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Chapter 344: Northern Area of Jiangsu

Chapter 344: Northern Area of Jiangsu
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Shao Feng and all the others agreed with Jiang Liushi's suggestion.

"You, come here." Shao Feng pointed at the survivor who had rushed to fight against the zombies first.

That survivor, who was dyed in blood, glanced at the other survivors and then he tremblingly walked toward Shao Feng.

"We will take some of the food, and you can keep the rest. However, you should better put to good use the things here. If you can't establish your camp, it'd b better for you to go at Star Base. We will return, but there are too many uncertain factors," Shao Feng said.

"We will also leave you some weapons to protect yourselves. Whether you stay or leave, is up to you," Shao Feng added.

That man and the survivors behind him listened to everything. He looked back at the others, and then he said to Shao Feng, "Thank you!"

If Jiang Liushi and Shao Feng wanted to take away everything, the survivors could not do anything to stop them. They felt thankful, but they also pondered over Shao Feng's suggestion. Should they stay or move to Star Base? It was a hard question…

"Found it!" Sun Kun found a packet under the mattress. In fact, other than him, no one was willing to touch the bed.

Jiang Liushi opened the packet, and he revealed a smile when he saw three mutant nuclei. Whether the three mutant nuclei were obtained by Boss Zhong's hard work or robbing other survivors, they had fallen in Jiang Liushi's hands.

If Boss Zhong were still alive, he would spew out blood from anger. He had learned the mutant nuclei's value from a survivor, so he wanted to use them to establish his power.

"As usual, I want the mutant nuclei. This time you can get more mutant meat. Ling, you can obtain 800 pounds," Jiang Liushi said.

He thought that Ling's performance was indeed excellent. Although she wasn't a member of their team, she had contributed, so Jiang Liushi wanted to treat her fairly.

Ling felt happy. She did not expect that Jiang Liushi would share the spoils of war with her. Moreover, 800 pounds was not a small figure. She nodded and felt deeply grateful.

"I'm okay with 700 pounds. I've been eating from your share all this time," Ling said.

"Okay." Since Ling said so, Jiang Liushi would not refuse.

When they finished moving the necessary things back to the minibus, they returned to the hotel they had cleaned up before. They could not act together with the survivors, so there was no need for them to stay at the same place.

For supper, they had a fragrant barbecue.

Jiang Liushi not only ate till he was full, but he also drank a can of ice cold beer.

He was currently sitting in the gunner room gazing at the dark sky, slowly drinking beer. As the cold and refreshing liquid flowed down his throat, Jiang Liushi sensed that his connection with the MCV had deepened. He felt that his MCV had gained life.

At that moment, he sensed someone looking at him.

He looked at a particular direction and noticed Ran Xiyu, standing on the hotel's balcony. She smiled when she saw Jiang Liushi looking at her. However, Jiang Liushi felt that there was a trace of worry hidden behind her smile. It was evident that Boss Zhong and his subordinates' action made Ran Xiyu worry about her sister's well-being.

The closer they were to the northern area of Jiangsu, the more agitated Ran Xiyu got. Jiang Liushi could understand how she felt; after all, he also had a sister.

In that post-apocalyptic world, all people hoped that their relatives were alive and well. Ran Xiyu probably felt uneasy because she knew that the possibilities of her sister being alive were too low.

"Go to sleep earlier," Jiang Liushi said in his mind.

Could Ran Xiyu hear those words?

The next morning…

The team set off after breakfast.

Other than the small town where they had encountered some trouble, they had not met any other humans for a long time. For the rest of the trip, they only met vacant buildings and zombies. Even if there were survivors, they had probably hidden, and Jiang Liushi would not care to search for them.

On the other hand, Shao Feng needed to record every tiny detail from any place they passed.

They also encountered zombies which were much stronger than the virus' outburst. Shao Feng, could not help but feel worried about the zombies' extreme growth rate.

On the fourth day of their trip, they reached a small city, and they finally found a few people. It was a group of people, with two paranormals, who were hunting a mutant beast. The mutant beast resembled a cat, with an agile and flexible body.

The team retreated to their car, and the mutant beast followed closely. It used its claws and tore through the car like it was made of paper.

At that moment, one of the paranormals suddenly burst forward, waving fast and hard a long iron bar in his hand, and penetrated the cat's lower abdomen. The cat screamed in pain, but its scream was buried under the sounds of gunfire. The cat struggled for a while, but it finally succumbed to its wound, and its body fell heavily to the ground.

It was very common to see a team with paranormals to accomplish soething like that.

However, those people did not hurry to carry the mutant beast on their car because they found that a fleet of cars was not far away from them. A minibus followed by an off-road vehicle, as well as military vehicles.

On the other hand, they only had one damaged car and seven members. The difference in their strength could be imagined. No wonder they were vigilant.

Jiang Liushi was also watching that group of people. Since they were not far from their destination, could they be survivors from the northern area of Jiangsu?

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