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Chapter 354: I Will Carry You On My Back

Chapter 354: I Will Carry You On My Back
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The scouts in the dark ravine were killed one by one, and blood was mixed with rain.

The aggressive youth, named Qiao San, who was a powerful member of the Poisonous Wolves Squad, could change his skin's color depending on the environment he was in, like a chameleon. His ability was handy for reconnaissance and assassinations.

After dealing with the enemy scouts, he signaled proudly at Qi Dingfa that it was okay to proceed. Although Qi Dingfa's expression stayed the same, his eyes betrayed how proud he was. He hoped that his member could earn some merit before the others.

Qiao San turned to look at Jiang Liushi, but he found that the latter was talking with other girls, ignoring him!

Jiang Liushi divided his team into two groups. One group was good at fighting, such as Jiang Zhuying, Sun Kun, and Zhang Hai, as well as himself. The other group was good at providing support, such as Ying, Ran Xiyu, Li Yuxin, and Ling.

Although his minibus could drive on its own, Jiang Liushi didn't intend to reveal that secret to others.

Unexpectedly, Ran Xiyu was an obstinate woman, and she insisted on joining the fighting group because the mission involved her sister. She wanted to contribute.

Jiang Liushi didn't know how to refuse her request, so he accepted. Ran Xiyu's addition increased the entire team's chances to succeed thanks to her detecting ability.

"The path ahead is hard. You have to preserve your energy so I will carry you on my back!" Jiang Liushi said.

Ran Xiyu's endurance was much worse than Jiang Zhuying.

They had been walking for three hours in heavy rain. They had trodden through torrential streams, muddy mountains...

Even Jiang Liushi felt tired, not to mention Ran Xiyu. She was drenched in rainwater, with a pale countenance and her body trembled while walking.

"No, I can do it." Ran Xiyu grinned and shook her head, rejecting Jiang Liushi's goodwill. She was supposed to help them. How could become a burden and hold them back?


The sound of heavy objects crashing into the ground rang in the dark storm. A decaying old tree collapsed under the devastating rainstorm! The tree rushed down to Jiang Liushi's direction.

Several paranormals cleared the way and evaded the falling tree. However, Ran Xiyu was frightened. She slipped and fell while shouting. It was dangerous!

At that moment, a powerful big hand hugged her before she fell on the rocky terrain. Then, she opened her eyes and found herself on Jiang Liushi's back!

"Don't move, you are the only psychic paranormal in our team. You don't need to worry about the dark night or the heavy rain. You must save your energy!" Jiang Liushi said.

Ran Xiyu felt her heartbeat accelerating.

Although nobody could notice them in the darkness, Ran Xiyu still felt shy. Except for her father, Jiang Liushi was the only male she had touched. Even though it was windy and raining cats and dogs, Jiang Liushi's back made her feel very warm.

"My dear brother, our Xiyu sister has an excellent figure," Jiang Zhuying said in a low voice happily.

Jiang Lishi was petrified. He was inexperienced as far as girls were concerned. He could feel goosebumps erupt from Ran Xiyu's soft body, as his hands clutched Ran Xiyu's smooth and tight thighs tightly.

'Jiang Liushi, what are you thinking!?' Reason overpowered his hormones, and he quickly drove away some thoughts from his heart. It wasn't the right time to think about this.

"Everyone should be extra careful. We have to continue climbing! Boss Qi, you've been here before, so you lead the way!" Xiang Xuehai said.

She was also exhausted, and her wet hair was on her cheeks. However, compared to her determination to kill Yang Feng that was nothing!

"We must climb the mountain," Jiang Liushi whispered. Ran Xiyu answered gently.

Half an hour later, a group of dark shadows appeared on the dark and windy summit of Wan Sui Mountain.

Jiang Liushi inserted tool rings on the ground. Fortunately, he didn't feel exhausted.

His blood's energy, stimulated by the engineered fluids, was powerful and the rapid blood circulation gave him an endless stream of strength that could help him adapt to high-intensity and continuous-force movements.

Ran Xiyu quietly climbed down from Jiang Liushi's back, and she ate some air-dried mutant meat. Ling was a good cook, and she had specially made some mutant meat for situations like this. In this way, everyone from Jiang Liushi's team could replenish their energy at any time. They silently restored their strength and prepared for the upcoming battle.

Standing beside a cliff, they could already see a military building hidden in dense trees. That was their target!

"There are three people, probably paranormals, in that military building. In addition, there are two people outside. They are in the sentry tower," Ran Xiyu said.

The downpour continued while thunderous sounds came from the dark clouds. From time to time, small snakes would rip through the thick darkness.

Halfway up the hillside, apart from the striking military buildings, there was a tall tower standing outside.

"Let me deal with the sentries," Qiao San clenched a sharp knife and volunteered.

"It's not as troublesome as you think. It will only take me two shots," blurted Jiang Liushi.

Xiang Xuehai was slightly surprised. Considering the storm, darkness and that height, it was difficult to pull off such shots.

Xiang Xuehai pondered for a moment and said, "Make it count!"

Obviously, between Qiao San and Jiang Liushi, she chose to believe in Jiang Liushi. If the soldiers on the sentry towers could be killed from such a distance, the risk level would reduce. Immediately, her deep eyes, filled with expectation, focused on the young man.

Qiao San's face went cold, and he looked at Qi Dingfa beside him. Qi Dingfa's face was equally gloomy. He wondered why Xiang Xuehai trusted a stranger.

Jiang Liushi used a crack behind a cliff and took out the black sniper AMR-2 rifle, aiming at one of the two sentry towers.


A clap of thunder descended from the dark clouds, and there was a moment of light between heaven and earth.

At that precise moment, Jiang Liushi activated his brain domain. At the moment the thunder lit everything, the trajectory of everything around it slowed down. He saw the dropping trajectory of a drop of rain. And then he saw the two sentries standing guard on the 100 meters tall tower! He locked on them instantly, and then two gunshots followed! Nobody could hear a thing thanks to the stormy wind.

He calmed himself down quickly and reloaded. Once again, Jiang Liushi picked up the AMR-2 sniper rifle in his hand and left the sniping spot.

"Finished?" Xiang Xuehai asked curiously. She was somewhat shocked.

"Yeah." Jiang Liushi nodded.

"Then... Let's go!" Xiang Xuehai called out to everyone behind her.

"Boss Xiang, please wait," Qi Dingfa went to the edge of the cliff and looked closely at the direction of that tower. "We have to make sure. What if there…? How can we do it? Our lives are important."

Just at that moment, a flash of lightning fell down again.

All the people saw it clearly. Two bodies were lying underneath the tower. Qi Dingfa's face twitched. Nobody dared to say anything. That was simply a top-notch technique.

"Let's go. Follow me!" Xiang Xuehai called out to everyone. Then she looked back and said to Jiang Liushi, "Captain Jiang, stay on the hill with Ran Xiyu, using firepower to support us. Anyone who wants to escape or enter the building should die!"

Jiang Liushi sharpshooting skills were horrifying, and this ability was more effective in the distance. Moreover, Ran Xiyu's power could reach a span of two kilometers. Naturally, she didn't need to sneak in.

"No problem!"

"You should be careful. If there's something wrong, you should quickly withdraw," When Jiang Zhuying passed by, Jiang Liushi said suddenly. In his heart, his sister was the most important person in the world.

"Relax, my dear brother. Don't you know me?" Jiang Zhuying grinned.

"Sister Xiyu sister, wait for me. I'll help you get the information you want," Jiang Zhuying said to Ran Xiyu.

"Hey, our boss is powerful. Everything will be okay!" Zhang Hai and Sun Kun said and quickly followed Xiang Xuehai.

Ran Xiyu prepared to follow Jiang Zhuying with her mental power.

Jiang Liushi climbed on a rock and carefully observed the situation through the sniper's scope. The secret road discovered by Xiang Xuehai was a stream watercourse that was washed down by the flash floods. Although there was more gravel, it was indeed a shortcut to the military building on the hillside, and the waterway was deep.

A quarter of an hour later, after a section of barbed wire fence was cut off, everyone was lying in a tunnel next to the roadbed. It was only 30 meters away from the densely populated military buildings.

The iron gate of the military building suddenly opened. Inside, there was a drunken man dressed in military uniform.


A person, hiding in the pit, quickly rushed toward the drunken man.

"Qiao San?!"

Xiang Xuehai was enraged with Qiao San's action!

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