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Chapter 337: Approaching Zombies

Chapter 337: Approaching Zombies
Translator: Liu_Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave

At first, when the minibus was rushing through the factory, Jiang Liushi was holding his sniper rifle, but later he noticed that the only people they met were shivering women and wounded survivors. Jiang Liushi couldn't find Boss Zhong around at all.

Shao Feng's team drove in right after, and they were totally shocked by the scene. The iron gate was quite sturdy, but Jiang Liushi's minibus had torn it apart as it was made of tofu. What's even more unbelievable was that the minibus hadn't been damaged at all. The minibus looked horrifying with its shining Collision Ram.

The soldiers were on full alert, and Shao Feng brought a few of them to question those women.

"Where is your boss?" Shao Feng asked. The woman looked at Shao Feng in horror. Apparently, she was too scared to answer.

Shao Feng frowned, but Jiang Liushi said, "You don't need to ask her again. He's upstairs."

The factory was small, so Ran Xiyu was able to scan it without straining herself. She quickly scanned the second floor, as it occupied a smaller area, and she immediately informed Jiang Liushi of her findings.

When the soldiers, and all the others present, heard what Jiang Liushi told, they were astonished.

"Captain Jiang, let me go up and detain him!" Shao Feng, as a strong paranormal, was itching to fight against Boss Zhong.

"No, don't do that," Jiang Liushi was silent for a moment and then suddenly said.

Shao Feng was stunned, and then he asked anxiously, "Why?"

"A large number of zombies is pursuing the survivors we brought with us!" Ran Xiyu answered.

Shao Feng immediately went out to take a look. The pale-faced survivors were running for their lives. Although they were frightened, they all knew that screaming was useless, and they'd attract more zombies instead.

However, they suddenly saw several zombies in front of them. In any case, after seeing a dozen zombies suddenly rushing out at the same time, the survivors were almost scared to death!


Behind them, more and more were approaching zombies!

"Please, let us in! We will help you defend against the zombies!" The survivors rushed to the factory immediately and begged for mercy.

Shao Feng hesitated for a moment. Although those people were not worthy of their sympathy, Shao Feng was unwilling to see the zombies eating them. Moreover, the casualties would lead to speeding up the zombies' evolution rate.

"Let them in." Jiang Liushi ordered, and then he jumped from his minibus.

"Yes, Captain Jiang!" Shao Feng said.

Those people quickly poured into the factory.

At that moment, Jiang Liushi pointed at a pile of 'weapons,' such as axes, hoes, and shovels, and then he said to those people, "Pick up a weapon, and guard the door or windows! If you can't keep up…"

"I know!" A man approached nervously and grabbed a shovel at once. He was trembling all over…

"If we fail, we will die!" Then he turned around and looked at his companions. "Do you want to die?"

The survivors snapped of their stupor, and they immediately darted to those weapons.

One of the women grabbed a wooden staff and looked at the shivering women on the ground. She appeared in front of them and yelled, "Get your sorry ass*s off the ground and come fight with us! No one will protect you! Hurry up!"

The scared women struggled to stand up, and then they went to pick a weapon too. The united survivors took their places and looked at the countless bloodthirsty zombies, rushing toward them. They were running at full speed, excited to see so many gathered people there. Their eyes were red, and their faces were distorted!

The humans could feel how much the zombies wanted to rip them apart and feast on their flesh. Humans suffered from many fears, but their fear of zombies overrode them all.

"Shao Feng, you'll be responsible for blocking the zombies. Zhang Hai, stay here to help. Ying, you are responsible for driving. Ran Xiyu and Li Yuxin, you two stay here," Jiang Liushi said, and then he took out two Type 54 pistols.

"I'll go and drag Boss Zhong down!" Jiang Liushi knew that Boss Zhong was responsible for attracting those zombies.

"Brother Jiang, he's in the left corridor, but he's heading toward the right. It seems he has an escape route," Ran Xiyu transmitted in his mind.

"Okay." Jiang Liushi immediately ran upstairs. His enhanced physical fitness and the vitality of his blood, allowed him to run faster. Jiang Zhuying and Ling also followed him also at high speed.

Boss Zhong had a wicked smile on his face. "Good! I want to witness how the zombies are going to tear them apart!"

However, he suddenly heard someone's voice next to his ear.

"What? So fast? Those f*ckers betrayed me!" Boss Zhong boss spat. And then he said to his subordinates, "Let's go!"

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