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Chapter 347: Xiang Xuehai

Chapter 347: Xiang Xuehai
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When Blaker noticed that Boss Wu was looking at him, he sneered inwardly, but he showed an excited expression on the outside.

"Is that Blaker? What do you mean?" Boss Wu asked excitedly. He wondered since when Blaker was Blaker in that kind of business.

"Let me take a guess. You must have met some beautiful girls outside, brought them back, and played with them until you were exhausted. You want to give them to me in exchange for resources, right?" Boss Wu asked.

"Played with them? No! I didn't have such a good chance…" Blaker said with a smile. Then, he explained how they had met Shi Ying Squad, concealing the fact that the military was following at first.

"That beauty will belong to you. I only want their car. How about it?" Blaker asked.

Boss Wu smiled and looked at Blaker. "A woman? You're dreaming! Since you want me to cooperate with you, I want 70% of everything in that car."

"What? 70%?" Blaker became angry.

"Blaker, I'm not a fool. As long as someone is powerful enough, they can get any beauty they want. They can even tell them if they want! You haven't even told me how strong they are, but you want to join forces either way? No way!" Boss Wu answered.

The already annoyed Blaker regretted his choice. Boss Wu demanded an exorbitant price…

"Boss Wu, Captain Luo has taken everyone from that team with him in the county. Only that girl and two average paranormals well left behind to watch the vehicle," Blaker said again.

"If you could do it on your own, you wouldn't need my help! You must think that I'm a fool…" Boss Wu answered coldly.

Blaker broke out in cold sweat from fear as he sensed killing intent mixed with Boss Wu's words. Baker was reminded of the saying, 'he who rides a tiger is afraid to dismount.' 1 That fit his situation perfectly. However, it was better than nothing. Finally, Blaker nodded and answered, "Okay! Let's negotiate."

At that moment, Luo Junjiang had led Jiang Liushi and the others to a three-tier restaurant located in the center of the county. In front of the restaurant was a large open space, where various cars were parked.

Those cars attracted Jiang Liushi most. One of them was an SUV, which was covered with high-density steel bars and numerous welded spikes. The other cars were similarly modified, and they looked monstrous. On most of the spikes, one could see solidified blood, parts of torn clothes, debris, etc. , which gave off a bloody scent.

"Great modification skills." Jiang Liushi furrowed his brows.

The restaurant was heavily guarded by people holding shotguns.

Luo Junjiang ran to one of them and gave him a cigarette. "Haha, brother did you recognize me? I'm Blue Sky Squads' Captain."

That young man took the cigarette and said, "Yes, what's the matter, Boss Luo?"

"Can you help me inform Boss Xiang. I brought guests over," Luo Junjiang said.

The guard hesitated and then said, "Do you see those cars? Boss Xiang an important matter to attend to today, so it's better to come another day."

'What?' Luo Junjiang didn't like to waste time, so he gave the guard the whole packet of cigarettes. "Please help me!"

The guard took the cigarette and smiled. "I'll give it a try."

Luo Junjiang complained on his way back. Jiang Liushi had seen the scene. Luo Junjiang deliberately complained to make Jiang Liushi remember his kindness.

"Take it easy! We can wait in line…" Luo Junjiang explained.

After a while, the young guard came out. "Boss Luo, you can get in."

"Let's go!" Luo Junjiang led them to the hall. In the hall, everything unnecessary had been thrown away, and on both sides were rows of seats.

"Well, from what I heard and saw on our way, I presume that Xiang Xuehai is this county's gang leader, and her subordinates can be considered to be at the captain level?" Jiang Zhuying said happily.

Jiang Liushi suddenly stared at her. "You seem well-informed."

"I have just watched many movies related to gangs…" Jiang Zhuying said innocently.

In the hall, they saw many gathered people. Some people were sitting on chairs, while a younger man was standing behind them. They were all equipped with guns, while the younger man also carried a sword.

Another group consisted of more than 20 people, and their leaders were dressed in leather clothes, which made them stand out.

Another man in the hall was holding a petite woman in his arms. At first glance, she looked like a junior high student, but if one were to look her up close at her face and figure, they'd notice she was an adult. The man ripped apart her clothes and used his lecherous hands to knead her body in front of everyone. She frowned from time to time, but she did not dare to say anything.

"That one is Xiang Xuehai." Following Luo Junjiang's sight, Jiang Liushi looked at the couch in the middle of the hall.

Impressively, the only one sitting on that couch was a woman wearing a cheongsam, black stilettos that made her look very elegant. Her neck was delicate as a swan's, and her supple black hair fell like a waterfall down her soldiers. She was like a painter's muse.

Everyone felt that she looked familiar.

"Wow! Isn't she that celebrity? She was very famous before doomsday!" Jiang Zhuying exclaimed loudly.

Jiang Liushi was suddenly enlightened. Xiang Xuehai would often appear on the big screen and in advertisements. However, she was now sitting in front of them in the boss' seat…

Jiang Liushi felt surprised with that scene.

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