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Chapter 329: Imminent Death

Chapter 329: Imminent Death
Translator: Liu_Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave

At that time, Jiang Liushi opened the window and shouted, "Great barkers are no biters."

Old Joe sneered and asked loudly, "Who do you think you are?" He wanted to continue, but Jiang Liushi had already closed the window.

Then, Jiang Liushi ordered, "Rush over!"

Ling glanced at Old Joe, showing a look of sympathy at him.

Old Joe didn't realize what was about to happen, and then he became furious and said, "F*cker, I was talking to you!" He never expected that Jiang Liushi would dare to ignore him. Did he think that he could run away easily? In this world, Old Joe could destroy someone smoothly by plotting and scheming.

At that moment, a roaring sound came from the minibus' engine, and subsequently, the minibus accelerated.

"What!? Stupid!" Old Joe was shocked. His car was a modified off-road vehicle, which was smaller than Jiang Liushi's minibus.

"F*ck, is he crazy?" Old Joe was calm because he thought that Jiang Liushi could do nothing to him, except forcing him to leave. Although Old Joe was arrogant, he turned the steering wheel immediately, rushing to the side lawn.

"Wait!" Old Joe scolded.

However, the minibus didn't continue moving on the road, but instead, it was rushing toward Old Joe's vehicle. Moreover, it suddenly accelerated!


Old Joe's off-road vehicle took a great hit, and the two women screamed!

Old Joe was still clutching on the steering wheel firmly, but even so, he was hit severely. One second ago, he was enjoying his life but…

He noticed that one side of the glass had been crashed. But fortunately, the steel frame was solid enough to withstand the impact and not break apart. The vehicle's damage was small.

At that time, the minibus was driven back.


"F*ck!" Old Joe roared, while the other two were screaming. His vehicle was hit once again, and it crashed against the wall.

Old Joe's physique was powerful, but even he could feel that his eyes became dark. "Are you crazy? Inside Star City..."

Before his voice died away, Old Joe heard another terrible noise.

"F*ckers! I'll f*ck your mother!"

The minibus was squeezing the off-road vehicle against the wall; its power was very scary! The off-road vehicle could no longer withstand the impact, and terrible sounds came from its frame before it started bending and deforming. The door was also bent inward. What was really surprising was that the minibus didn't have a single scratch.

"Ah! Help us! Brother Joe!" The two women were scared to death.

Old Joe could hardly save himself just like a clay Buddha fording the river. He was also scared to death. The whole car was crushed to pieces. It was too horrible!

Old Joe wondered why that stupid group didn't fear that they would be punished by Star City's military.

"Get out!" Old Joe pushed the two women away, and then he tried to climb through the skylight. However, he failed to escape because as soon as he was about to climb out, he felt a mechanical claw-like thing grabbing the skylight and shrinking the gap through sheer force.

"Ah!" Old Joe's eyes became red. The mechanical claw had distorted the skylight! He never expected that the minibus could have such a strange weapon!

Ling was also shocked, seeing the scene from the minibus. Although she also knew that Jiang Liushi's special ability was related to mechanical modification, she still felt it was quite strange…

For that Old Joe, she thought he was hoisted by his own petard. Moreover, Shi Ying Squad was indeed powerful, but that three poor people in that vehicle weren't aware of it.

Old Joe was struggling like crazy, but he finally succumbed to despair. "Ah!"

Watching the gradually approaching minibus, his legs suddenly trembled.

At that time, Jiang Liushi's minibus stopped and drove back. Then, the deformed off-road vehicle dropped on the ground.

"Did you want to kill that guy?" Ling asked.

Jiang Liushi just looked at her without replying.

The sudden calmness made the two girls in the off-road vehicle to relax. But just then, a shadow suddenly appeared in front of the minibus. It was a girl who showed a sweet smile at them, but at the same time, her eyes were really cold.

Old Joe didn't have any time to respond. As he was struggling in terror, a hole suddenly appeared on his throat.


The splattered blood quickly splashed everywhere. At his last gasp, Old Joe saw that minibus was driven to a villa. It turned out that the villas' new owners were them.

"The boss is back!"

"Brother Jiang!"

Zhang Hai and Sun Kun had heard the sounds, but when they rushed out, they saw the minibus at once. Both of them were overcome with unexpected joy.

In this terrible world, only fighting could let them feel surefooted.

At this time, Jiang Liushi et al. came down from the minibus.

Zhang Hai and Sun Kun shouted happily at first, but soon, their eyes became weird.

"Brother Jiang, you brought back an older Lolita this time?" Zhang Hai whispered.

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Valvrave's corner; Ahahahahahahahahahaha, Zhang Hai's line is epic ;p


Okay, for those who think that Jiang Liushi was unreasonable. In the previous chapter it said that Old Joe had set his sights on the MC's villa, as of how our MC knew it, it should be Ran Xiyu who informed him. Don't forget that one has to be ruthless in order to survive in a destopian world. Plus, he has to establish dominance and show his powers to the others who may covet his things and people. Killing the Chickens, to Scare the Monkeys. Anyway, that's my take on this. ~Valvrave out.