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Chapter 355: Change!

Chapter 355: Change!

Translator: Liu_Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave
Xiang Xuehai immediately turned around and glanced at Qi Dingfa."Old Qi, isn't he your underling?"

Xiang Xuehai had already said to everyone that she would be the one giving orders. Even for Shi Ying Squad's request, she had to approve it first. Qiao San acted all alone and disregarded the chain of command! Xiang Xuehai was naturally annoyed.

Qi Dingfa said calmly, "Boss Xiang, you should occasionally trust our own people. Qiao San won't disappoint you."

Hearing his words, Xiang Xuehai was annoyed. However, she calmed herself down. Qiao San's skill was indeed very good, and he had already shortened the distance between him and the drunken man. Qiao San's figure merged into the darkness thanks to his chameleon ability, which made it difficult it difficult for the naked eye to spot him.

He walked behind the drunken man, pulled out a sharp dagger, and silenced his mouth. Then, he cut his throat! The drunk man was an above average paranormal, but he Qiao San assassinated him effortlessly.

Qiao carefully laid the body down to the ground. The blood from his throat mixed with the soil and flowed on the vines next to the iron gate.

In the lobby of the military building, all solar lights had been turned on. In that building, there were all kinds of vines and plants. The plants' foliage and vines filtered the light and made it look dark outside.

"Commander, the virus' outbreak was actually a blessing in disguise. We've never been this happy before," Duan Dalong said happily while groping the buttocks of a girl in front of him. Yang Feng just faintly smiled and watched Duan Dalong drinking alcohol. He, on the other hand, didn't drink.

Although he was fond of collecting beauties, he didn't drink alcohol or take drugs as they could weaken his nerves. Any ambitious person should stay away from those things. For him, alcohol was just a tool he used to win and control people.

Suddenly, Yang Feng's body was shocked, and he furrowed his brows.

Duan Dalong noticed Yang Feng's action, and he asked, "Commander, what happened?"

"A mouse sneaked in and killed Black Bull."

"Huh?"Duan Dalong was furious. Black Bull had been his subordinate, with whom he had been drinking not long ago. He had just gone outside to take a piss. How could he be dead?

"It's funny, there's more than one mouse." Yang Feng's index finger supported his forehead, and he kept silent for a moment.

"I'm going to call our men!" Duan immediately stood up.

"No, this is my domain. We could have fun with them." Yang Feng's mouth revealed a cruel smile.

"Okay, Commander, we will join their game and play with them!" Duan said happily.

"Oh, what did I say?" After seeing that Qiao San opened the iron gate and sneaked in, Qi Dingfa laughed. He was usually a no-nonsense person, but today, he was repeatedly suppressed by Jiang Liushi. As a result, he was unhappy, and he showed it.

"If you don't obey my orders, act arbitrarily, no matter what's going on, your team will have to bear the consequences!" Xiang Xuehai said coldly.

She had been preparing for a long time to attack. However, the selected team actually had not listened to her command. According to her original plan… If Qiao San was found...

Thinking of the consequences, Xiang Xuehai stood up at once. "Rush out!" In this case, she could only use the most direct and violent means!

'Yang Feng must be killed!'

Qiao San had no words to describe how proud he was for sneaking through the gate. After entering, he was surprised by the plants all over the place. Inside the military building, there was a vine in the top of the hall, dimming the light. There were also many plants in the surroundings. Some flowers were gorgeous and fragrant.

Although the ground was covered with carpets, Qiao San could smell and feel the soil under the carpets, which was soft and damp when stepped on.

Qiao San stepped cautiously. He didn't know what but he didn't dare to act arrogantly. He could feel that something was staring at him. Taking advantage of his body's color, Qiao San walked carefully and bravely while advancing steadily. After walking for more than ten meters, through a ramp, he suddenly entered that hall.

In the General's chair in the hall, a single-eyed man in uniform attracted him. "Yang Feng?" Seeing the man in uniform, Qiao San was excited. Next, to Yang Feng, Duan Dalong was drinking. It seemed that they hadn't noticed him at all.

'I'm sorry Shi Ying Squad, I have to contribute before you!' Qiao San felt excited, and he immersed in his fantasy. As long as he completed the task, he could get more recourses and things he liked. He wasn't afraid of Duan Dalong finding him after he assassinated Yang Feng. By that time, Xiang Xuehai and Qi Dingfa should have already rushed inside.

Ten meters…six meters…

Qiao San sneaked behind Yang Feng's back, who didn't seem like he had felt his presence. Qiao San drew his dagger lightning fast and aimed at Yang Feng's throat. Even with his eyes closed, Qiao could find the enemy's throat.

However, three centimeters before the dagger could cut Yang Feng's throat, a hand grabbed Qiao San! It was Yang Feng! His hand was cold and dry, and it felt like a piece of wood.

Before Qiao San could react, a huge shadow covered his eye!


A heavy punch landed on Qiao San's head and smashed it!

"Seeking for death!" Duan Dalong scolded while wiping his hand which was covered in Qiao San's blood.

When Xiang Xuehai and the others rushed into the iron gate, it suddenly closed behind them.

"Who is so careless?" Xiang Xuehai's heart sank. The gate's sound should have alerted Yang Feng!

"Not our team!" Jiang Zhuying, who was behind her, said.

At that moment, a strange sound attracted everyone's attention. They looked at the iron gate and saw green vines drilling out of it.

The green vines looked creepy when moving around and completely blocking their escape route. Finally, the iron gate was gone, leaving only a thick net of vines.

Seeing that scene, Jiang Zhuying felt a chill running down her spine.

Suddenly, something was thrown at Xiang Xuehai and the others.


It landed before Xiang Xuehai's feet.

"Qiao San?!" Qi Dingfa was furious and couldn't help yelling after seeing what the body looked like.

"Oh, what beautiful guests. Miss Xiang, Mr. Yang is amazed."

Yang Feng's figure appeared at the end of the corridor. Duan Dalong's tall figure was standing behind him with a bottle of white wine in his hand. He took a sip of alcohol and dropped the bottle.

"Since you're here, don't leave now!"

"No! They were found!" Ran Xiyu was on the cliff's edge, inspecting everything with her ability. In her domain, the two small red dots in the military building, which were stagnant, suddenly rushed toward Jiang Zhuying's direction.

This illustrated that Jiang Zhuying's infiltration was discovered in advance!


Another thunderstruck.

The moment the thunder lit the surroundings, Jiang Liushi saw clearly Jiang Zhuying disappearing behind the iron gate.

At the same time, a thick root with countless rootles emerged from the soil out of the gate, covering and closing it. That strange scene shocked him. He had never seen something like that before!

Jiang Liushi thought the worst case scenario. If his guess was right, then Jiang Zhuying was probably facing a terrible opponent!

"It's not right. I'm going to support them. Stay here and watch. Inform me of any changes!" Ran Xiyu bowed and nodded. She also saw what happened to the gate.

"Don't worry, I will take care of myself." Although Jiang Liushi remained calm, Ran Xiyu was still able to perceive a trace of anxiety in his eyes.

Jiang Liushi nodded, taking a Type 95 submachine gun in his hand. He also took two Type 54 pistols, and he jumped down the ravine.

'Ying, rush over here, I'm afraid that Jiang Zhuying is in danger!" When Jiang Liushi jumped, he transmitted his thoughts to Ying.

Before Wan Sui Hill, in the forest one kilometer away from the military camp, a minibus was covered by thick foliage in the storm. Ying was calmly sitting in the minibus and looked that military base in the distance. As an assistant, even though she had a beautiful and glamorous face, she was actually more boring than Jiang Liushi.

Li Yuxin was next to her, holding a medical book and reading it.

Suddenly, Ying's body jolted. "Jiang Zhuying has encountered trouble. We must support them immediately! Please fasten your seatbelt!" said Ying.

Li Yuxin was shocked by her words, but then she guessed that Ran Xiyu must have informed her. "Where is Ling?" she wondered.

Ying did not speak and launched the minibus at once. It rushed like a furious beast to the military camp's iron gate. At the same time, the minibus' door opened, and a cat-like young girl sneaked in. She was Ling.

Seeing the blood on her face that hadn't been washed clean by the rain, Li Yuxin understood why she was not in the minibus. The minibus in the night was like a ghost and did not attract the attention of any army personnel.

In the hillside military building, on the long corridor, Duan Dalong stepped on the floor. Under his foot, the red carpet was torn, and the ground caved in. He jumped with explosive power up to eight meters high and approached the top of the ceiling. At the same time, he transformed, looking like an ape, and dove toward Xiang Xuehai with open arms.

"F*cking lady, our commander needs you!" Duan Duanlong grinned as he intended to capture Xiang Xuehai directly.

Xiang Xuehai was annoyed, and just at that moment, she heard a voice from her side, and she suddenly saw a pair of sturdy hands holding Duan Dalong arm.

"Boss Xiang, kill Yang Feng quickly. I will deal with this monkey!" Qi Dingfa shouted.

Qiao San's death enraged him. He would try his best to fight. Qi Dingfa could fully activate the strength of his muscles and enhance them. He was like a humanoid killing machine.

Two equally powerful forces collided and they could hear each other's skeleton creaking under the pressure of giant force. A cruel smile appeared on Qi Dingfa's mouth. His muscle strength in his arms was significantly stronger, and he began to suppress Duan Dalong.

"You want to fight against me? I can barely pick up a Hummer H2, so I want to tear you today!" Qi Dingfa shouted.

"With you alone?" Duan Dalong answered with a strange smile. Suddenly he looked up and rushed toward Qi Dingfa.

Suddenly, one of Qi Dingfa's threw a knife toward Duan Dalong's neck. However, that knife was broken directly.

"Heh! My body's bones are extremely sturdy. Who can kill me in this world?"

"Boss!" Seeing the scene, all of Poisonous Wolf Squad's members shouted.

At that moment, the unexpected happened!

Suddenly, a bright red flower pot between the roots of the wall broke and quickly expanded to more than two meters high. The flower was like a beast's big mouth, swallowing an unprepared team member. Then, a stout root drilled through the earth like a poisonous snake and a man in black was killed!

The potted plants in the entire ramp, as well as the roots on the ground, had all turned into killing weapons!