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Chapter 326: You, Get Out

Chapter 326: You, Get Out
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"Medical special ability?" It was the first time for Xia Yongfeng to hear about that kind of special ability. Li Yuxin could accurately say what he was suffering from, which proved her ability.

"Oh, every member of Shi Ying Squad is indeed exceptional." Xia Yongfeng nodded.

Hearing those words, Xia Xun became excited. She knew clearly about her grandfather's health issues. Although she had found and asked many doctors, it was useless. She thought Li Yuxin's special ability may be helpful to her grandfather. Thinking about this, Xia Xun showed expectations. However, she had slandered Shi Ying Squad before, so it was really hard to ask for help.

However, as Xia Yongfeng said, the recurrence of his old injuries gave him a great deal of pressure...it was a pity…

"Captain Jiang, could you let this lady help my grandpa?" Xia Xun asked courageously.

Jiang Liushi looked at her with contempt.

"Captain Jiang, you said that you needed level-2 mutant nuclei. We indeed don't have any of them. But as long as we acquire some, we will give them all to you," Xia Xun said urgently.

Xia Yongfeng quickly waved."Xia Xun!" He said seriously, "How can you do that? I'm old, illness and death are the normal courses of a human's life."

"Captain Jiang, I apologize for everything that happened. It's all my fault! Please help me," Xia Xun asked again.

"Yuxin, please help General Xia..." Jiang Liushi said.

"Okay." Li Yuxin nodded.

Hearing those words, Xia Xun suddenly revealed a surprised look. "Thank you."

"General Xia, you just need to sit." Li Yuxin said and went in front of Xia Yongfeng.

Xia Xun was looking at Jiang Liushi nervously, and she wondered why Jiang Liushi suddenly agreed to her request without setting any conditions.

Jiang Liushi captured all her micro-expressions, so he clearly about her thoughts. However, the reason Jiang Liushi accepted the request was that he admired General Xia's patriotism.

In Jiang Liushi' mind, those kind old people should not be afflicted by illness. As for Li Yuxin, when she saw General Xia, she remembered her grandfather…

Although Li Yuxin's eyes were still open, she had actually entered her spiritual domain. Her domain looked like an operating room where she was holding a scalpel. And on the operating table, Xia Yongfeng was lying. In Xia Yongfeng's lungs, a mass of darkness was devouring his life-force.

At that time, Xia Yongfeng suddenly muffled and then he closed his eyes. Seeing this scene, Xia Xun and the others became nervous. That scar-faced officer immediately placed two fingers on the General Xia's carotid artery to check his pulse.

"His breathing is steady! It's all right," said the scar-faced officer.

Hearing this, Xia Xun slightly felt relieved and then quickly asked, "Captain Jiang, why did my grandfather faint?"

"He didn't faint. He's in a deep sleep. It's easier to treat him that way," Jiang Liushi explained.

At that moment, Zhang Hongyue retorted, "You'd better not bullsh*ting! If anything happens to General Xia, I'm afraid you'll regret it!"

Zhang Hongyue felt incensed because he was the one who had found the doctor, so he wanted to leave a good impression to Xia Xun. But Jiang Liushi and his team destroyed his plans.

Jiang Liushi just glanced at him and said coldly, "The treatment to take effect needs a quiet environment, too many people will affect the process. You, get out!"

Zhang Hongyue frowned. Jiang Liushi's words were aimed at him. Xia Xun felt embarrassed. "Captain Zhang..." Xia Xun whispered something to Zhang Hongyue. She didn't want to lose this chance at it was related to her grandfather's life and death.

Zhang Hongyue fiercely stared at Jiang Liushi, and then he turned and walked out. His clenched fists trembled slightly as he walked out.

"You've totally annoyed him," Ran Xiyu said directly in Jiang Liushi's mind.

"Haha." Jiang Liushi laughed.

Finally, the room became quiet.

The scar-faced officer and Xia Xun were nervously watching Xia Yongfeng while looking at Li Yu Xin. They did not know what it meant to heal diseases with her special abilities. They just saw Li Yuxin's hand on Xia Yongfeng's left lung, and her smooth forehead gradually leached in a layer of fine sweat.


Suddenly, Xia Yongfeng coughed in his sleep.



They called anxiously, and then Xia Yongfeng opened his eyes.

"Grandpa, how do you feel?" Xia Xun hurriedly asked.

Xia Yongfeng answered, "I felt that I had a good dream…Uh? My chest is not stuffy!"

"Really ?!" Xia Xun excitedly asked.

At that moment, Li Yuxin said, "I just eliminated the general inflammation of General Xia, but that shrapnel is still stuck there. The shrapnel has been there for a long time, and General Xia is very old, so it'd be dangerous to remove it through surgery…"

"Thank you! I'm really grateful for everything you did!" General Xia's body relaxed, and his face became red.

"Thank you, Miss Li; thank you, Mr. Jiang. Thanks to you, I can keep my old bones for more years, and keep Star City Base safe," said Xia Yongfeng heartily.

"Thank you!" The scar-faced officer also said.

"Miss Li, you are really exceptional!" Xia Xun said happily.

She really wanted to invite Li Yuxin to join them. However, it was not appropriate.

At that moment, a trotting sound came from outside.

"Reporting!" A soldier appeared in front of the door and saluted.

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