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Chapter 336: Cutting Off Your Escape Route!

Chapter 336: Cutting Off Your Escape Route!
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"That's the Boss Zhong's lair!" The survivors said after pointing a building.

That building, with shabby red walls, was probably an old small factory. It didn't have any kind of sign with its name. Above the walls, wire and glass were used to protect it from trespassers. There was a large area inside, which was used as a parking lot. On both sides of the gate were two old buildings.

"This can be considered as the town's borders. Boss Zhong make us repair the whole building all day long," a survivor said. "As for the boss, he has formed a team that robs other survivors and acquires guns."

Some of the survivors felt scared, looking at the factory and thinking about Boss Zhong's power. If he were not strong, how could he have kept it until now?

Jiang Zhuying noticed the survivors' hesitation, so she pulled down the window and said with a hint of sarcasm, "It's such a good opportunity, and you want to give it up already? Let me clarify something. We aren't here to save you, so if you're scared, you can leave at once."

They all exchanged glances, but before they could give an answer, they saw that the minibus had already started rushing toward the factory.

"What? They're moving directly toward the factory!?" A survivor exclaimed.

Shao Feng sneered, "Haha! Boss Zhong doesn't stand a chance against Captain Jiang. He even wreaked havoc in Fallen City and escaped unscathed."

"Fallen City?" The survivors had not heard of it at all. The only thing they knew about the outside world was Star City Base's existence.

"Let's go! We have to keep up!" Shao Feng shouted to his subordinates.

The soldiers had been informed about Jiang Liushi's feats along the way, but they hadn't witnessed the real thing, so they were eager to see him fight. Of course, they wanted to fight too.

At that time, inside the factory, one of the survivors noticed them. He was stunned at first, but then he shouted, "Boss! Boss! Someone came!"

In the middle of the factory, there were no machines as the survivors had moved them elsewhere. In that free space, there were a few tables with piles of food. Around one of those tables, several men and women with clean clothes were sitting. Amongst them, a fat guy stood out as he was 'playing' with them. Although they were suffering, they didn't dare to utter a word.

"Someone? One?" That fatty asked. He was the so-called Boss Zhong. He was 'playing' so he was a little muddleheaded and didn't understand what the survivor meant.

"If someone is here, then take a few people and prepare to fight…those follies had gone…"

"Brother, I guess it's that group of people! They've come to fight!" That survivor shouted.

Before his voice faded away, a loud sound followed!



The women were shocked, and Boss Zhong was also surprised for a moment.

"F*ckers! A group of trash! They'd better died, or else I'll make them wish they were dead!"

"F*ckers! I'd like to see who dared to pick a fight with us!"

In this small town, Boss Zhong was the local tyrant. Anyone who annoyed him had to die!

A few seconds earlier, outside…

When the hesitant survivors saw the minibus shattering the gate on its own and entering the factory, their jaws almost dropped to the ground.

Boss Zhong, who was looking through the window with the other people, felt panic taking over. His countenance became deathly pale when he saw four vehicles and the soldiers on them! Compared with the heavily armed soldiers, his members were too weak.

"Guns!" Boss Zhong felt touched when thinking about the soldiers' guns. He even wanted to give it a try and face them! After all, if he could own those guns, he'd become the area's overlord.

"Don't be afraid! They must have come to negotiate with us. Let's delay them first, and then find a way to solve this crisis!" Boss Zhong shouted.

Boss Zhong was so confident because he was the one who had re-designed the factory. After its modifications, the factory could withstand mutant zombies and mutant beasts' attacks. Naturally, it could also prevent humans.

"We're inside, so it's easy to stand our ground," Boss Zhong explained. After hearing that, his subordinates calmed down.

Unfortunately for them, after the motivational speech, Jiang Lishi's minibus, which was equipped with the Collision Ram, came barging through their gate. When they saw the ram's metallic luster, it was already too late. The minibus rushed in, and the women along with other survivors inside screamed in panic.

At the same time, Boss Zhong was almost shocked to death! He didn't know what to do next.

His subordinates were scared out of their minds too; they had never experienced something like that.

"Boss, we must run away!" A man shouted with a trembling voice.

They had no other way other than escaping, but unexpectedly, Boss Zhong stared at that man with bloodshot eyes.

How could he run away and abandon all the things he had achieved!? He even regretted the fact that he didn't have the time to kill his two women. He was unwilling to see other people playing with them. It was a shame.

"Or, we can burn everything to the ground!"

"No, that's my accumulated wealth!"

He had robbed and pillaged to gain those resources so he couldn't give them up.

"We can attract those zombies!" Boss Zhong said suddenly. He thought that would be a win-win solution. As for those women, the zombies would eat them…

Actually, he cherished his weapons more...

"Go and take those devices away, and don't forget to open the door," Boss Zhong said in a low voice.

Boss Zhong had created escape routes on the first and second floor. He thought he'd be able to outsmart everyone and be the final winner.

Suddenly, he heard a voice next to his ear, "You're doomed to die! You've cut off your escape route!"

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