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Chapter 266: Driving Thousands of Miles

Chapter 266: Driving Thousands of Miles
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The concubines were shocked to death after seeing Boss Sun's tragic, bloody figure buried under rocks. They couldn't believe it. How could it be true? How could Jiang Liushi kill so easily their powerful Emperor?

Those concubines had been selected to serve in the palace right after the virus outbreak, so they hadn't witnessed the cruel scenes other had to face every single day. As a result, when they saw the bloody mess, they felt sick.

Three guards appeared, but they quickly dropped their guns, and kneeled on the ground immediately, after seeing that scene. They begged for mercy!

"What should we do with these people?" Ying asked coldly.

They had shot their minibus, so Ying was fond of killing them.

Jiang Liushi answered, "It was their duty to shoot. I don't intend to kill them. I want Ye County's people to judge them first. If they've committed atrocious crimes, they'll be sentenced to death."

Jiang Liushi had decided to wipe out whoever was related to Boss Sun's faction. That way, Ye County would flourish in the future.

After doomsday, if people wanted to live, they had to struggle in order to improve themselves. Fortunately, Ye County had a city wall, sufficient food reserves, and arable lands.

Just then, the roar of engines came from afar. Jiang Liushi turned around and saw an armored vehicle and two military vehicles getting closer to them.

Zhu Changqing jumped from the armored car.

"Captain Jiang, what is going on?" Zhu Changqing asked after seeing the bloody mess. He could barely recognize the Boss Sun.

"You killed Ye County's leader?"

"Yes!" Jiang Liushi opened the door and answered angrily.

"Why?" Zhu Changqing was confused. Although he also believed that Boss Sun was not a good guy, he thought it was a bad idea to kill Boss Sun. After all, in this post-apocalyptic world, it was entirely normal for paranormals to indulge in their pleasures since they had the ability.

"A certain someone in Shenhai Island wanted to kill me. Boss Sun cooperated with his lackeys," Jiang Liushi explained.

After hearing Jiang Liushi's explanation, Zhu was shocked. "Who? Really?"

But then, Zhu Changqing suddenly thought of a person—Chu Chongshan. As an officer, Zhu Changqing naturally knew the story of Jiang Liushi and Chu Chongshan.

Jiang Liushi didn't explain and continued, "Captain Zhu, I've never killed an innocent person! I've already promised to help you complete the mission, but I have to return to Shenhai Island first to tie up some loose ends. Please wait for us here for a few days. Please, help me take care of my aunt and cousin.

"Loose ends back to Shenhai Island!?" Zhu Changqing was shocked by Jiang Liushi's words. From Ye County to Shenhai Island, it was about 500 kilometers. They reached Ye County after several days filled with many dangers. Unexpectedly, actually wanted to go back!

Did Jiang Liushi want to kill Chu Chongshan? Zhu Changqing was scared with Jiang Liushi's plans. Shenhai Island was under the protection of many soldiers and weapons, so how could Jiang Liushi kill Chu Chongshan? It was impossible!

"Captain Jiang, I think you should calm down. Don't act so rashly…" Zhu Changqing tried to persuade Jiang Liushi. After all, Zhu Changqing was a kind person, so he couldn't let Jiang Liushi do something he'd regret.

Unfortunately, Jiang Liushi was obstinate, and then he said, "Captain Zhu, Ye County has food, gasoline, diesel, and grain. You can take some of those resources, but don't take everything. You can take most of the gasoline and diesel, and leave some for me. During these days, if it's convenient, please kill the zombies around. It'd be a great help for the residents in order to resume production. Don't forget to eradicate whoever is guilty from Boss Sun's faction."

Zhu Changqing was speechless. Jiang Liushi disregarded his pleas! He wanted to persuade him, but Jiang Liushi had already jumped on his minibus.

Zhu Changqing just opened his mouth, but he didn't say anything. He knew that he couldn't persuade Jiang Liushi. After thinking of this, he was sure that Jiang Liushi believed he was a failure of an officer. He didn't have any real power at all. Jiang Liushi had taken a ridiculous decision, and he didn't have the ability to stop him.

In this post-apocalyptic world, Zhu Changqing couldn't send news out. He could only receive communication from major security zones by radio broadcasts.

At that time, Jiang Liushi said again from the window, "Captain Zhu, please take care of my aunt and cousin. They live on North Street No. 38. I'll probably be away for five or six days."

Zhu Changqing nodded, and then Jiang Liushi left at once.

"Xiyu, help me with the search of Chu Chongshan's lackeys," Jiang Liushi said emotionlessly.

"Brother, they've probably hidden," Jiang Zhuying said.

"It doesn't matter, we will find them," Jiang Liushi said with confidence.

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