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Chapter 340: Come After Me!

Chapter 340: Come After Me!
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Boss Zhong got down the ladder, and he quickly ran to a parked off-road vehicle in front of the back door, which he had prepared beforehand. And then he opened the driver's door and got in. His subordinates had yet to board, but he couldn't wait to start the car.

"Brother! Wait for us!"

How could they follow Boss Zhong if he were to leave? They all shouted when they saw him starting the car as they were afraid of dying like the young man earlier.

"F*ckers! Sh*t up! Get on at once!" Boss Zhong shouted.

Boss Zhong's subordinates were the town's hoodlums. He favored them because they could put up a fight against ordinary people. As for fighting against a strong paranormal, they could only run away…

"Foolish people!" Boss Zhong cursed.

If he didn't need them to help him, he'd kill them in an instant.

As long as he could get his hands on the guns and ammunition, he could gather more survivors and build a larger survivors' camp. When that time came, lots of people would rush to help him.

His subordinated rushed to get on the car, and two of them ran to open the back door.

Boss Zhong smiled excitedly, and then he sped up. "Hahaha, go to hell!"

Listening to the gunshots coming from behind, he felt really cool.

"F*ckers! Why are you so useless? The longer you play, the more zombies will come! Don't waste bullets!" Boss Zhong regarded the ammo as his close kin.

At that moment, a loud noise came out of the blue! Everyone in the car was shocked!

One of the younger members swallowed his saliva and asked, "Is this... a bomb?"

"F*ck!" Boss Zhong fiercely punched on the steering wheel, "They used a bomb! This town is remote… resources are rare… to think they used a bomb!" Boss Zhong frowned.

"Forget it. Compared with my bright future, it's nothing…" Boss Zhong said to himself.

"Bro- brother..."

"What's up!?" Boss Zhong hated it when someone interrupted him. Unfortunately, he had no time to reprimand the one who did it.


The jarring sound of an engine came from a distance. And it sounded like it was getting closer!

Boss Zhang was flabbergasted, as he noticed a minibus, covered in blood, from his rear-view mirror. There was even a zombie clinging on its windshield, but it fell off fiercely and came under its tires.

The hoodlums were dumbfounded when they saw that scene, while Boss Zhong's heart almost came to a stop.

How was it possible? Did it escape from the zombies' encirclement!?


"Brother, that car is really fast!" Someone shouted.

Although they were sitting in the off-road vehicle, they were shocked to death. Since that minibus could rush out from zombies' group, they could kill all of them easily just like killing ants.

"What are you doing? Shoot! Immediately!" Boss Zhong shouted.

"Yes, aim at its tires!" They suddenly reacted, and then they opened the windows.

"I will kill the driver." Someone smarter than the others said.

When he tried to aim at the driver, he noticed several beautiful women inside that minibus. He had never seen such beautiful women before, so he felt it would be a pity to kill them…


The moment the smart guy stuck his head out of the window to aim, a gunshot came! Suddenly, his body trembled, and then warm blood mixed with brain matter flowed inside the vehicle.

"F*ck! He is dead…!" The others panicked. Nobody dared to look out anymore.

Boss Zhong was also shocked! He didn't expect that his enemy had excellent sharpshooting skills.

"Ah!" He hurriedly changed direction, and then he saw a bullet grazing past his vehicle's rear compartment!

Boss Zhong was totally scared. If he weren't a paranormal and didn't timely react, he'd die on the spot.

He was the local tyrant, so he was quite familiar with the route around. Moreover, countless zombies were still trying to tear apart Jiang Liushi's companions, so Boss Zhong believed that the minibus couldn't follow them for much longer.

As long as he could stall by driving around, he would beat them. Maybe, he could take advantage of the night to kill all of his enemies. In his mind, that would be cool.

Since almost all the zombies had been attracted, they drove smoothly along the way.

Boss Zhong sped up.

"Come, come! Come after me!" Boss Zhong shouted crazily.


Boss Zhong looked at the rear-view mirror, and noticed that the minibus was approaching…

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