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Chapter 349: Afraid They Would Not Come

Chapter 349: Afraid They Would Not Come
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Boss Wu, sitting in one of the cars, was overwhelmed with happiness and excitement when he saw Ying. Blaker hadn't let him down, as the girl was indeed gorgeous. From his point of view, Ying's beauty didn't lose to Xiang Xuehai. Of course, he would rather conquer Xiang Xuehai, who was not only beautiful but she also held a lot of power. However, it was an unachievable goal. Fortunately, the girl in front of him was an exceptional beauty.

Ying, dressed in tight clothes, stared coldly at them with a tri-edge bayonet in hand.

Boss Wu believed they would be successful in capturing her. How could the three of them put up a fight against the numerous people he had brought?

When Blaker noticed Boss Wu's elated state, he became sad.

"Hurry up! We must get our hands on their car!" Blaker said to his subordinates.

In his mind, the minibus and the Hummer should contain a lot of precious resources. Unfortunately, he could only dream of seizing it as his own vehicle.

Seeing that scene, Zhang Hai and Sun Kun were annoyed.

"F*ckers! Insolent! They actually dared to set their sights on Brother Jiang's minibus!?" They were responsible for guarding it, but…

"Ying, you are stronger than us, so we will try our best to buy you some time to escape. You have to find Brother Jiang," Sun Kun said in a low voice while bearing the pain from his shoulder.

"Let's show the group of turtles that we aren't a bunch of trash! We have to take two or three of them down with us!" Zhang Hai shouted.

Boss Wu laughed when he heard those words from people that he didn't even consider as decent opponents.

"If you surrender obediently, you won't suffer to the bitter end. Be wise, or else we won't let you die so easily," Boss Wu said leisurely

"Kaka, Kaka."

Suddenly, everyone aimed at Zhang Hai and Sun Kun with their guns.

Zhang Hai and Sun Kun gritted their teeth to the point they were about to break.

Surrender? Impossible!

"Brother Jiang is on the with the others! He told me to hold on for a little longer!" Ying said suddenly.

Zhang Hai and Sun Kun had already rushed out, and when they heard Ying, they were stunned. They didn't know how Ying managed to contact Jiang Liushi. Although they were confused, they believed in Ying's words.

Even though they didn't know the exact relationship between Ying and Jiang Liushi, they knew that she could be trusted.

"Hold on for a while? How will you do that exactly?" Boss Wu listened to their conversation and regarded it as a joke.

"You are called Ying, right? You have to come with me today. Even your Brother Jiang can't help you now!" Boss Wu retorted.

He wanted to lay an ambush to catch Jiang Liushi and force Ying to watch how they'd tortured him and kill him…

However, Ying simply ignored Boss Wu and said to Zhang Hai and Sun Kun, "Get ready to fight!"

Boss Wu was enraged when Ying ignored him. He signaled at his subordinates, and a baldy, carrying a machine gun in hand, walked toward Zhang Hai and Sun Kun.

Although Zhang Hai and Sun Kun were nervous, they were also calm. They were ready to rush over when the enemy acted.

Ying was calm, and she just stared at that group of people coldly. When Blaker and his subordinates approached the parked minibus, its engine let out a deafening roar.

Blaker was flabbergasted! There was nobody inside the minibus! What's wrong?


Blaker got an ominous feeling at once!

"Dodge!" He shouted.

Blaker rushed to the side before the minibus had the chance to hit him.

'Bang! Bang!'

Unfortunately, his subordinates were not that lucky. The minibus crushed them before they could even scream.

Blaker witnessed everything, but he didn't know why that happened!

The loud noise also attracted Boss Wu's attention. He turned around and saw that minibus was rushing toward them!

"Fast! Dodge!" Boss Wu's smile disappeared at once.

Even Zhang Hai and Sun Kun were shocked. They guessed that Jiang Liushi was back!

The fierce survivors scattered at once when they saw the rushing minibus. Most of them were ordinary people, so how could they withstand the minibus' impact?

"Don't let them get on that minibus!" Boss Wu shouted.

In this county, nobody was allowed to kill people on the road. Boss Wu could never give them the chance to escape to the streets.

The bald machine gunner immediately aimed at the minibus.


The crazy rain of bullets hit the minibus' tires!

Unfortunately, it was a useless attempt. The minibus' tires were strengthened to the point that bullets could not even leave a scratch on them.

When the minibus was near Ying, it suddenly turned around.

"Get in quickly!" Ying shouted.

"F*ck, shoot them! Kill them!" Boss Wu shouted.

He was a wicked and scheming person, but it had never crossed his mind that he'd suffer such a big loss.

The moment he gave out the order, his subordinates raised their guns. Suddenly, both Zhang Hai and Sun Kun sensed a great crisis of life and death. It was impossible for them to escape unscathed from so many guns.

They glanced at each other, and they instantly stood at Ying's right and left respectively. They wanted to protect her! At the same time, they pointed their guns at their enemies.

"Even if we die, we have to kill some bast*ards first!" Zhang Hai shouted and pulled the trigger.

At the same time, that baldy's head split open like a watermelon! The headless body flew a few meters, with the machine gun he carried, and then it crashed heavily on the ground. The blood from the headless corpse splashed in every direction, even landing on Boss Wu's window.

Almost everyone was shocked to death. Zhang Hai was confused too.

"Who shot? Him?"

Suddenly, another gunshot followed, and someone who intended to kill Sun Kun died on the spot. In the blink of an eye, two people were killed in the same way!

This time, Zhang Hai was sure that it had nothing to do with him.

"Brother Jiang!?"

"Go!" Ying took advantage of the situation and got on the minibus. Zhang Hai and Sun Kun also followed her inside.

Everyone was stunned when they saw them, but they did not dare to shoot them anymore. They had noticed that there was someone else shooting at them.

One vehicle from Boss Wu's team moved for a few meters, but another gunshot was heard and its windshield shattered in pieces and the glass fragments mixed with the driver's blood. It was terrible!

Then, the vehicle lost control and crushed against another car close to it.

Suddenly, the parking lot became quiet.

Blaker was lying on the ground with thick beads of sweat on his forehead, while Boss Wu was petrified!

What was going on!?

"Brother Jiang is not in the car!?" Zhang Hai and Sun Kun exclaimed when they didn't see Jiang Liushi in the minibus. They were confused…

The driver's seat was empty? Unmanned driving?

They had heard of such studies before doomsday, but they had never expected that the minibus would have such an excellent function. It was cool!

They didn't think about it anymore. They knew that Jiang Liushi had come since they were able to get on the minibus. They felt relieved.

Zhang Hai and Sun Kun clutched their fists, looking outside, and they said, "Who surrounded who?"

Boss Wu was powerful, so he calmed down in the blink of an eye. "Everyone! Listen to me! Hide and shoot at the minibus. The three of you will follow me. We will pursue the sniper and then kill him!"

Boss Wu quickly got off his car and jumped to the wall beside him. He hadn't expected the sudden turn of events. He decided to fight back, and of course, he couldn't forgive Blaker!

Boss Wu looked at the minibus, and then he said to one of his subordinates, "Go and bring me that minibus."

"I know." The thin man nodded, and he approached the minibus in secret.

At that moment, Ying sat in the driver's seat, while Zhang Hai and Sun Kun opened the window and started shooting at the people outside.

Nobody dared to take the lead at all. Moreover, their bullets were useless against the minibus. Its windows, tires, glass and even the fuel tank were strengthened!

Although they had the numbers, they were at a disadvantage now. Plus, there was a sniper hidden in the dark.

Jiang Liushi had found a two-story building, from where he could control the whole situation.

Jiang Zhuying was restraining Luo Junjiang behind him.

Luo Junjiang was also able to see what was happening in the parking lot from the windows. He felt bitter when he realized that Blaker and his subordinates were amongst Boss Wu's group. Blaker had betrayed him! At the same time, he was also shocked by Jiang Liushi's strength. He never expected that this team was so powerful. If they could kill Boss Wu, they'd be ranked fifth in the county.

"Someone is coming," Ran Xiyu said.

Jiang Liushi had expected that. Even if their opponents were stupid, they could at least focus on where the gunshots were coming from.

"Four people in total. All paranormals," Ran Xiyu continued.

Luo Junjiang knew that those people were Boss Wu and his subordinates. Boss Wu was fierce and cruel. The atrocities he had committed after doomsday were innumerable.

Boss Wu led people too before doomsday. After the outbreak, his power manifested, and that led to the terrible side of his nature to surface.

Luo Junjiang quickly said, "Captain Jiang, they must be Boss Wu, who cooperated with Blaker, and his subordinates. Their overall strength…"

"Wonderful!" Jiang Liushi said while shooting with his sniper rifle.

Jiang Zhuying stared at Luo Junjiang and said with a grin, "Don't meddle. I was afraid that they wouldn't come."

Luo Junjiang was confused.

Why were they so confident!?

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