked. When she asked, she had already guessed the answer.

"We decided to rush out of Fallen City," Ying replied. She just conveyed Jiang Liushi's words. It was incredible! However, Ling thought it was possible for them to rush out with this minibus!

The alarm sound continued non-stop…

Ying, clutching the steering wheel with both hands, suddenly stepped on the gas.

A few seconds earlier…

Many survivors were looking out of their windows. They wondered what happened. Gradually, they saw a minibus driving out of the villa area. However, it didn't seem it'd go far as the Guard along with several vehicles were blocking the road. Dozens of cars as well as hundreds of guns…

"Who is that?"

"It's crazy."

The survivors were all curious. In Fallen City, every day was filled with exciting things. However, they still wanted to bear witness to someone struggling to escape.

Translator's Thoughts
Liu_Kaixuan Liu_Kaixuan
Valvrave's corner; That was a tough chapter. We changed war-charriot to tank, in this chapter and the previous one. In case you're wondering there are tank with 30-mm cannons, one ot the them is the Chinese army's ZBD-08 model. ( It took me some time to find it -_-). For those confused, of how the MC got on the tank's roof, there was {...} , to omit unnecessary details and reach the end result.


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