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Chapter 307: Eyeballs

Chapter 307: Eyeballs
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"What's that woman planning? Why doesn't that zombie attack her?" Jiang Zhuying asked incredulously.

Ran Xiyu answered with uncertainty, "I believe that she has mental abilities, but I don't know type exactly. Probably, her ability affects zombies!?"

Zombies and mutant beasts were a topic of research, but that they hadn't heard of anyone able to tame them. In addition, once someone was infected with the virus, their fate would be irreversible. That's why Ran Xiyu was uncertain.

"That zombie gave me a terrifying sense of danger; it should be a powerful mutant zombie. It's quite strange that the mutant zombie can stay in a settlement infested with humans…" Jiang Liushi stopped, but Jiang Zhuying and the others kept pondering over it.

They all knew what horrifying existences mutant zombies were, as not only were they powerful, but they also had gained intelligence.

Jiang Liushi said his thoughts out loud, "The reason she created Fallen City was to gather survivors. Could it be!? Did she construct it to feed her zombie?"

It sounded terrible, but it may be true. Many people died in Fallen City on a daily basis. Although every safety area had rules to limit survivors' actions, Fallen City was different; there were no rules and limits. Moreover, all of its facilities were designed to stimulate the dark side of humankind. Many of the people that had perished were paranormals, what better nutrition other than their flesh and blood for zombies!?

"How many people did she kill in order to raise that zombie!?" Li Yuxin asked with her hands covering her mouth. This kind of thing was indeed terrible.

"After this incident, she must have raised her guard. We're in her territory, so she may use all kinds of methods to get rid of us at any time," Liang Liushi said.

"What should we do next?" Jiang Zhuying asked calmly.

Jiang Liushi didn't answer but turned to look at Ran Xiyu. "Have you recovered?"

"I'm okay," Ran Xiyu answered.

Jiang Liushi nodded looking at the window. "That spy should be someone that Hong Yue sent. Deal with him!"

"Okay." Ran Xiyu immediately turned away. In her gray pupils, suddenly an inexplicable luster appeared.

The spy was hidden in a room, instead of concealed in the night's darkness. He seemed like an ordinary survivor, lying in bed and breathing evenly- it was like he was sleeping. The spy knew that he was stalking a group of paranormals.

Suddenly, a package elevated in the air, and from within a pack of eyeballs emerged. When that spy closed his eyes, that pack of eyeballs could be regarded as the extension of his eyesight.

Those "eyeballs" captured all signals, odors, and temperature changes in the air. Through those eyeballs, he had completed many tailing missions. Just then, he suddenly opened his eyes. "Someone is coming!"

The spy turned over and got out of bed at once, grabbing a gun in his hand. Then, he hid in the cracks of the door, waiting for the assailant to get closer.

At that moment, he felt his head in pain as if someone was stabbing his brain with needles. At the same time, someone came in the room.


The spy felt a cold object on his neck. An incredibly glamorous woman wearing black clothes had appeared, and she was looking at him with an emotionless expression. "Don't move."

"I am one of Sister Yue's members…" The spy said.

"I know. Go and get everyone together. We have orders to make an ambush at the city gate…"

In Hong Yue's villa, a few people had gathered.

"Sister Yue, are you sure they'll leave the city today?" One man asked. Calling up all her acquaintances in the middle of the night was a reason enough for them to start complaining. And if nothing happened….

Hong Yue's eyes suddenly became colder. "If he doesn't leave the city, then we'll look for them!"

Hong Yue was confident, as she thought that she had considered all kinds of information and scenarios. In any case, she'd get to see them again.

Whether they would be alive or dead, it didn't matter. Jiang Liushi and those women with him would become her Little White's nutrition. As long as anyone threatened her Little White, they'd have to pay with their lives.

After taking their orders, the man, who asked earlier, involuntarily glanced at the room. To his surprise, he saw a man's back. However, it was terrible.

"Let's go quickly," whispered the man.


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