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Chapter 341: Perfect Evasion

Chapter 341: Perfect Evasion
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"Didi- Didi- Di-!"

Horn sound reverberated through the whole street.

To Boss Zhong, those sounds were sinister, ear-piercing and terrible. The zombies which were initially attracted to the factory by the foul smell, intense gunshots, and the explosive sound, came to a sudden stop and immediately rush to the horn's source.


Boss Zhong heard the zombies' roars, which had been far away, getting closer! He immediately stepped on the gas, when he saw a large group of zombies appearing out from an alley, to get in front of them.


A few zombies crashed against the SUV's side, and the others were so scared that they screamed. Boss Zhong was clutching the steering wheel with all his strength. Fortunately, the SUV was a modified one, or else it would already be destroyed after the collision. If that scenario were to come true, Jiang Liushi wouldn't even have to lift a finger, as the zombies would tear them apart first.

"Brother, that car is getting closer!" Someone said in horror.

Boss Zhong heard both his subordinate's anxious reminder and the sound of the approaching minibus' approaching horn. And then he looked in the rearview mirror and found the distance between them had been shortened in half!

How was that possible? Why couldn't the zombies deter the minibus' advance!?

The minibus had a smooth ride till now, and every time a zombie stood in its way, it'd turn into bloody mist. If that continued, the minibus would catch up with them sooner or later.

At that moment, Boss Zhong had an ominous feeling once again, so he suddenly let off the steering wheel.


The vehicle lost its balance, and the pale-faced subordinates grabbed everything they could to support themselves.

"Didi- Didi-!"

Boss Zhong was about to turn crazy as he could nothing to save his life! The continuous horn sounds and gunshots would attract more zombies. He was devastated! Every step of his well-thought plan was crumbling apart. Sadness took over his heart when he thought that he'd lose everything. The minibus was the cause of his downfall. It was indeed terrible…

Boss Zhong became more anxious with every passing second, as the minibus was getting closer. He didn't want to die! He shouted in despair, and then he punched at the window, and he pulled out a steel bar.

Nobody knew what he wanted to do, but with a shrill fricative sound, the SUV suddenly swerved and rushed toward the minibus!

Suddenly, Boss Zhong opened the door and jumped out from the car, and heavily landed behind an abandoned car. At the same time, the SUV kept rushing toward because he had stuck the steel bar on the throttle!

The poor youngsters' hearts almost stopped beating. They had no time to grab the steering wheel and evade direct collision!

"D*mn! Let's see how you can deal with that!" Boss Zhong experienced a moment of life and death.

At that moment, he hid behind that abandoned car with a twisted smile on his face. In such a high-speed collision, the SUV would undoubtedly turn into pieces, while the minibus would be destroyed. As for the people inside, they'd die due to the impact. Compared to his subordinates' life, Boss Zhong's life was far more important.

As long as he could surpass this ordeal and keep his life, he could rise again. Naturally, Boss Zhong was afraid of death like any other in that post-apocalyptic world.

Ling was almost scared to death when she saw that the SUV suddenly turned and headed in their direction. Jiang Zhuying and Ran Xiyu were similarly shocked with the sudden change of the situation.

Under such circumstances, the human brain may only have time to get shocked and no time for any other reaction, let alone have an appropriate response.

However, Ying who was the driver was quite calm. She kept driving as usual, and when the two vehicles were about to collide, she drifted to the side within a few seconds. If she had tried to just evade the SUV, it would be impossible do it without paying the price. When she made the drifting maneuver, it seemed like the minibus, and the SUV were dancing! Perfect drifting and evading skills!


The SUV crashed into a shop and almost went through the whole building. Then an explosion followed, causing flames and black smoke to envelop the shop.

Ling was astounded!

They had just held their breaths instinctively because of tension, and everything happened in less than two seconds!

"This...!" Although Ling knew little about cars, her perspective about cars broadened.

No matter if it were time, angle, speed… in that life-or-death situation, the minibus and Ying's response speed was terrifying! It was simply impossible for most people to do something like that.

After doomsday, even though many people's nerves had become a lot stronger, nobody could be compared with Ying!

Jiang Liushi also saw how calm Ying was, but he knew her secret. As his minibus' assistant, Ying Ying had the ability to calculate all the presented data in real time, so she could perfectly follow Starseed's instructions. Moreover, even if they couldn't avoid the SUV, Jiang Liushi could transform the minibus into the mining truck, and nobody would be in danger. Naturally, Ying's decision was the best Jiang Liushi could hope for. He did not want to damage his beloved minibus again.


The minibus stopped in the middle of the road.

Jiang Liushi looked at the abandoned vehicle parked on the side of the road and said lightly, "Stop hiding."

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