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Chapter 339: Rushing into The Zombies

Chapter 339: Rushing into The Zombies
Translator: Liu_Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave

Thousands of zombies had gathered in front of the factory. They were desperately trying to get their hands on the humans not far away from them.

At that moment, Jiang Liushi's minibus let out a terrible roaring sound. Its tires caused a sharp friction sound on the rusty iron-plated surface before it rushed out of the gate.


As the minibus was getting out of the gate, it shook slightly after hitting the zombies in front of it.

'Bang! Bang! Bang!'

The zombies were obliterated one after the other under Jiang Liushi's minibus. It was like the sea of zombies outside was forced open, creating a bloody path, by a hammer!

Suddenly, a lot of blood splashed on the minibus' windshield, accompanied by the sound of broken bones.

The zombies pressed toward the minibus, and in an instant, the minibus' door was blocked by countless zombies. At the same time, another group of zombies slapped violently at the windows.

Li Yuxin, who was sitting on the couch, witnessed everything and she couldn't help but feel nervous. Ran Yiyu extended her hand to hold Li Yuxin's hand.

"Thank you," Li Yuxin said with a pale face.

Ling also held the door handle firmly.

The zombies were of all ages, men, women, and children, but no matter what they were before, in the end, they had become monsters. They kept trying to force open the door vigorously, while their sharp nails kept scratching the minibus. To the survivors, it looked like the door was going to be breached in the next seconds. If it were an ordinary vehicle, it would have already been destroyed.

Suddenly, Jiang Liushi said, "Collision!"


A flame burst out from the minibus' exhaust pipe.


Not only was Jiang Liushi's minibus not forced to stop, but it also accelerated!

"This...! Its power is terrible!" A soldier could not help but say while staring at the minibus which continued moving deeper into the zombies' group. That soldier was an army driver, as well as a mechanic responsible for repairing and modifying vehicles, so he was familiar with a vehicle's horsepower.

Jiang Liushi's minibus was the most powerful one he had ever seen! No wonder Jiang Liushi dared to lead his team and rush out.

The minibus continued slaughtering zombies with no restraint. The scene was unbearable to watch! The survivors felt like they were watching a 3D sci-fi movie. They couldn't believe in their eyes!

The all felt scared just with the thought of facing those zombies. However, the people on the minibus were the exact opposite of them; courageous and skillful in battle. They even dared to face the zombies head-on!

The gathered zombies were like a marsh. The longer time inside, the more dangerous it would become!

At that point, the zombies had even climbed on the minibus' roof. The zombies' actions were extremely agile so they could submerge the minibus within a few seconds.

In the minibus…

Jiang Liushi was still calm, but then he shouted, "Ying, launch the Air Cannon!"

Ying complied at once, and she pressed the button.

The Air Cannon's loading time was 10 seconds. Of course, it could also be launched in advance, but its power would be reduced. However, its power was still enough to deal with those zombies! They didn't even have to lock on a specific target in that sea of zombies.


A deafening sound came out of nowhere, and the zombies standing in front of the minibus were sent flying by an invincible force. Their already deformed bodies either became a mist of blood or they twisted in weird angles, while in the air. After that, a large bloody path opened up, and at its end, one could see bloody chunks of meat.

The minibus also shook due to the Air Cannon's terrifying power, but it only lasted for a few seconds, so the minibus could completely resist such power. On the contrary, the zombies on the roof could not stand anymore.

"Just ... what's that?" The survivors were shocked when they heard the explosive sound and the zombies' corpses flying far in the distance.

Shao Feng was also shocked by the terrible lethality! The minibus was indeed unfathomable!

"They don't need our help at all!" Shao Feng thought.

At that moment, the minibus turned!

"What are they doing?" A survivor asked. Why did the minibus turn!?


The minibus' engine roared, and then the minibus rushed out again like an arrow. The zombies that had yet to recover from the impact were hit.


The minibus easily bulldozed the zombies in its way!

The survivors were astounded!

Several dead zombies landed in front of the survivors, but Jiang Liushi's minibus stopped not far away from them.

Nobody could believe in their eyes! They all thought they were dreaming!

Jiang Liushi looked around the zombies' group, and then he said, "We must have reduced the pressure on the others a lot. It's time to go and chase Boss Zhong. Xiyu, can you please locate him?"

Ran Xiyu, who hadn't deactivated her domain, answered, "They've walked out of the back door."

"Is there a suitable route?" Jiang Liushi asked.

"No, every route outside in swarmed with zombies." Ran Xiyu shook her head.

The fastest way was the one Boss Zhong had chosen.

"It doesn't matter." Jiang Liushi smiled, "He can't run away!"

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